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Pitch Beautiful Creatures (but betteri. Background Minnie Driver and her mate eavesdrop On a mobile phone conversation about a bank robbery. The cheeky girls then decide to blackmail the robbers out of two million guid in this action comedy.

Smash Luvely laydees. big crimes and lotsa cash: gotta be a Winner.

Bomb But it's directed by bleedin' Mei Smith. Yeah. but his last film, Bean. was a big hit in America.

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Pitch Rocky meets Days Of Thunder. Background When a top gun racing car driver starts coming apart at the seams during the season. former champ Joe Tanto is called in to troubleshoot. Sylvester Stallone plays the racing veteran and wrote the screenplay for director Renny Harlin.

Smash It's already been lirst across the finish line in America. hitting the number one slot. Also. Harlin is a

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Angelina Jolie straps on the

top action director, as his last two films. Deep Blue automatic

Sea and The Long Kiss Goodnight. proved. pistols for a

Bomb But Stallone doesn't make good lilms. does spoof 0’ t°mb raiding

he? And he's written this one. Furthermore. it co»- stars Burt Reynolds. who's been sabotaging his comeback since Boogie Nights.


Dr Pitch t‘lilttti'l. ui'm'i'fi" ’lirl mains :r" ' ,i'xl ft RiCha'd Pitch Computer game babe hits the big screen. Background A v " 'w 'l l ,r-l‘ r’i’vii'tit'r’l 'l . Gifrek Background Angelina JOIN? plays the live action off liintx sf-v ’l, w: are”. N; -,-’ v in i 50:53: vers‘ion of the computer game heroine who is. ‘i.‘.‘rlli:ir'. H. Um , ' li-w‘ / ‘. . 1 essentially. Indiana Jones with big breasts and knoxi li‘:’.I~'l z,, ' T’ i w,- x qr,- e: I if Hair.- huge guns strapped onto large thighs. Among the iinloitiinatel, ti an ' ‘* it 'i ,‘ wine; " -v la: ' geeks she is a goddess. lhe rest of us can expect lt€:‘.'€ri0l)‘:’t lllI‘: ";‘:l' r,- it' 2" we") ‘r e r ifr'xll New high-octane action. spanning the world from the si. now: .i ' i'.':', {Hg/tr," 1: a' ".r: l Flex Iceland to southeast Asia. Avizl. air »,-. " r: z, u " ill; i,r:’..'.-fl-r-' " w: Smash Enormoust popular game. enormously (guys. popular actress. enormoust popular special Smash t-Jvi. ‘J‘MH‘. i we eat mi 1" effects. people re'i rims :,’/:,..l;:r. Bomb Maybe we'll have had enough of Bomb i new"; A.” 0 ~’,-' w : , '. erl ' unlit DR T 13532?» " archaeological antics wrth Hie liniiiniriiy Returns. ' '

Pitch Seduction. sex and satire. Background This tale of mid-life crisis

misadventures sees gynaecologist Richard Gere Pitch The real Norman Bates,

floundering with some of the women in his life Background True story the ‘.'.’isconsin farmer h,

(demanding wealthy patients. Wife on the verge of a day se'al killing. Yl(}t;l:;t/'Tl: at: :ii'ir‘ l;al bf. night. He's

nervous breakdown Farah Fawcett. Wild wannabe the man =.'.iho::e bizarre lY‘lll" le' some during the ’7‘»:

cheerleader daughter Kate Hudsonl and philandering inspired s“. cho. Texas C".:‘ '.a’assacre and

with others (golf pro Helen Hunt). Silence 0" The Lil".‘.’)5;,

Smash Director Robert Altman lampoowng Smash Rs.i::l‘ooat't;<‘ k‘l‘e' 'no‘. es are back in .ogue.

American life once more. the modus operandi which as exeinolilied o, l-lt';li..'.w:.;<: Haw oat and arthouse / \

gave him his biggest hits in M'A'S'H and WES/NINE}. Audition; and Ed Gen 18 the :laoo, of them all. I "‘3: 4 Bomb But are romance and gynaecology really a Bomb Sombre in tone alirt reg-paw. e in content. it Th'mnime 'uck’ ' " V’C‘ turn on? may have limited appean '

22 THE LIST 7—2’ Jui‘. 20m