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Glasgow kids continued

Coos, Crosses and Castles Sul 24 Jan. I 3pm. l‘rcc. .\|un (iullci'icx. 37H Szillt'liit‘lltill Sli't‘t‘l. 50.5 4”)”. (‘cliic- llixpli't‘tl clu) inuking \\Ul'l\\ll()p tor luinilit'x.

Gie’s a Story Sui 3| .lun. 1 3pm. l‘rcc. .\lcl.c||un (iullcriu. 37H Suuchichull Strcci. 5(i5 4|(ll). St‘otiixli \ioi‘}ic|ling \L‘\\ltlll\ running cwr} hull un lioiir tor

.3 (t _\Cui'~oltl\.

Theatre and Dance

Pinocchio l’niil Sui 3i .lun (Hot Men). Wed Thu l.3t)pin; 'l‘iic Sui 7.30pm; Sui/Sun 3pm tillxo Sun (3.3llpllil. L‘ll U3 it").5(l UH). l’u\ilion 'l'liculi‘t‘. |3l Renticld Sircci. 333 ISJo. lhui naught) liiilc puppci \xho cun’i hclp hill [0” u lth porkim ix the main niun in the PM ilion'x punio ihix _\cui‘. l‘ollim him on hi\ ilkl\L‘llllll'L‘\ \\ iih ihc Krunkicx. Dcrck Lord. :\|i\on Donglux. (‘hrixiiun and (i;ii‘l'_\ lloll}\\ooil.

Jack and the Beanstalk and Billy Goats Gruff Sui 3~l .lun. 3pm. £4 (£3.5tli. Scoiiixh .\lu\l. & l’uppci 'l'hcuirc ('cnti'c. .S’ lll llult‘uri‘tw Awnuc.

Kclx indulc. 33‘) (i185. Buxkcix and how» bedding: and \iuxhing turn inugicull} into u honxc. u hill. riwr und cuxilc in (‘lylchuili l’iippci'x inicrprciuiion ol~ ilic cluxxit' tuir} lule.

Jabberwocky Sui 3| Jun. 3pm. £4 it'3.5(|i. St‘oiiixh .\lu\k & l’iippcl 'l'hcuirc (’cnii'c. 3 ll) liulcurrcx .v\\cnuc.

Kch indulc. 33‘) (a l S5. lllL‘ .luhlwruock.‘ lllll\l he \lu} ctlz ()ucniin iukcx up ihc challenge. lioltling ‘l‘hcuii'c (‘oinpuin plu} \ out the illl\L‘llllll'C\ huxcil on |.c\\ ix (’urroll'x nondcrliil nonwin pocni.


Tall Tales in the Tower Sui 24 Jun. noon. l'lL‘L‘..lil'llll'i'llt'illll‘.(1,3‘l-l-(lllgillL‘. 553 430‘. l‘un inicruciiw \tor}ic|ling_' \cxxiom in tlic 'l'ron‘x ('lock loner tor ugt‘x 3 5. Film

Girl With a Pearl Earing l 12A: .\lon 30 Jun. Ill.3lluin. Spcciul \ci‘ccning lor pui't‘nlx unil lxilticx. £3.50. (iluxgim l'ilni 'l‘hcuii‘c. l3 Row Street. .333 S l 3S. Sec l‘ilin llltlL'\.

Bugs 30 iii: Space Station 30 Mi lllllL‘\ \;il'_\. check l‘ilin l.i\iiiig\ i'oi' \liou in; lllllL‘\. £5 lf3.5l|l. l.\l.r\.\ 'l'hcuirc. (iliixgim SL‘iL‘IlL‘L‘ (.Cllll'L'. .5” Pacific ()llii}. 43H 5(lllll.


Activities and Fun

Royal Observatory Public Observing Hi 33 .lun & l‘i‘i 3|) .lun. 7 8.45pm. £3.60 ttl.S5i; luinil) iickci to. Roin ()hsciwuior} Vixilill‘ ('enli‘c. Blucklord llill. (ms Skill-1. Siurgu/ing on ii‘l‘ ol llluckl'ord llill. ('onic and we the conxiclluiionx. the moon und ihc pliiiiL‘l\ in the night \k} through the lt‘lL'\L‘UpC\.

Youth Dance Group \Vcd 3S .lun & Wed 4 l‘clt. 4.30 (rpm. £3 per \L'SSlUll. North lidinhnrgh .'\ri\ ('cnii'c. l5u l’ciin}\\c|| (‘ourL 3|5 3|5 l. .'\3_'c\

7 l3. .'\n introduction to learn dil‘l'crcni dance \I} lC\ lroni C(llllt‘lllplll'ill‘} io \li'L‘L‘l.

Tour De Force l‘niit ’I‘hu 22 Apr. ltluin 5pm. l‘rcc. Rinul .\lll\t‘lllll. 3 (‘Iiuinhcrx Street. 347 ~l3l‘)/4433. (‘rcuic u hiihhlc \\ heel. tr} out an unii< grux it} \xhccl. \irctch _\our \(llk'L‘ do ull ihcxc tliingx and lots more ul lllk' inici‘uciiw L'\lllltillnll on tour l'i‘oni (ilil\:__‘ll\\ ‘\ SL‘lL‘llL‘L' (.L‘llll'k‘.

Books for Babies Sui 3.1.lun. l luin & lpin. L‘l.5(i. .\'orih l'.(lliil)ili'}_'ll .v\rt\ ('t'nii'c. l5u l’cnn} \\ ell ('oui'i. 3 l 5

3 l 5 l. Sioi'icx. \ongx und i'h_\ lllL‘\ to lllll'iitlllL‘L' lllL‘ \t‘l‘} \\ L'C iiilt‘x in l\()()l\\, First Impressions Sat 2-1 .lun. lluin ik lpin. U50. \orih lidinhurgh .'\l‘l\ (’cnli't'. |5u l’cnn) \\ L'll (‘onri. 3 l 5 3 | 5 l. .\ luiiiil} \xorkxhop lcil h_\ ui‘iixi ,lulic l)u\\\on iniroducingg the lllL'lllt‘ ol \cll porii‘uiiiirc.

84 THE LIST..' ‘--:

YOUNG ADUI l ll()li()l\|


Samurai Girl #1: The Book of the Sword tSiinon & Seliiistei 811.9% 0...

There’s something about Tokyo at the moment. Two lost souls find a connecfion within the chaos and electric- neon craziness of the city’s high- rises in Lost in Translation. Uma Thurman takes her yellow tracksuit into the maelstrom and takes on the supreme samurai-style fighting Lucy Liu for Kill Bill. Now add to that Heaven Kogo.

laiiie Hsai

spin/rural 9""

me innit or the Sunni

She is the 19-year-old heroine in a new series of books called Samurai Girl. It begins: ‘When I was six months old, I dropped from the sky - the lone survivor of a deadly Japanese plane crash. The newspapers named me Heaven. I was adopted by a wealthy family in Tokyo, pampered, and protected. For nineteen years, I thought I was lucky. I’m learning how

wrong I was.’

The narrative accelerates on from this portentous opening with brutal murder in the first chapter at Heaven’s arranged US wedding (a business deal) and doesn’t stop to catch its breath. Finding herself caught in the middle of a massive plot by family members involving deadly samurai sword skills, Heaven struggles to uncover the truth. Worlds of America and Japan collide and the cultural fusion and chasm are explored while the drama rushes on in Heaven’s bid to stay alive and discover her real identity. Maybe, she ponders, she was really an American baby; maybe her life was meant to be played out in the golden sunshine of California

and not the rising red sun of Japan.

Asai draws a compelling heroine who you admire for her bravery, wit and integrity. With the current fad for all things samurai, it’s hitting the UK shelves at a good time and it seems that nothing has been lost in

translation. (Ruth Hedges)

Theatre and Dance

Scrooge l'niil Sui 3| .lun inoi Suni. .\lon Sui 7.30pm ich & Sui iiiui 3.30pm). £9.50 £30.50. l’|u_\hou\c.

IN 33 (ii‘L‘L‘ii\ltlL' l’lilt‘t‘. “37” (“03434. Buxcd on the inoiion picture. ihix lllll\lL‘;|l brings the lk‘\l lewd Dickcnx \ioi'} to glorioux lilc \iurring ’l'oinin) Sicclc ;l\ l':llL‘|IL'/L‘l' Scrooge.

Tae a Mouse and A’ That Sun 35 Jun. lpin & 3pm. l’iu‘ hui ticketed. .\lll\L'lllll oi Scotland. ('huinhci‘\ Street. 3.17 43W. .loin \Vcc Sioricx ux the} hring Ruhhic Burns and lii\ pitt‘llh to lilt' \\ iih all their iixuul lun unil l'luir. (’ull (ll 3| 347 4-71.33 l0 hook liL‘le‘lx.

Annie Thu 33 Hi 3t) .lun. 7.30pm (Sui inui 3.30pm). L'lll L'l3 l‘ri. Sui (U) [Sr (‘hurch lli|| 'l'hcuirc. 33u \lorningxiilc Road. 33” -l3-W. 'li‘lllPU .\lll\lL‘ill l’roiluciionx prt'wnix ihc t‘luxxic luinil} \ing-u long.

Chinese New Year Celebrations Sun 35 Jun. lpni. L34. l‘mihul lllt'illl'k‘. l3 3‘) \lt‘nlwii Sll’L'L‘l. 53‘) (illllll. lliL‘ liilinhiirgh (‘hincxc School cclchruicx

\\ iih lion duncc. iruililionul ('hincxc ilunt'c. \ongx und ucrohuiit'x. Grease Mon 2 lllll S i-‘ch. 7.30pm. U35” £3S5ll. l’l;l)ll()ll\L‘. IS 33 (ii'L‘L'lhlilt‘ l’ltit‘c. “37” 0003431. lllL‘ L‘Hllllll'llll goingx on at Rylcll High Pill'llt‘llliil‘l} lllL' roinuncc ol \tlllétl't‘ oui ol louncr’ Sunil} and tough git} Dunn} l\ the \llll'l oi cluxxit' L‘Sk'illllSIII. In addition

to u plot \xhich grounx \\ ith lruxiruicd puxxion. hrixilt‘x \\ iih gun}; lL‘li\lUll\ unil m ingx \\ iih it'cn \crw. the \ongx arc the \ouniliruck tor u gcncruiion. 'l‘ucni} )Cut'x oil. (il‘i’i/xt' i\ \lill lliL‘ \\oi'tl.


Christmas Art Competition Exhibition l'niil Thu 3‘) Jun.

Illuin 5pm; Sun noon 5pm: liic

llluni Spin. l‘rcc. RU}RII Muwutn. 3 ('hunihcrx Street. 347 43lU/4433. Sclccicil t‘llll'lL‘\ limit the ninxcuni'x .\'.\lS (‘hrixiinux uri competition on (llSPlél).


Doodles and Tales Sun 25 Jun.

3 4pm. l‘iu‘. \uiioriul (iullcri ol' Scoilunil. llic Mound. 034 (3300. .'\:_'L'\

5 ‘) und luinilicx. .v\rii\i\ and \ior}ii'||ci\ bring puiniingx uliw \\ iih loix ol' tun ucii\ iiicx.

Stories in the Forest Room Sun 35 Jun. 3pm. l-‘rcc. Rinul lloiunic (iurilcn. li\hihition llull. lnu‘rlciih Rim. 5.5.3 7 l 7 l . .llllll lllL‘ Kl“ il‘. Sior) lt‘llt‘i‘x liii' tulcx (it ill) xii-r) and magic. irch and ll‘;l\t‘l\.


Spellbound. llill 3‘) .lun. ll|.3ll;llll. The Big St'i'cuni: \pcciul \t‘i'ccning l'or purcnix und huhicx. £3.50. lhc ('unico (’incniu. 3S llonic Sii'cci. 33S -ll-l I. See l‘ilni lndm.

Heaven Kogo comes in a long, hallowed line of kick-ass female characters. Here are some of the best

lhe toughest ll tie girl on the prairie. laiira pattied it out against drought. poverty and plagues o‘ grasshoppers and helped her o (1 Pa is." (is the oa'iks of l)|.ill‘- ()ieek. Goddamn. she was a T'H‘e l; ssy and west deserved her oatmeal and molasses

Ms |)"eu'.'. ilt?i§l)fl(3 her name. was .I‘e nahey. Brant}. smart and £i(l‘.’(}l‘.lti'()tlf‘>. The girl who saith-e ot‘tz: the scene in ‘929 on", 7‘. me ,.ea"s after \.'./on‘.ert were given the vote. was a super sieiith. Vi’ith her i; <;":i oonee and sassy x'xays. she -.'.':>-.. -:i (:o'itlhiie to serve mysteries ‘.'.'i:h<:..‘. adderho her stockings ‘or {)0

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And HMO?) H'ia'h p -

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