Wed 2‘) Nov—Fri 26 Jan. (not Mon). Tue—Sat 7.30pm. Sun 6.30pm. (various mats). £l3--£l5 (£9—L‘l2); family tickets available. The Pavilion presents this fabulous family panto featuring Wendy. Tinkerbell. Captain Hook and of course Peter. the boy who never grevv tip.


The Bridge. l()()() Westerhouse Road. liasterhouse. 276 9696.

Oedipus the King tintil Sat 18 Nov. 7.30pm. £8 (£6). An imaginative and innovative retelling of Sophocles' classic (ireek tnyth frotn National Theatre Of Scotland Young Company.

Jock and the Beanstalk Thu 23—Sat 25 Nov. See Kids listings.


98 Ingram Street. 552 348‘). IP. WC. WA. WAA]

The Marriage of Figaro Thu 16— Sat l8 Nov. 7.30pm (Sat tnat 2.30pm). £|() (£7). Beaumarchais' sharp-toothed satire on French aristocracy. and inspiration for Mozart's fatnous opera. is transported to lXth centttry India in this zesty adaptation by celebrated pioneers of South Asian theatre in Britain. Tara Arts. Post-shovv discussion with Artistic Director Jatinder Verma on Thu in Nov. The Kidnapping Wed 2‘) Nov. l.l5—2pm. £3. With the actors positioned around microphones. scripts in hand. to recreate the spirit of original radio productions. the Radio Theatre (iroup round off their (ireat Detectives series of lunchtime plays with The Kidnapping. featuring the Marx Brothers as Flywheel. Shyster and Flywheel.


8--l() Balcarres Avenue. Kelvindalc. 33‘) ()l85. [P. H. W(‘. WA]

Magic Bob Sat l8 Nov. See Kids listings.

Three Little Pigs and Other Tales Sat 25 Nov. See Kids listings.

I SECC: CLYDE AUDITORIUM Firinieston Quay. 0870 0-40-1000. lP. ll. WC. WA]

Merchants of Bollywood Mon 20—Sun 26 Nov. 7.45pm (Sat/Sun mat 2.30pm). £l7--£3() (£l5--£27l. A theatrical dance spectacular. charting the

history of the world's largest and tnost prolific film industry.


Milngavie Road. Strathblanc. 01360 77049].

Mobile Thu 3() Nov. 7pm. £30 including three-course dinner and coffee. Dave Anderson‘s play tells the story of a homeless ex-bank manager who comes across a mobile phone belonging to someone from his past.


282 Hope Street. 0870 060 (iii-i7. Ill. NGD. WC. WA]

The Pirates of Penzance Mon 2()--Sat 25 Nov. 7.30pm (Thu & Sat mat 2.30pm). £9 £25. Following on from successful productions of HMS I’imtfure and The Merry Widow the ('arl Rosa (‘ompany return to (ilasgovv vvith (iilbert and Sullivan‘s comedic tale of love and camaraderie.

Heroes Mon 27 Nov -Sat 2 Dec. 7.30pm (Thu & Sat tnat 2.30pm).

£10 £22.50. Tom Stoppard has adapted (ierald Sibleyras’ hilarious comedy to vvin ecstatic reviews and the ()livier Award for Best (‘omedy Signed and

audio-captioned performance l-‘ri l7 Nov;



25 Albert Drive. 0845 330 3501. [WC WA]

The Winter Room Thu 23 & Fri 24 Nov. 7.30pm. £7 (£4). A poetic vision of a Northern vvinter. as seen by Tabula Rasa Dance (‘ompany See preview. The World in Pictures Fri 24 & Sat 25 Nov. 8pm. L“) (1.5). Prepare to he guided from cave to shopping mall as Forced lintertainment attempt to tell the ‘story of mankind’ in one production replete with over-enthusiastic cavemen in dodgy vvigs.

Breathing Space 2006 Thu 3() Nov—Sat 2 Dec. Times vary. Prices vary. Presenting new works by four of the L'K's most promising emerging visual and performance artists.

Breathing Space Pub Quiz Thu 30 Nov -~Sat 2 Dec. 9.30pm. Free. Test hovv big your brain is and perhaps win a prize at this entertaining and irreverant pub quiz. specially designed for 'l‘ramvvay by

Yara lil-Sherhini. I’urt ol'lfreulliing Space 2()()(),

It’s a Question of Taste Thu 30 Nov-Sat 2 Dec. 8pm. £4 (£2). 'l'vvo erroneous food critics from [fat “0'. the l'Ks boldest email based culinary


nevvsletter. etnbark on a mission to recruit new members for its ‘lnternational l-‘ood Writing Team‘ Find ottt vvhat happened vvhen theatre group. l'ntil 'l‘hursday. decided to apply. Part of Brent/ting Space 2()()().

[If it Universityof


Ramshorn Theatre, 98 Ingram Street, Glasgow 0141 552 3489

T“ l" TR E

Tara Arts UK National Tour *Only Scottish Date‘ Thursday 16 - Saturday 18 November 7.30 and Saturday 18 Nov at 2.30

THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO . “y: i341" A A»: ‘J ..

/ v'

Tara Arts connects cultures through theatre with Ranjit Bolt‘s acclaimed, racy new translation of Beaumarchais’ witty tale of love. betrayal and forgiveness, relocating it to the dying years of the Mughal Empire.

‘. . . latinder Verma's production crackles with humour and burns with playful yet serious sexuality‘ in” The Sunday Times

Post-show discussion with Jatinder Verma on Thurs 16 November

Tickets: £1o/7 from the Ramshorn


by Sharman Macdonald

A rare opportunity to see one of Macdonald’s most powerful plays a modern tragedy. set in Scotland during the Second World War. Born in Glasgow in 1951, Macdonald is one of our most successful playwrights.

Tickets: Mon-Tues £6/3 Wed-Sat £9/5 from Collins Gallery on 0141-548 2558 (Mon-Fri 10—5) or from the Ramshorn

This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburgh’s main theatres. More information. including events at smaller venues. can be found in the listings above and over the page. Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews.

Thursday 23 Friday 24 Saturday 25 Sunday 26 Monday 27 Tuesday 28 Wednesday 29 Thursday 30 enthusiasts... salvage;anagjsianamaaa? rim ' ' ' ' See Rock 3. Pop ' Arches Citizen's i Bat iiié‘iiugic‘gi’f’ Betsey the Music—all Boy-the Musical Kids Sta-AG Nettie i Gilmorehill Sleeping Beauty . lSleeping-Beatily i i SleepingVBeauty - n King's i “2H7 Fond V i Fond Kiss - i RocketvilIe/See Rock-Rocketvrtle/See ROCK Rocketviller'See Folk . Rocketwlle . Oran "or Bean-stale the Beanstam' ; i i I i I I Platform 3 i A. i i i a i i i i. - When We Were . . . I When/See Classical-vvitien/The Kidnapping When \t‘v/eWere . . . I Ramshorn i-f2:3::r:i::1ff:_;;-'--::‘: ‘. _ _ ,, - .55“ Piratesof Pirates of Penzance fPirates of Penzance Heroes Heroes Heroes Heroes Theatre Royal ‘."/i"uter Room 'w 3“ : v =’ I. now i". P'muves ii” if" "it: IT‘S"? Tramway Rock a Pop i Tron Dick MCWltiltttigion Dick l\.rl<:‘.'.'l‘:ttz-'u_;t:x'i I);::t\ M<,‘.'.l‘~tt 'i:;'.<:'i {7 Us M,‘-'-l‘!lfi"éi!<>" Brunton I“ See Classmil See Classical See Classical W aso{calmed h i -e tiEEf‘dc‘J r w ~ Festival Theatre 3 m I i. l Dogs . _v E Kiss W AeFond Kiss Ae Fond Kiss Ae Fond Kiss Jam House M g Gang Show 2006 Gang Show 2006 Gang Show 2006 i— n i m I . r i V i V H r i i i H .‘Kiflqi'S V V n i g l 8* “ids see-e f ,_ if“? . WWW]. " " .FWW." l 5 Traverse

10—30 Nov 2000 THE LIST 89