0 Louise Hopkins l'tttil Sat 2| Feb (round room). .\'ew paintings by Louise llopkins. who transfortns pre-existing surfaces ranging frotn tnaps. sheet music and lined paper. See llitlist.


36 l)undas Street. 556 6300. Mon Fri

1 lattt ()pm; Sat l().3()am ()pnt .

John Lowrie Morrison t'ntit Sat 7 Feb. Recent landscape paintings attd lloral studies by .lolotno.


.3 Bristo Place. 22() 4538. noon lllpm. Working in a Way t'ntil Sat 31 Jan. Painting. photography and site-specific projects by four emerging artists from the North West of lingland. Lorraine Berry. (iail l)ow‘nie. Rachael Kearney and Paul Stanley.


to South Fort Street. 47X 78“). Mon Sat llatn 1 1.45pm; Sun l2.3() l l.45pm.

A Winter Warmer l'ntil Sat 14 Feb. Free. Paintings by Sheila Anderson.


4 l)undas Street. 558 9544/5. Mon Fri l()am (rpm: Sat llatn 4pm.

Mixed Show lTntil Sat 28 Feb. A selection of Scottish sporting. military and landscape paintings.

Edinburgh Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Citylite, page 86.


42 lligb Street. 52‘) 4142. Mon Sat l()am-r5pm.

Season’s Greetings t'ntit Sat 31 Jan. A collection of Victorian and early 20th century (‘hristmas and New Year cards.


2 (‘hambers Street. 247 421‘). Mon Sat 10am 5pm (Tue 8pm): Sun noon 5pm. Mao: Arts for the Masses 1950-76 t'ntil Sun 4 Apr. The formation of (‘ommunist ('hina is brought to life through a priyate collection of masterpieces tttade between l‘)5() l‘)7o. acquired during attd immediately after the (‘ultural Reyolulion.

The Making of a Museum: Photographs by Niall Hendrie L'ntil Sat 28 Feb. Photographs by .\'iall llendrie documenting the creation of the Museum of Scotland.

Christmas Art Competition Exhibition L'tttil Thu 2‘) Jan. Selected entries lrom the museum's .\'.\1S (‘hristmas art competition on display.


Lady Stair's llouse. Lady Stair's (‘lose. 52‘) 4‘)()l. Mon Sat lllam 5pm. Dorothy Dunnett (1923-2001) L'ntil Sat 26 Jun. A focus on the life and work of author l)orothy l)unnett. who penned [._\'HI()II(I ('ltrmu’eles. King Helen/tel”. The House (itsVit't‘o/u and the Johnson Johnson detectiye series.


L'ttiy'ersity' of Dundee. l3 Perth Road. 01382345330.

Common-Place l'ntil Tue o Feb. A look at how' buildings are concciy ed and deyeloped. focusing on nine Scottish projects including lidinburgh's l)ancc Base and a shelter on Tiree.

Sally Osborn: A Sketch of the Universe Sat 24 Jan Fri 5 Mar. Free. The results of Sally ()sborn's residency with the exhibitions department taking the l'niyersity ol' l)undce‘s /oological collection of Sir D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson t lilot) l‘)4Si as her starting point. NEW SHOW.


I52 Netliergate. ()l 382 ‘)()‘)‘)()().

Tue Wed. Sat & Sun l().3()am 5.30pm: Thu & Fri l().3()am Spm.

0 George Shaw: What I Did This Summer Sat 24 Jan Sun 2| Mar. The first Scottish show ing of paintings by (‘m'entry-born artist (ieorge Shaw. l'sing llumbrol enamel paint (more commonly associated with model airplanes). he paints the mundane frotn council estate footpaths to pub carparks. itt these rich ey'ocations of place and memory. See prey'iew and llitlist. NEW SHOW.

TWo Films: Anna Klamroth and Deimantas Narkevicius Sat 24 Jan Sun 28 .\lar. A showing of lilms by Anna Klamroth attd Deimantas .\'arke\'icitts which explore lost ideals and harsh reality.

What Did you Do in the Summer? Painting and Drawing Sun 25 Jan. 2 3.30pm. £3. A workshop looking at the l)('A's exhibition by (ieorge Shaw.

Joanne Thompson t'ntil Sun 7 Mar. Jewellery by this lidinbttrgh (‘ollege of Art graduate.


Albert Square. ()l 382 432084.

Mon Wed & Fri Sat lt).3()am 5pm: Thu l().3()am 7pm: Sun l2.3() 4pm. Etching in Dundee l'ntil Sttn 2‘) Feb. A display of 25 etchings from the ntuseum collection juxtaposed with 34 new prints by 17 etches currently working in Dundee.

Ode to the North Wind t'ntil Sat 3| Jan. An exhibition highlighting l)untlceK collection of 2(lllt century oil paintings alongside changing display s of w atercolours and works on paper. Young Horizon Fri 23 .lan Fri 2() Feb. Art exhibition ofyoung artists' work created during the Young llori/ons arts project that took place in Braey iew. l.awsidc and .\lorgan schools last year.

Shine! Fri 3() Jan Thu 5 Feb. An exhibition of work in mixed media by young artists frottt the lleltn 'l‘raining Project.


\Vcst llcndcrson \Vy ltd. (llAS2 225282. Mon Sat ltlam 4pm: Sttn llatn 4pm. College Collage t'ntil Sttn 2‘) Feb. A display of artworks by former students and staff at l)uncan of Jordanstone ('ollege of Art featuring draw ittgs. paintings. textile art and sculpture.

Outside the Cities

East Lothian


Stenton. (H.368 350250. l)aily

noon 5pm (closctl 'lilitll.

Campbell Sandilands - The Four Elements l'ntil Wed 1 1 Feb. ('ampbell Sandilands explores the four elements of eartlt. lire. water and earth through woodblock printing. mixed media works for lloor and wall and calligraphic works on silk.



('allendar Park. (H.324 5(l37S‘).

.\lon Sat anm 5pm: Sttn 2pm 5pm. Piece of Mind l‘ntil Sat 3| Jan. (ilassworks by Deborah llolloway and Alice lictls.



2() \Vcst High Street. ()IAll—f 4(i—l l 23. Mon Sat Illam 5pm.

The 5th British International Miniature Print Exhibition l'ntil Sat 7 Feb. A ttational touring exltibition of o\ er 250 original prints from as far a lield as Japan. l'SA. SouthAmerican and liurope.


Our kids are fat. Little chubbers eating badly and living a sedentary lifestyle. The government’s worried and the Food Standards Agency has just launched a debate called the Diet Timebomb so great is its concern. The fear is that our children’s eating problems will explode into a swathe of chronic illness and bad health in later years - heart disease, diabetes and obesity being the major problems breeding a population that is a sick burden to itself. And so it was with interest that we received a bright,

I‘d like...to 80 out 10

cheery press pack from Safeway promoting a new range of food for kids. It came on the back of a survey about children’s attitudes to food and a list of fat-stats: 8.6% of six-year-olds are obese; one in ten five-year—olds in the UK is overweight; excess body weight is the most common childhood disorder in Europe and the US, and the average intake of fruit and vegetables is only two portions 8 day (the recommended daily allowance is

five portions).

Two healthy looking kids stride across the packaging munching apples and then you turn to the product range: Chicken Nuggets & Chips, Beef Burgers, Iced Fairy Cakes, Banana Milkshake Creams, Chicken Ketchup Kievs, Juice Blast Apple drink and a whole range of sweets. There are a handful of healthy items on the list, but they are dwarfed by the volume of processed food. Confused barely covers it. In a consumer field notorious for its mixed messages, there doesn’t seem to be a more overt example of saying one thing and doing the complete opposite.

I decided to approach Safeway with these contradictions. ‘There are ways of making treats healthier,’ explained Judith Batchelar, Safeway director of new product development. ‘What we’ve done with sweets is taken out all artificial colours and preservatives and looked at sugar levels; with crisps we’ve looked at fat and salt levels so these fall into healthier guidelines. We’ve made those things better for you. You can have it all: we’ve launched a product called a sweetcorn finger which is low salt, low fat crispy coat which is giving you one of your five [vegetables].’ So essentially Safeway is making bad things a bit less bad, but can you really

have it all?

Rather than go to all costs to disguise the eating of vegetables and putting the slightly healthier burgers in attractive packaging, wouldn’t it be better to go all-out to promote fresh fruit and veg designers and marketers could have a field day re-branding such food to the new generation? Supermarkets know they’re on the hop with government pressure and ever-increasingly aware and vocal consumers. Rather like petrol companies realising they have to clean up their image if they’re to compete in a more conscientious consumer world. Batchelar even admits: ‘I suppose we’re trying to take some of the high ground here before we’re asked to.’ Just as organic is the fastest growing niche food market, ‘healthy’ kids’ options could be the next, but is this cynical tokenism or genuine social responsibility? To find out more about all the issues discussed here visit: www.foodstandards.gov.uk and take part in their

current online debate. (Ruth Hedges)

Events are listed by city, then type. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to kids©list.co.uk, by post or by fax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Ruth Hedges.

Activities and Fun

Pottery Workshops Sat 24 .lan .\ Sat 3| .lan. noon opm. L5 l’ireworks Studio. 35a l)al|tousie Street. 332 373S. Ages 4 +. l’aint pots or ltayc a go on the potter's

w heel itt tltcse weekly workshops for children.

Saturday Art Club Sat 24 .latt is Sat 31 Jan. Illam lptn. Free. (iallcry of .\lodern Art. Queen Street. 22‘) WW». \ew weekly art clttb led by prolessional art educators showing yott how to enjoy and dcyclop drawing. collage and sculpture tttaking. .\gcs 3 ll). Chinese Film Workshop Sat 24 .lan. l lam l2.3llpm. L“ (-1. ('(‘.\. 35H Sattcltteltall Street. 352 ~l‘)(l(l, Artist Pamela So leads lllls workshop w Ittclt explores the costumes and themes in the short llllll Picnic at loclt |.otitond.