something creepy. crawly and extraterrestrial under the bed. See review. Glasgow: OFT. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Disclosure ( 18) (Barry Levinson. US. 199-1) Michael Douglas. Derni Moore. Donald Sutherland. 128 mins. High-flying computer hardware exec Douglas is beaten to promotion by former flame Moore. whose subsequent attempts to get his pants off brings about allegations of sexual harassment. The spark point in Michael Crichton‘s source novel is only one factor in this corporate suspense thriller. which is as slick. professional and empty of sure-footed morality as you wotrld expect. That said. you‘ll stay glued to the screen. General release.

I Dumb And Dumber ( 12) (Peter Iiatt'elly. ['5. 199-1) Jim (‘arrey. Jeff Daniels. Lauren Holly. 102 mins. Brainless limo driver Lloyd (Carrey) drags equally intellectually challenged roommate Ilarry (Daniels) to Aspen in search of the beautiful Mary. not knowing the suitcase he's can'ying contains the ransom for her husband's kidnappers. There's nothing patronising about these guy‘s sheer stupidity -— this is aimless. puerile. sharnefacedly hilarious stuff for people who didn't understand the jokes in llavue's World. General release.

I Eat Drink Man Woman (PG) (Ang Lee. Taiwart. 1993) Silttrrtg Lung. Kuei Mei Yang. Cltein Lien Wu. 123 rttirts. Ang Lee's ’l'lre II'er/rling Banquet was a surprise international hit; Eat Drink Man llimran surpasses it on every level. Chu is the‘greatest chef tit Taipai. but for years his affection for his three grown-up daughters has been redirected into the lavish meals lte prepares for them. When love unexpectedly enters into the lives of all four. their inability to communicate comes to a head. Warm. furtrty. colourful. A joyful experience. Fife: Adam Smith. New Picture Ilouse.

I Even Cowgirls Get The Blues ( )5) ((ius \'att Sant. US. 1993) l'ma 'l‘hurrttan. John lltirt. Rairt Phoenix. 88 rttirts. Thurman stars as the free- wlteeling Sissy llartkshaw. sertt to the all-female Rubber ROse rarrclt to shoot an advert for female hygiene products. irt this unsuccessful adaptation of Tom Robbins' seminal 70s rtovel. \an Saitt neither sticks to straight rtarrative rtor ftrlly endorses the esoteric. so the result falls between two stools. Fife: Adam Srnitlt.

I Exotica ( IS) (Atom Egoyan. Cartada. 1994) Bruce Greenwood. Mia Kirschncr. Elias Koteas. 104 mitts. A brooding set of troubled souls who collect in a strip clttb are linked by a dark event

irt their pasts. In a way. Egoyan's film. despite rts setting. isn‘t about sex at all. It certainly doesn't allow the viewer to escape irtto fantasy. instead focusing on ltow these traumatised individuals cope with their personal sense of loss. The filmmaker's most accessible film to date. Glasgow: GI’I‘. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Eyes Without A Face Lex' l'eut Sam livage (18) (Georges I‘rartju. France. 1959) Pierre Brassettr. Alida Valli. Edith Scott. 9() rttirts. A plastic surgeon persuades his devoted female assistant to kidnap and murder beatrtiftrl girls whose lacial tissue lte is trsing to graft onto ltis daughter. disfigured irt a car crash. A horror movie that retairts a distinctively European poetic quality. Edinburgh: IHIIIHIOUSC.

I Fires Were Started (1') (Hurttphrey Jennings. UK. 1943) George Gravett. Philip Dickson. i'TCtl Griffiths. 80 ruins. Jennings ortly drama almost inevitably retains a doctrrnerttary feel -~ real firemen tackle real fires among the warehouses in London's docklands. It's rtot actrorr spectacle

the director is after. btrt the epic sense of heroism

that drives these rrterr to face danger day after day. A wonderful tribute to the courage of ordinary people. Central: MacRobert.

I Freebie And The Bean ( I 5) (Richard Rush. I'S. 197-1) Allan Arkin. James Caarr. Loretta Swit. ll} rttins. Artarchic buddy cop movie as our incorrtjx'tent lterocs try to track down a numbers racket. Much automotive mayhem. aitd a winning star coittbinatton make this genuinely fttrtrty action corrtcdy one of the best of its kind. Edinburgh: MGM.

I Fresh ( IS) (Boar. Yakin. LS. 199-1) Sean Nelson. Giancarlo Esposito. Sarttttel 1.. Jackson 115 mins. 'I‘welve-year-old liresh (Nelson) 1\ reckoned by all-arrd-sundry to be the neighbourhotxl gopher; he'll rtrit lteroin arid crack for local drug-dealers. brtt he‘ll also rrtakc

sure he gets to school on time. Because l’resh

Itas a maturity beyond his years. coupled with a necessary detachment for life around him. and that's what‘s going to get ltirtt clear of trouble before he's dragged irt further. An excellent debut by Yakin. with an extremely trtovirtg performance by Nelsort. Worth a rttuch bigger release than it's doomed to receive. Glasgow: MGMs. Edinburgh: [(1.

I Geronimo: An American Legend ( )2) (Walter

llill. t'S. r004) wcs Studi. Jason Patric. Gene

Ilackman. 115 rrtins. It‘s clear that director Hill

and co—wrrters John Militts and Larry Gross see Geronimo. last of the Apache to surrender to the LS Arrrty. as a proud. fearless arid dangerous


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rebel. Striving for authenticity and imbued with an trnsentirnental respect for its subjeCt. the film shows deep understanding over one of the most shameful episodes of 'ethnic cleansing' irt American history. Strathclyde: [TCls

I Heavenly Creatures ( 18) (Peter Jackson. New Zealand. 1994) Melanie Lynskey. Kate Winslct. Sarah Peirse. 98 mins. In 1952. New Zealand was shocked by the murder of Honora Parker by her teenage daughter and a schoolft iend. Despite director Peter Jackson's back catalogtre irt slapstick gore Brainr/eail. Bad 'Iiute - Ht'tli't’ltit' Creatures does rtot dwell on the more lurid details of the crime. Instead. it examines the imaginative fantasy worlds of the girls and the strength of their friendship iii a sympathetic light. Glasgow: Gl-‘I‘. Edinburgh: Cameo. Life: New Picture House.

I Ileimat (Part 2) ( l5) (Edgar Reitz. West Germany. 1983) 210 rttirts. Reitz's ground- breaking TV serial chronicled the history of Gerrttany from 1919 to 1982 by focussing on the fictionalised village of Schabbaclt. This screening concentrates on the war years. arid little of the emotional pull is lost. Central: MacRobert.

I Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 ( IS) (Tony Rarrdcl. 17K. 1988) Ashley Laurence. Kenneth ('ranhant. (‘laire Higgins. 93 mins. After the events or [lei/raiser Kirsty (Laurence) is detained itt Dr ('hanrtard's psychiatric hospital. but ltell is unleashed ortcc more attd as the (‘enobites and the now skinless Jttlia (Higgins) return to prey on otrr heroine. Hell hath no ftrry like a woman

skinned. Redundant sequel that never recapttrres the verve of the original because it fails to develop the characters or find much more for

them to do. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth ( Is; (Anthony

Hickox. LS. 1992) Terry Farrell. Doug Bradley. Paula Marshall. 93 rnrrts. Pinltead and (‘enobite

chums take to the streets of New York in this

admirable third outing for Clive Barker's

creations. A capital blend of sado-ttrastx'ltistic

imagery. stunning special effects and meaningful

characters raises the tttovic above standard

horror fare. arid irt Doug Bradley we ltave art actor who really cart bring sortte dcptlt to the

lead rrtortstcr. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Hoop Dreams ( t 5) (Steve J antes/Fred

Marx/Peter Gilbert. CS. 1994) 175 mins.I-‘i1med over four arid a ltalf years. Hoop Dreams follow s the hopes arid disappointrrtcrtts of two young

black kids frotrt Chicago whose ticket out of the

. ghetto is a basketball scholarship. You'll cheer

the games. you'll cry at farttily traumas. you‘ll get angry at a system that sets tip artd snatches away goals that mean rttore than life to the participants. More than a rerrtarkable achievement. this is great cinema. Glasgow: MGM 1-‘i1m Centre. I i.d. ( IS) (Philip Davis. l'K/Germany. 1994) .; Reece Dinsdalc. Sean Pertwee. Richard Graham. 107 mins. l'rrdercover copJohrt (Dinstlale) discovers that he's enjoying himself a bit too trrttch when Ire infiltrates a gartg of football hooligans. Davis's hard-hitting movie Itas a sense of gritty reality. btrt its character development is too simplified to ring true: the shift from copper to thug comes too quickly. See review. All I'Cls I Interview With The Vampire ( )8) (Neil Jordan. IS. 19%) Tom Cruise. Brad Pitt. Christian Slater. 122 mins. More faitltful to Anne E Rice's book than anyone had arty rigltt to expect. | Jordan's blotxl-soaked movie never shies from the rttore gruesome aspects of vampirism. The Itortto-crotic qtralities of the original may be i dowrtplayed. btrt the morbid rttelancholy of 18th . century New ()rleans arid the Grand Guigrtol set~ pieces are \\ ell realised. making this the most urtcomptorttisirtg studio horror film since The Shining. l‘ife: Adam Smith. I Italian Film Festival For the second year rttrtning. Scotland plays ltost to a week of new Italian features. See preview for a general . intrtxluction. and Listings for vertues and times. ' Glagsow: GI-‘l‘. Edinburgh: Iiilmltouse. I Le Buttane 'l'lre lI'Imrex (18) (Aurelio Grimaldi. Italy. 1994) lda Di Benedetto. Guia Jelo. Ltrcia Sardo. 90mins. Shot in black-and-white with a largely unprofessional cast. Grimaldi's film based on his own book artd stageplay - brings a neo-realist approach to the lives of the street prostitutes of Palermo. His unsentirnentalised style provoked outrage front some quarters when the film premiered in Cannes last year. The director will be present to answer questions after the screening. Cadaveri Eccellenti Illustrious Car/net ( l 5) (Francesco Rosi. Italy. 1976) Lino \"entura. Alain Cuny. Charles \"ancI. A police inspector tries to solve the murders ofjudges. prosecutors : and politicians. artd in the process discovers a right-wing conspiracy to arouse public outrage o, against the left. Rosi masterfully handles the twists of the plot in this adaptation of Leonardo Sciascia's novel. COIDO Di luna Moan Sluu/(ni' (15) (Alberto l Simone. Italy. 1994) Tcheky Karyo. Nino

Manfredi. Isabelle Pasco. 86 mins. An eminent

scientist tries to quickly sell off his country house btrt. as it needs restoration work. he becomes involved with a local stonentason and a corttrtturtity of young people with emotional artd mental problems. including his own son.

Grand Hotel Des Palmes ( 15) (Meme Perlini. Italy. 1978) Most of I eonardo Sciascia‘s novels are mafia thrillers; the one used as source for this film is something of a departure a study of art inquiry into the suicide of French poet Raymond Roussel irt a decaying hotel in l930s Palermo. l'nsubtitled print. synopsis available. The director will discuss the film after the screening with Joe I’arrell of Strathclyde University. Maniaci Sentimentali Sentimental Maniacs ( 15) (Simona 1220. Italy. 199-1) Ricky Tognazzi. Barbara De Rossi. Alessandro Benvenuti. 95 ntins. A sort of Italian Big Chill. this box office hit irt its home country examines the emotional currents that run through a family reunion irt a country villa over the space of a weekend. The director. wife of fellow filmmaker Ricky Tognazzi. makes a confident debut. Also at the MacRobert Arts Centre.

Morte Di Un Matematico Napolitano Death 0ij .'\’eo/m/i!an .IIat/renratr'euut ( 15) (Mario Martone. Italy. 1992) Carlo (‘ecchi. Anna Bonaiuto. Renato Carpentieri. 101 mins. A moving account of the last few days iii the life of a real-life professor of mathematics whose open contempt for the fascist authorities caused hint to be cornrttitted. for a time. to art asylum by his farttrly. Based on eyewitness statements. btrt fictionalised nevertheless. this is a Compelling portrait of a man in decline. The director will be present to answer questions after the screening. II Mostro 'l‘lre .)Imr.vter ( 18) (Roberto Benigni. Italy. 1994) Roberto Benigni. Nicoletta Brasclri. Michel Blartc. l 10 mins. The most successful Italian film of all time. Benigni's comedy of mistaken identity concerns a petty tltiefand would-be Don Juan who is confused with a violent sex killer. Irrevetent artd fast paced. Also at the MacRobert Arts Centre.

I Pavoni The Peacocks (15) (Luchiano Manuzzi. Italy. 1994) Rinaldo Rocco. Nicola Russo. Sabrina Knaflitz. 101 tttins. The son of a businesstrtan kills his father. mother arid sister in order to live a life of luxury. btrt is apprehended within hours. Using a real event as the starting point. Martuzzi pairtts a picture of empty yuppie ideals arid the ctrlt of eonsurtterism.

Portami Via 'Iirke Me Ari-av ( 18) (Gianluca Maria 'l'avarelli. Italy. 1994) Stefania Orsola Garello. Franca Dernaoulin. Michele Di Mauro. 105 mins. Tavarelli's debut is a dark study of a group of people irt Turin who dream of unattainable happiness: a salesman in debt. a social worker hoping to nreet the girl of his dreams. two girls from the East forced irtto prostitution.

I nagazzi Di Via Panisperna The Atom Genius Kit! ( 15) (Gianni Amelio. Italy. 1988) Andrea Prodan. Ennio liarttasticltini. Laura Morante. I35 rrtirts. A group of physicists working on the atom iii the 30s challenge official scientific theories produce a ntrclear reaction arid pave the way for the bomb. Then one of thertt goes missing. The director of The Stolen Children combines elernertts of a mystery with art allegory on scientific ethics. l'nsubtitled print. with synopsis available.

Settza Pelle My Skin ( 18) (Alessandro D'Alatri. Italy. 199-1) 90mins. A disturbing tale of an obsessive arid frustrated love affair between a backward young man and a married woman. who is at first flattered by his letters. btrt uncomfortable when her husband discovers hcr secret admirer.

II Songo Della Fartatla 'l'lre Butteiflviv Dream (15) (Marco Bellocchio. Italy. 1994) Theirry Blane. Sirrrona Cavallari. Nathalie Boutefeu. 110 rttins. A young actor renounces language except when on stage and so cannot return the calls of a theatre director who is impressed by his talents. An examination of everyday hypocrisy. played out irt a limbo between a dream world and reality.

la Stazione The Station ( 15) (Sergio Rtrbini. Italy. 1990) Margherita Buy. Ennio Fantastichini. Sergio Rtrbini. 93 mins. A woman bursts in upon a young stationmaster at a sleepy halt after a quarrel with her rich lover. A strange relationship deveIOps between them. trntil the lover himself arrives. Superb cinematography is one ingredient that lifts this cat-and-mouse game from its stage roots.

Una Storia Semplice A Simple Story ( 15) (Emidio Greco. Italy. 1991) Gian Maria Volonte. Ennio Fantastichini. Ricky Tognazzi. 94 mins. The aloofness of a distinguished professor over the death of a local politician leads the police to believe that everything is rtot as simple as it appears on the surface. A cracking thriller that's exceptionally well acted. Also at the MacRobert Arts Centre

I Just Cause ( 18) (Ante Glimcher'. L‘S. I995) Sean Connery. Laurence Fishburne. Kate Capshaw. 102 mins. A distinguished law lecturer (Connery) is tempted back into the front-line by racial injustice over an inmate on Death Row

38 The List 5- I 8 May 1995