63 'l‘t'ongate. 552 4267.

Under Milk Wood t'ntil Thu [6 Nov. 8pm. £14 (£l()). (iuy Masterson performs his acclaitned solo rendition of Dylan Thomas’ masterpiece.

Mobile l'ri l7 Stilt l‘) Nov. 8pm. £14 (£l()t. See (ilasgow. Strathblane ('ountry HUUSL‘.



Ladyw ell Way. .\lusselburgh. 665 2240. 0’. ll. W('. WA]

Dick McWhittington Sat 25 Nov Sat 30 Dec (not Sun/Mont. Sat 25 Nov 2pm & 7.30pm. Tue 28 30 Nov. 2pm.

£9.50 £ I450. Brunton 'l'healre's annual ('hristams panto. with a brand new (’aledonian spin put on the classic l)ick Whiltington tale.


33a Morningside Road. 228 1 I55. ll’. ll] Willie Rough l'nlil Sat l8 Nov. 7.30pm. £8 (£6). l.eitheatre present Bill liryden’s tale of ('lydeside shipyard politics in the dark days of l‘)l4/l‘)l6. Tickets from the l'slier Hall Box Office 013] 228 ll55.


l3 2‘) .Nicolsolt Street. 52‘) 6000. Not). \\'('. WA]

Festival City Theatre Talks: Cinderella Thu 30 Nov.


l0.30am 12.30pm. £4 including tea and Lollcc \like Ridinvs ('i\cs an informal

talk on the theatres current pantomime production.


5 Queen Street. 226 4380.

A Play, a Pie 8. a Pint: Excuse my Dust l'ntil Sat l8 Nov. lpm. £l0. 'l'erry Wales' play rakes over the embers of the



life of reviewer. critic and writer Dorothy Parker. a formidable figure in the cultural history of l‘)4t)s New York.

A Play, a Pie 8: a Pint: Byre Dogs Mon 20 Sat 25 Nov. lptn. £I0. See (ilasgow. ()ran Mor.

A Play, a Pie 8: a Pint: Ae Fond Kiss Mon 27 Nov Sat 2 Dec. Ipm. £lt). See (ilasgow. ()ran .\lor.


2 l.even Street. 52‘) 6000. Ill. W(‘. WA] Heroes l'ntil Sat l8 Nov. 7.30pm (Sat mat 2.30pm). £l3 £2l. See (ilasgow. Theatre Royal.

Gang Show 2006 Tue 2| Sat 25 Nov. 7pm (Sat mat 2.15pm). £6 £|0.50. The Scouts and (itlides of lidinburgh perfortn their annual show of song. music and laughter for all the family.


l5a l’ennywell ('otlt'l. 3l5 2l5l. |W('. WA]

Trapped Thu l6 .Nov. See Kids listings. Mother Courage and her Children Fri 17 Nov. 7.30pm. £8 (£3 £5). See (ilasgow. the Arches.

Phil Kay’s Gimme Your Left Shoe Sal l8 Nov. See Kids listings.

The Winter Room Tue 2| Nov.

. £8 (£3 £5). See (ilasgow. 'l‘ramway.

I ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE (irindlay Street. 248 4848. ll’. ll. W('. WA]

Mary Stuart t'ntil Sat l8 Nov (not Sun/Mont. 7.45pm (Wed & Sat mat 2.30pm). £9 £24 (£7 £22: (‘hildren half price). A new version of l’riedrich Schiller‘s play about .\lary Queen of Scots. by David Harrow er for the National Theatre of Scotland. The piece focuses on an imagined tneeting between the Scottiin monarch at the centre of ('atholic dissent. and the cousin who had

her imprisoned. lili/abeth. Queen of lingland.

I TRAVERSE THEATRE (‘ambridge Street. 228 1404. ll’. H. W(‘. WA]

Cubeda l'ntil Sat 25 Nov. Times vary. Prices vary. A new season of etnerging artists work. involving theatre productions. music concerts. visual art installations. play readings. workshops. masterclasses and a residential writers‘

Cubed“: Tilt l'ntil Sat 25 Nov. Times vary. £6 (£3 £4]: all three plays £l5 (£6- £9). A triple bill of new plays by emerging writers. directed by the 'l'raverse Theatre's Associate Director. Lorne (‘ampbell attd prodttced by a single team of actors and designers. Although all the writers' voices are distinct. the three plays. Bmkr’. Distracted and White l’niul. are united in their offbeat and off killer view of the world. You can see one. two or all three of the Tilt plays in any order. on any day that tickets are available.

Cubed“ Masterclass: Rona Munro l‘ri l7 Nov. 7pm. £4 (£2). With several successful productions including .S'Iruwlu'rriuv in January. Iron and Bold (iirls. tucked safely under her hell. the playwright and screenwriter will no doubt have tnany interesting stories to divulge as she talks about her career. Cubed“: Do I Mean Anything to you or Am I Just Passing By? liri l7 Sat 25 Nov. 8pm. £9 (£3 £6): previews l7 d; l8 Nov £6 (£3). l’eaturing original music by (ilasgow group The Pastels. l2 Stars present (ierald .‘ylclnulty's play comprising a sequence of one-person performances. liach devised with and personalised for its performer. the relationship between the eventually intersecting pieces is left purposefully blttrred.

Outside the Cities


('ity Square. Dundee. 01382 434940. ll’. ll. W(‘. WA]

Swan Lake Sun 26 Nov. 7.30pm. £20.50 £25.50 (“7.50 £22.50). Rttssian

(‘las'sical Ballet Theatre present the most popular ballet of all tttne. featuring Marius l’etipa’s original choreography.


Tay Square. 01382 223530. Il’. ll. W('] Mobile Thu 16 Nov. 8pm. £ l0 (£8). A bank manager. catapulted into the wheelie bin of life. vows never to be so easily disposed off again and discovers that. with a little digital manipulation. life need not be a prison after all.

The Play What I Wrote Tue 2! Sat 25 Nov. 7.45pm (Sat tnat 2.30pm]. £l2.50 £l5. Following a successful West lind run. this play. about another play and the search for a star to star in it. celebrates late great comedy double act .\'lorecambe and Wise.


Abbey Street. 01334 475 000. ll’. ll. W(‘. WA]

84 Charing Cross Road t’ntil Sat l8 Nov. 8pm (Sat that 2.30me £9 (£7). The St Andrews l’lay (‘lub bring back to the stage this story of a London bookshop. a New York writer and their love of books.

Scottish Dance Theatre Tue 21 Nov. 8pm. £13 (1.6). An adventurous double bill from Scotland's award winning dance company. including the jungle themed Your/ting Zulu by artistic director Janet Smith.

Mother Courage and her Children Wed 22 Nov. 8pm. £l3 (£6). See lidinburgh. North lidinburgh Arts (‘entre Frozen Tue 28 6’; Wed 2‘) Nov. 8pm. £13 (£6). A nail-biting thriller by Rapture Theatre about what happens to those left behind when a child goes missing.

Oedipus the King Thu 30 Nov. 8pm. £l3 (£6 £9). See (ilasgow. Platform.


l'niversity of Stirling. ()l786 466666. ll’. ll. W(‘. WA]

Aladdin Tue 28 Nov Sun 3l l)ec. Mon 27 Thu 30 Nov l().3()am. £10 £l2.5() (£6 £8.50). l-‘un and laughter. gags and tricks. all with a puff of smoke from the magic lamp.

The Snow Dragon Wed 2‘) Nov Sun 24 Dec. See Kids Listings.







l t l

Most people would associate the story with Mozart's Opera, but this adaptation by Rajit Bolt of Beaumarchais' original satire sets the story in 18th Century India, where a man attempts to prevent the local Raja from getting his letchy hands on his bride. This acclaimed comedy from Tara Arts makes a fleeting visit to Scotland - catch it while you can.

I Rims/torn Theatre, Glasgow, Thu IG—Sat 18 Nov

Sat 2 December (8pm) “I'm lilo

Traverse Theatre, 10 Cambridge Street, Edinburgh, EH1 2ED Tickets & Information 0131 228 1404 '


90 THE LIST 1‘; fit) No: you;