0 Tender isthe Night (BBC 1) 9.3(1-1(l.25pm Rerun of Dennis Potter's adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel which stars Peter Strauss (currently to be seen in the Channel Four repeats of Rich Man I’()()r‘.II(lI1.


o Notorious (C4) 1(1-1 1 .55pm Just the thing for these long wet summer nights. the season of I Iitchcock films sadly ends tonight. Made in 194(ithis was the classic that Hitchcock had been contemplating for a number of years. Starring Cary (irant and Ingrid Bergman it‘s a unusual three cornered love plot where Bergman. the daughter of a Nazi agrees to help spy for the Americans after the war and by marrying Claude Rains help to reveal a Nazi plot. It also features a stop go kiss of ‘sensational' length that by virtue of interruptions every three second heat the censor.

o Marat/Sade (C4) 12.4(1—2.55;im Film version of Peter Brooks‘ acclaimed Royal Shakespeare Company production starring Patrick Magee. (ilenda Jackson and Ian Richardson made in 1966.


0 World Tennis From Edinburgh (C4) 12.05-12.45am. The finals ofthe Craiglockhart Bank of Scotland (irasscourt Championships. Meanwhile. look out for the BBC coverage of the Stella Artois Championships. 0 Ghosts (BBC 2) The Theatre Night season continues with Judi Dench in Ibsen's classic. 0 Flying Lady (Scottish) 7.45-8.45pm. This comedy drama starring Frank Winsor as a man who blows his redundancy pay on a Rolls Royce bowles along smoothly enough if the pilot is anything to go by but seems pretty indiscriminate about direction. 0 Floodtide (Scottish) 9- 1(lpm. Another new drama series an expensive international political thriller complete with a reluctant hero. a handsome English doctor who has dropped out of the rat race to live in scenic France.


0 Design Classics (BBC 2) 7.45-8.1(1pm'1‘he Volkswagen Beetle. still in production in Mexico. is the subject of tonight‘s epsiode in the serieson enduring design.

0 Stage Fright(BBC 1)The 1950

Hitchcock made in Briatain with

Marlene Dietrich as well as Alastair Sitn. Sybil 'I‘horndyke and Michael Wilding.


o The Jesse Owens Story (C4) 9- 10.45pm Part one of a two part dramatisation of the life of black American Olympic track champion (who so upset Hitler) with Dorian

I Iarewood (who played Simon Haley in the follow up to Roots) as Owens.

0 Isn't it Shocking (BBC 2) 9-10. Illpm Alan Alda stars in this 1973 comedy drama as a sheriff investigating the mysterious deaths of the town‘s old folk. This is the latest in a season of exceptional made for television films.

0 Witness: 0n the Margin

1(l.3()-1 1 .3()pm A year ofon the ground research has gone into this examination of life in inner city Nottingham made by Thames


0 International Tennis (BBC 2) 2.35pm The Women‘s pre Wimbledon wartn up at Eastbourne.


Kepler, Radio 3, Fri 19 June, 8-9.35pm The idea for Robert Forrest’s play about the lite ot Kepler, the German astronomer, was seeded whilst reading Arthur Koestler‘s The Sleepwalkers. ‘There's a moment in the play which is described in the book when Kepler is in front of a blackboard and he sees something in the diagram he’s drawn for his pupils, which in his mind is an insight into the waythe universe works. All his work after that is built on that moment of insight, yet it was an illusion he was starting from a mistake’, explains Robert Forrest.

Kepler’s certainty that God had spoken to him never left him. ‘Till the day he died he was convinced that the truth had been revealed to him. The rest ot his liie was just about iilling in the details. To him, his lundamental discoveries, like his three laws oi planetary motion, were mere details, bits oi evidence he was using to prove his original ideas.‘

Pursuing these paradoxes, Robert Forrest has built an intriguing play which takes place inside Kepler's head a few moments before his death. ‘His whole lite was a mess, he was ill most oi the time, he was poor, his mother was tried lor witchcraft and there was war going on all around him, but all the time he held onto this idea that somehow it all made sense’, says Robert Forrest. The point when Kepler


0 Cheers (C4) 1().()()-1().3()pm Special guest appearance by John Cleese in tonight‘s edition of the American sit com. Rash enough to admit to being a fan of the programme he was then invited to play Diane and Sam's marriage guidance counsellor.

0 George Michael and Jonathan Ross Have Words (C4) 11.30pm-12. 15am This sounds as if it could be embarrassing. Will JR's luck hold out'.’

0 It‘s a Grand KnockoutTournament (BBC! ) 7.4(1-9pm Well. ifthe above looks embarrassing this could be worse. Prince Edward. Princess Anne. The Duke and Dutchess of York lead celebrity teams through the ludicrous course.


0 Britain: The Lie oi the Land (C4) 111.55pm Two more films in the series of independent films about different aspects of Britain. The first looks at the exploitation ofcheap labour in Sheffield and the second is a day in the life ofelderly people in ethnic groups.


0 Can we Attord the Doctor? (C4) 11pm Part of the People to People series this is an oral history of the days before the National Health service.


0 Juvenile Court (C4) 1 1pm Concluding the fascinating series of programmes looking at young people’s institutions in America.

is dying ‘when all around him was confusion and misery and his own mind was disintegrating, seemed to be a good point to get some kind of picture at what his lite was about.‘

Forrest admits that ‘anyone who knows more about Kepler and that

period than I do— and that must be virtually everybody—would find a lot of laultwith the facts in the play, but all I was concerned about was his consciousness and his ideas. There was just something about the man’s mind that seemed to me to be important.’

Kepler, which has line pertormances lrom Tom Watson and Russell Hunter in the title role (see photo) was produced by Patrick Rayner, BBC Scotland. (Sally Kinnes)


Prior to Wimbledon Fortnight. Virginia Wade. who eventually won Wimbeldon in its Jubilee year. plays herself in a Radio 4 play. Who We Serve. June 18. 3pm. in which four British girls decide to take on the American Tennis circuit.

Anniversary-inspired programming prompts a seven-part biography onucen Victoria. with the ltltlth anniversary of her Golden Jubilee (on .lune 21 ) as the excuse. but Anna Massey should make much of the title role. Victoria begins R4. WedJune 17. 11am.

The western isles. which should experience a very close run election following the retiral of Nationalist MP Donlad Stewart after 17 years. are also the destination for the Nightride team celebrating midsummer on June 21 . The team works its way north from Barra through to Lewis. R2. June 21. lptn. The Hebridean theme is extended to encompass The Sound of Mull. as the theme of Radio 2's Folk on 2. Wed 24 June. 7pm.

Playwright Tom MacIntyre and director Patrick Mason. responsible for the hugely successful experimental play The Great Hunger seen at the Edinburgh Festival last year. are amongst the contributors in a documentary about Irish Theatre which puts forward the theory that ‘in its born-again vitality since the recent troubles it may be only Talking to ltsell'. R3. June 21.5.3llpm.

The measured tones of Alasitair Cooke. whose accent remains studioust unaffected despite many years in the country. broadcasts his 2()(l(lth Lettertrom America on R4. June 19. 9.3(lpm while New York. as seen by Henry James and University Professor Denis Donoghue. is the subject of a concert interval talk Letter lrom New York R3. 9.45pm. Sunday2l.

Radio 1's (1th Action Special will take the train this year and will be arriving at (ilasgow Central. Platform 2. on June 19. The programme will be broadcast from this venue between 12.45pm and 3pm. offering advice on courses traininglcareers for lbyear olds plus. ()n the train is a travelling exhibition on the same theme -

contact your local careers office to arrange to go round. Action Special booklets are available from Action Special. Freepost. Sheffield. Sl IAY.

Maggie Smith. Johnathan Pryce. Michael Aldridge and Bernard Hepton should do more than justice to William Wycherley‘s restoration comedy. The Country Wile on 'I‘uesday 23. R3. 7.30pm; David Suchet and Eleanor Bron star in No-one Knows Why by Pirandello. Fri 26. R3. 7.3(lpm. and opening and closing the day for a week ( 15-19 June) are two serials produced by BBC Scotland: The Amateur Emigrant by R L Stevenson read in five parts each morning. R4. 8.43am and the Book at Bedtime is The Love Child by Edith Oliver. R4. 10.15pm. read by Lynn Farleigh.

32 The List 12 25 June