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Pitch The ultimate late night slacker rrrovie. Background Upbeat. offbeat low budget slacker comedy about sex and sex and sex and shelf» stacking in the 21st century. It's the debut of director Saul Met/stein and writer Jack Lothian. was shot in Glasgow (though the city's doubling as Anywheresvrlle) and features a cast of young rising stars including Kate Ashfield and En/o Cilentr plus Heike Makatsch who's already huge in Germany. Smash Everyone and their mother loved the film when it premiered at the Berlin Film Festival. Bomb Can it overcome the Current wave of disaffection with British filmmaking’?

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Pitch 1 Ike the first one onl‘, (lumber and faster, Jack Lothianb Background During his '.’lf%il to l\/larr;eilles. the slacker comedy Japanese ambassador it; kitlnapped by a (:iirriinal Late Night

gang; v.orking for the Yakufia. It falls to a dork, pr >|i<te Shopping tlt?lt:ti1|\.{? to t;£t‘.(} the (lax, which he does ‘.‘.’|lll the help of his; local (tabbx. the speed demon from the original i72o‘.ie.

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Pitch The greatest fairytale never told. Background CGI animated tale about a kingdom ruled by a mean midget “.vho outlaws fairy tales and is challenged by an unlikely trio: Shrek the smelly Ogre (v0iced by Mike Myers with a cod Scottish accent). his faithful donkey steed «Eddie Murphy» and Princess Fiona (Cameron Diazi.

Smash Top grade animation. a great comic vOice cast and spoof references to Disney classics —- Snow; White. S/eep/ng Beauty. Pinocchio as well as Star Wars, The Matrix and G/adrator should ensure this appeals to kids and adults alike.

Bomb There have been rumours that Disney hasn't seen the funny Side Of Dr'eamWorks' in-Jokery.