and. for a man of pensionable age. copes well with the subsequent chases. punch-ups and swamp alligators. Sean scowls and swears to prove he's earnest. Ed Harris‘s clue-giving serial killer rips off Silence 0/ The Lambs. and the whole thing turns into a thriller eager to borrow from just about everywhere. Edinburgh: L'CI. I Kanal ( I8) (Andrzej Wajda. Poland. I956) Teresa Izewska. Tadeusz Janczar. Emil Kariewicz. 97 mins. A group of Polish partisans are trapped in the sewers by Nazis dtrring the Warsaw Uprising of I944. Closely shot in black- and-white. Wajda’s film is tense and claustrophobically atmospheric. with an almost unbearable sense of poetic tragedy hanging over each character. Central: MacRobert. I The Last Temptation Of Christ ( l8) (Martin Scorsese. US. I988) Willem Dafoe. Harvey Keitel. Barbara Hershey. Harry Dean Stanton. 163 mins. Controversial though hardly blasphemous adaptation of the Nikos Kazantzakis novel has Christ tempted on the cross by the possibility of living out his life as an ordinary man. which allows him to realise the full significance of his divinity. Straightforward though rather over‘long treatment of the ministry with Dafoe a rather conventional-looking Christ. The rather reverent tone lacks the edge of the director's earlier work on the mean streets of New York. Glasgow: GET. I legends (it The Fall (IS) (Edward Zwick. US. I994) Brad Pitt. Anthony Hopkins. Aidan Quinn. Julia Onnond. I33 mins. A sweeping epic that follows three brothers. their domineering father and the women they all love. Legends covers the period from the end of the Old West. through WWI. to the beginning of modern American society. A bit like a coming- of-age tale for a nation. its narrative is too condensed. with the effect that it ends by lurching from one tragedy to the next. General release. I Icon (18) (Ltrc Besson. France. I994) Jean Reno. Nathalie Portman. Gary Oldrnan. I I0 mins. When his neighbour‘s family is wiped out by crooked cops on a bungled drugs bust. ice cool hitman Leon finds himself looking after the sole survivor - twelve-year-old Mathilde. Luc Besson's first film in English is. nevertheless. a French film in terms of style. editing and its boldness in story and theme. It's good to see that the director has finally got over the all-ster-no- content obstacle. Edinburgh: Cameo. I little Rascals (U) (Penelope Spheeris. US. I994) Travis Tedford. Btrg Hall. Brittany Ashton Holmes. 82 mins. After Beverly Hillbillies. director Spheeris does another TV remake. this time going for a bunch of smug brats who leave a trail of destruction behind them. Even kids who enjoyed the Home Alone level of mayhem might not take to the American sentiment and unnecessary low humour here. General release. I little Women (U) (Gillian Armstrong. US. I994) Winona Ryder. Susan Sarandon. Gabriel Byme. I 18 mins. Louisa May Alcott's novel has charmed readers for generations. despite weighing down its morals with a mountain of sentimentality. In Hollywood's third screen version. the March girls are still unbelievably good and forgiving. btrt Amrstrong and writer Robin Swicord have added a touch of 90s post- feminism to give a contemporary relevence to their bonding and independence. A glowing view of family love. General release. I The Madness 0f King George (PG) (Nicholas Hytner. UK. I994) Nigel Hawthorne. Helen Mirren. Rupert Everett. Il0 mins. Alan Bennett's adaption of his own stage play is a great British film in its own right with no lingering sense of theatricality. Nigel Hawthorne's excellent portrayal of the King. his demented behaviour threatening the stability of the nation. gives the film an emotional core. while the scn'pt's themes are intelligently handled throughout. Glasgow: Odeon. Edinburgh: Cameo. UCI. Strathclyde: Odeon Ayr. I Manga Flint Festival A two-day feast of Japanese animated features comes to Scotland. See preview for general introduction and Listings for times. Glasgow: OFT. Appleseed (IS) (Kazuyoshi Katayama. Japan. I991) 71 mins. In a future world. run by a singular corporate entity. policewoman Dunan and cyborg sidekick Bularis track down terrorist A.J. Sebastian. whose criminal acts threaten the delicate balance of this utopia. The character animation is rudimentary. even by manga standards; the backgrounds don't even aspire to the Akira class. and only the hardware seems to have been drawn with relish - which says a lot about the filmmakers and more about the target audience. Legend or The Overhead (l8) (Hideki Takayama. Japan. 1989) IO8 mins. In this mythology. the planet comprises of three separate worlds: humans. Man-Beasts and Monster Demons. who pour their energies into the bodies of human girls. Every 3.000 years. the Overfiend arrives with the power to unite the worlds and destroy the barriers that protect

mankind from the evils of other realms. Violent

and controversial.

Patlabor (IS) (Mamoru ()shii. Japan. I989) 100 mins. In I999. Tokyo's Mobile Police use advanced robots called Labor‘s to combat criminals. btrt when a batch go rampaging across the city. a sinister revenge plot threatens to bring a wave of destruction. Exciting storyline and brilliant meclra animation make this one of the better uninre features on offer.

The Professional Golgo 13 ( I8) 93 mins. A cold- as-granite assassin finds himself up against the CIA. FBI and Pentagon as he tries to track down a Mafia boss. One of the strongest urrinre titles to date. with the narrative drive and pacing of a feature film combined with the framing and split-screen techniques of the graphic novel. As much sex and violence as any fiesh-and-bone 18 certificate. but very much one for the boys. Rouiin Z(I2) (Hiroyuki Kitakubo. Japan. l99l) 78 mins. Based on a story by Otomo Katsuhiro. writer of the acclaimed Akira series. this lacks the groundbreaking animation splendour of that

movie. The story features a bed that will cook.

l I l I

feed. wash. exercise. entertain and toilet its elderly patient. but a sudden malfunction brings about the obligatory merging of flesh and technology. Cheer the wrinkly granddad hero. Space Adventure Cobra ( l8) (Osamu Dczaki. Japan. I982) 95 mins. Cobra. the most wanted pirate in the universe. becomes disillusioned with the indiscriminate violence of the Space Pirates Guild and goes it alone in search for legendary treasure. An appealing mix of several adventure genres with fast pacing and ()(Is style visuals.

Wicked City ( 18) (Yoshiaki Kawajira. Japan.

1993) SI mins. A non-aggression treaty between

the human world and the realm of demons is upheld by at .rndercover group called the Black Guards. When it comes up for renewal. terrorists try to sabotage a new agreement. Dark science- fiction (mime spiced with sexuality.

The Wings Of Ilonneamise ( 15) (llii-oyuki Yamaga. Japan. I994) With the voices of Robert Matthews. Melody Lee. Lee Stone. Ill mins.~

Neither a splatterfest nor a techno-thriller. btrt a

space race satire. set in a parallel Earth. familiar yet different. It tells ofan idealistic young recruit's attempt to become his country's first astronaut despite the military's hijacking of the project. Great animation. an absorbing story line and even a touch ofcharacter development.

I I Maurice ( l5) (James Ivory. 17K. I987) James

Wilby. Rupert Graves. Hugh Grant. I40 mins. Overlong btrt impeccably crafted screen version of the E. M. Forster novel. in which a young Edwardian man slowly but movineg comes to terms with his homosexuality in the face of widespread bigotry. Although Over-indulgent. the film uses beautiful locations. a Brides/retitl- style cast and a langorous evocation of pre-War Britain to sweeten an angry pill about the strictures of the class system and the unchanging face of prejudice. Glasgow: GI-TT.

I Milk Money (l2) (Richard Benjamin. L'S. I994) Melanie Griffith. Ed Harris. Michael Patrick Carter. 109 mins. Three twelve-year-old boys decide that the only way to understand girls is to see a real live naked lady. so they head to the big city where they're rescued. after a mugging. by kind-hearted V (Griffith). Passing her off as a maths tutor. one of the boys tries to team her up with his widowed father (Harris). Another ‘romantic comedy' where both definitions only loosely apply. See Screen Test. All UCIs. Glasgow: MGM Parkhead.

I Millions like Us (U) (Frank Launder/Sidney Gilliat. UK. 1943) Eric Portman. Patricia Roc. Gordon Jackson. 103 mins. A surprisingly detailed and realistic look at a family at war. which doesn‘t shy away from the class conflicts that face daughter Roc on the factory floor. Its socialist leanings were certainly unusual for the time and forwarddooking. With Humphrey Jennings's short Diary For Timothy. which interprets the last winter of the war for a new- born child. Central: MacRobert.

I Mrs Parker And The Vicious Circle (15) (Alan Rudolph. US. 1994) Jennifer Jason Leigh. Campbell Scott. Matthew Broderick. l24 mins. A ven’tablc legend in biting one-liners. Dorothy Parker. along with her sophisticated group of literary friends. wielded incredible influence in jazz age America. Alan Rudolph's film reveals her to be a passionate. contradictory woman who toyed altemately with success and suicide. Jennifer Jason Leigh's performance is unique and certainly remarkable. but there is a sense that it is too reliant on surface details such as accent. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I No.45: Angel of Vengeance (l8) (Abel Ferrara. US. 1980) Zoe Tamerlis. Albert Sinkys. Darlene Stuto. Helen McGara. 84 mins. No one is better than Abel Ferrara at taking low budgets. sleazy material and dodgy actors. and making them into a diseased urban art form. After being raped twice in one day. a mute girl goes out on nightly jaunts blowing away chauvanist scum. Like its predecessor. the much misunderstood Driller Killer. it's full of wit. pace and a

numbing portrayal of contemporary violence. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Muriel's Wedding ( 15) (PJ. Hogan. Australia. I994) Toni Collette. Rachel Griffiths. Bill Ilunter. IOS mins. L'eg duckling Muriel decides to leave behind her boring life in Porpoise Spit and search for her Prince Charming in the big lights of Sydney. A bouncy Abba soundtrack and fairy tale ambiance add to the charm of one of the year‘s best crowd-pleasers. As sparkling. in its own way. as The Adventures Of Priscilla. General release.

I My Fair Lady (PG) (George Ctrkor. L'S. I964) Rex Harrison. Audrey Hepburn. Stanley Holloway. Wilfred Hyde White. 175 mins. Familiar screen adaptation now in a new print - of Lerner and Loewe's musical slant on l’ygmulimr. notable for a catalogue of great ttrnes. Harrison's somehow endearing half- spoken singing. and Cecil Beaton's splendid costume designs (especially iii the racecourse sequence). Glasgow: Grosvenor. Central: Allanpark. Strathclyde: Kelburn.

I Natural Born Killers ( 18) (Oliver Stone. L’S. I994 ) Woody llan'clson. Juliette Lewis. Robert Downey Jr. ll‘} mins. Stone's visual and aural assault makes for one of the most remarkable cinematic experiences in years: his attempts to marry style with content. and provide a damning expOse of the media adulation of serial killers is less successful. let down by his trademark ovcrslatcmcm. Edinburgh: C(‘i. Central: MacRobert. Stralhclyde: L'Cl Clydebank.

I Nobody’s Fool (15) (Robert Benton. L'S. I994) Patrl Newman. Bruce Willis. Jessica Tandy. ll0 mins. In a performance to rank with his best. Paul Newman is a down-on-his-luck construction worker scraping a living in the wintry upstate New York town of North Bath. Tire rtrore we see his destiny intcrtwirre with those around him. the rrrore weight and meaning cling to an apparently marginal existence. As subtle. humane. wise and witty a piece as lras come otrt of Hollywood in many a long year. Glasgow: MGM Film Centre. Edinburgh: UCI. Strathclyde: Magnum. L'CI Clydebank.

I Nostradamus ( 15) (Roger Christian. Romania/Iirance/Germany. I994) 'I'cheky Karyo. Amanda Plummer. Rutger Ilauer. ll9 mins. 16th century visionary Nostradamus's gloomy predictions are put into a historical and personal context relating to plague. famin deaths and the Inquisition. There is mtrclr to admire here.

; particularly Karyo's restrained performance as

the harrntcd seer. altlrotrgh Ilauer's mad monk


routine sounds an off-key note. Fife: New Picture House.

I Once Were Warriors ( 18) (Lee Tamahon’. New Zealand. I993) Rena Owen. Tennuera Morrison. Mamaengaroa Kerr-Bell. 99 mins. Tamahori's feature debut is a gritty Loach-style look at domestic violence and disenfranchisement within Auckland's Maori underclass. It's a film about suryival of individuals. of families. and of race. It's also an uncompromising. shocking film that doesn't scnsationalise its material. Edinburgh: I'Cl. Strathclyde: L‘CI Clydebank. I 101 Dalmatians (U) (Wolfgang Reitherman/IIarnilton S. Luske/Clyde Geronimi. US. I961) 80mins. Disney‘s Easter '95 release is a personal favourite. Dad Dalmatian Pongo and various animal chums help rescue his offspring from a terrible fate as the intended coat of Cruella De Vil. Plenty of ftrn. acres of cuteness. and the best villainess irr animation history. General release.

I Outbreak ( I5) (Wolfgang Petersen. US. 1995) Dustin Iloffrrran. Rene Russo. Morgan Freeman. I22 mins. A deadly virus transfers from the African jungles to California and. in a

terrify rngly short space of time. is threatening the entire world. Petersen's AIDS paranoia thriller starts otrt well enough. building on very real fears. btrt it does descend into a hardware shmt-‘em-up. Okay as a slab er‘enlertainrrient. bill it fails to tap the potential of its subject rrratlcr. General release.

I The Piano ( IS) (Jane Campion. Australia/New Zealand. I993) Holly Hunter. Sam Neill. Harvey Keitel. 120 mins. Jane Campion's masterpiece follows mute Scotswoman Ada (Hunter) as she travels to 19th century New Zealand with her piano and daughter to enter into an an‘angcd marriage. Soon she begins a passionate and erotic affair with her illiterate neighbour as the means of regaining her treasured instrument. Glasgow: Grosvenor.

I Pulp Fiction ( I 8) (Quentin Tarantino. US. 1994) John Travolta. Samuel Jackson. Uma Thurman. Bruce Willis. 150 mins. Much more ambitious than Reservoir Dogs. the most awaited second feature of the 90s has many scenes that crackle with Tarantino wit. and a few others that fall flat as the writer-director bravely experirtrents. Interlocking stories in the pulp crime manner concern lritmen. ailing boxers. gang bosses and their molls. drtrg fiends. and assorted riff-raff. This year's surprise Cannes Palrrre d‘Or winner is a trip. all the way. General late nights.

l-‘amrv A RDA NT


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.lean-Imuis Livi presents

(iérard I)I§PA RI)II§(/v Fabrice L U C‘HI/VI André l)l/SS()LLIER A film by Yves AA"(1VIL‘I.()



H'itlr the participation of Claude RIC?” Screenplay by Jean COS/MOS

[rum Ihr nus-(I by Murran de Ilalzar

A ghost from the past. . .


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