COLUMN with the best news, the Smerevlews, all the gory gossip, , , you an exclusive, exciting

split! . 5%? NOW FOR THE REALLY BORING STUFF . . . Listen leels duty bound to

a.“ ' ntoutthat there was no riot in

" (a rrowland when the Beasties played .- '. wuzthere and it wuz the boringest gig oiall time . . . the unexaggerated on their Liverpool date, as NOT jaovered by the tabloids, sees Oa #2:t_Aanagement oi said venue tailing :tliiserably on security (none at which .pxcuses the Beasties ior anything) and [the crowd actually tearing the PA apart ",atthe end at the gig . . . and all in the shame oi entertainment . . .

TALKING OF THOSE THINGS not so Entertaining . . . Glasgow’s own Del 3618. Crack, were seen being éflt‘astically Beastied by the now hulking 7; ~1tigure oi Bing Hitler aka Craig Ferguson iii-3;; . Crack-boy Glen Gibbons was hung filerrliled and a whiter shade oi pale ior ifseueral heartbeating seconds beiore goalislng it was just a beastly joke . . . gFListen wishes they’d had a camera . . . ~fg‘gsraig, incidentally, is currently _ 1,91w‘brklng on a new comedy series ior {EBBC Scotland and is only (sadly) rigg'racing our lair city ior another month. .

ileum: MINOWHPIS cum 5,-SHOCKI yes, he not only looks dirty, he

on tour with only two comics

, a smelly bearskin round his neck won’topenthe carwlndowsl . . . he as quoted as saying 1 don’t buy many “:Teocks, only one pair at a time— so i wear them till they go crispy and then

1:» buy a new pair’l Recently iound ‘tired emotional’ in Leicester Square seller a glass or two (huh) oi wine at The 5;,Emplre State he was arrested ior .ybreaklng into a merry-go-round and -;]IIBy|l'tn with it at unsaie speeds . . . ‘-‘(tlIe-ciarty bits are deiinitely true . . .) 3930M ZOO . . . people who should . know better le Andy and Martin, the

“a tuneiul ones in Swing Out Sister are big fled ions and insist on wearing their ='.-:“Iodiac Mlndwarp Radio Hats at every

- given opportunity (told you we had all

' ' illo'gstory...X? MalOeutschland '

iisis'dirty! Zed, shaming person that he . _ achocolate bar as toiletries! . . . he ~

the most exciting stories this week . .. .)

e BABES IN AitlliS new Glasgow group

Slide )ust signed‘a major recording deal but true oi the members‘are so young they had to get their mums to

. counterslgn the‘contract. . . isn't that



Cry ior making the piaylist on The Big One with their great new 7ln “Labour oi Love’. Who knows, maybe they'll be the next Glasgow band to lead the Scottish invasion as the NME most proudly pointed out to us about Oeacon Blue . . . but they didn’t say where they were leading it . . .

0 LISTEN CAN DENY all the rumours about Diana Ross sending Wet singer Marti Fellow roses . . . it was Joan Collins, apparently. . .

e FAR FLUNG SCOTS ABROAD . . . Hipsway continue on the American tour which is going really well . . . they’re supporting ‘a band called Crowded House . . . Wet Wet Wet head oil to Gambia to iilm their new video this

week . . . not as posh as it sounds ’cos

it’s the rainy season in that part oi Airica just now so their name willbe apt as always . . . they take with them one Joan Simpson, who won a competitionin The Sunday Niall to take part in the video . . . she had assumed it would be shot i'nLondon though . . .


0 Josei Ii: Endless Soul/Young And Stupid (Supreme lntemaitonal Editions). Paul Morley, later to launch Frankie Goes To Hollywood on an unsuspecting world, once desribed Josei it as ‘the best band l’d seen since Joy Division, who were the best band l’d seen since l’d been born.’ Morley can be dismissed as a crackpot, mind, but his attitude summed up the way a lot oi people tell about Postcard Hecords’ most enigmatic Scottish stars, and now, years alter their only LP was deleted, they can be heard again. This is, in a way, Josei it's Hatiul Ot Hollow- most oi the tracks are previously unreleased, taken irom radio sessions and compilations, all

[l as If:

Il llllill.

Sonic Youth - see album review.

recorded between July iOTO‘and A.

November1981,just as someyoung -

and stupid wags were declaring guitars"

obsolete. The Boss/Hail guitar axis. in

line iorm ailthe way through this LP, 4 '

likeachopp'y and concise . tierlalne/Lloyd, proved that such - _:. complaints were grossly premature.

Jos‘ellt’sangularstyle oirockcan be "

uncomiortable at iirst, but then the ' needle slides into one ol tire-classic

- singles- Sorry For Laughing (still sounding iresher and more (modern

than any oi today’s copylsts), the -

' timeless and b'reathtakin‘gly'beautituir a

it’s liinda Funny, or'the jaunty (though built on the slenderest oi hooks) Chance Meeting-and you’ll . - .. understand. ljust wish their imitators did. .

o Nicky Hind: Hindsight (Watercourse) is this what they call New Age? it doesn’t huri.Almost totally acoustic (apart irom discreet synthesiser), . Hind's minimal piano is accumpanled by strings and wind. with embellishments by jazz soloists; and Tom McGrath, who wrote the . sleevenotes, plays piano on one track. This is restrained, contemplative music, with dellnlte echoes oi Philip Glass and Erik Satie, the deceptive simplicity bringing about some quite beautilul moments, particularly the

moumiul introduction to in The Dark.

Coming irom a pupil oi Sri Chimney. . the music on this record should stir memories In anyone who has sat cross-legged in airy white rooms listening to devotees oi Eastern spirituality playing Western lnstruments— striving towards a pure, organic sound, playing lor the sake oi the music rather than individual egos.

And to think i saw this guy playing In. cruddy punk bands nigh on tenyears ' a”.

o Sonic Youth: Sister (BlastFirst) rm: '

arrived as a taster tor the American quartet’s Scottish gigs, and serves as an excellent recommendation. The coverage Sonic Youth have received in Britain has been kind oi whimsical (they’ve got such a Madonna ietish that they play her records at gigs while they tune up between songs, etc) but i don’t hear a lot at laughing on this LP. Sonic Youth treat the game oi tile with the same seriousness as Husker Ou, resulting in a mysterious, troubling set oi songs, underpinned by the unorthodox treatment oi their six-strings. Lyrics are quickly get out oi the way so that they can experiment with dillerent ways oi abusing their

guitars, sounds which, naturally,- . ; " sound so obvious now they’ve been heard. Heavy stult, and possibly, . *alonglsde Warehouse: Songs And

Stories, rock album oi the year.


. o The Tribe Oi Benn (Drastic Plastic) - Fear has probably been this century's - greatest spur to creativity, and any

record iuelled by an all-consuming tear


Wmnathetlc ears. lwouldn't like to I

examine the singer’s dental condition

at close quarters - especially since he makes it quite clear that he’d rather ' commit ritual disembowelment than go near a basin oi soap and hot water. A tirade against the antiseptic cleanliness oi the medical prolession,

and lot iunnier and more inventive than

American comic Steve Martin’s current

- l’m A Oentist single.

0 The Shamen: Something About You (Moksha)/the Thanes: Hey Girl! EP (OUT). The Shamen's linest moment to date. As a piece oi sheet music alone Something About You would stand as a remarkable love song, but the thrilling momentum oi the periormance shoots it into the stratosphere. The shimmering, high-pitched intro is an

. eerie instant iiashback to their live

Incarnation, tour black-garbed iigures. laces shitting and disiigured by irom-projected slides and psychedelic lightshows. Frighteningly good.

in their iormer guise, The Green Telescope, the Thanes were once described as the best garage band on . this side oi the Atlantic, and this arieiact could well have dropped into the shops, through a time warp, irom a recording session by some V . htidWestem garage combo in 1965, g such is The Thanes’ devotion to authenticity. Organ, harmonica and all

the neat little touches are presentand

correct. Unlike The Shamen’s way oi bringing psychedelia into the genre. Backward-looking. (Mab)


0 Beastie Boys (Glasgow Barrowland) Adolescent rebellion is tops! Thos bad-mouthed, bad-mannered sexual braggarts irom Brooklyn iought ior their right to be assholes. With their clever-clever-stoopid lyrics and those indescructible Oei beats they demolished the burden oi social awareness and let us all enjoy making utter bozos oi ourselves ior an evening. Lo, there was much pogoing throughout the land. . Their appalling sexism cannot be deiended though, even it it is leavened' -. with an element at cartoon parody. the massed chants oi the lowest common - -

.macho denominator ior the caged -

go-go dancers to reveal their breasts did tinge the mindless FUN with the qualms oi liberal guilt. Many a New Man had to grlmace and bear it.

Thing ls, they don’t need all the grotesquerie, ior their shambling alcoholic ‘Choreography’, the dance oi the sugar plum dumb luck, is delight enough in itseli. And intectious enough ior us to gingerly set aside the right-on pose tor a while and go TEENAGE GHOSSOOT NUTZOIOI One to sort ._ the rock ’n’ rollers irom the ' trainspotters, even it we were thorougth ashamed oi ourselves the morning alter. (Trevor Johnston)

The List 12 25 June 31