o This section aims to provide a review of every film to be seen in central Scotland over the next fortnight. For programme times see individual cinema listings.

(U)- Universal, suitable tor all ages. (PG) Parental Guidance suggested as some scenes may be unsuitable for youngerchildren.

(15) No one underthe age of 15 admitted.

(18) No one underthe age of 18 admitted.

six—New Release.

0 About Last Night( IS) ( lidward Xwick. LS. 1980) Rob l.owe. Demi Moore. .lim Belushi. 113 mins. Dav id Mamet's one-act play Sexual l’t'r'xersiiy in (‘hit‘agu emerges from the l lollywood treadmill and almost winds tip a yuppie [.(H't’ Siory. though some cynicism and insight remains. Belushi steals it. (ilasgow: Salon. Strathclvde: La Scala o AtterHourst 15) (Martin Scorsese. ITS. WSS) (irilfin Dunne. Rosanna Arqtiette. .lohn l leard. ‘)7 mins. Mild-mannered word processor Dunne spends an unforgettable night on the town in this fast. furious and extremely funny black comedy.

lle loses all his money. is caught in torrential rain. can't afford the increased tube fares. discovers a corpse. is mistaken for a burglar. . . and the night is yet young. Who‘d ever complain about a dull existence again‘.’

Breathless. brilliant filmmaking. (ilasgow: (if-'1’ 0 Altered States ( 18) (Ken Russell. US. I‘)S’(l) William Hurt. Blair Brown. 102 mins. Lising himself as a guinea pig. a scientist experiments with mind—blowing drugs and finds

v. .. fx'ffi’ (3", “~91 '. "553‘? :71?“ T" ’2": a" ‘-‘

himself regressing mentally and physically into a primitive state. 'I'ypical Ken Russell pyrotechnics.

I liirt's film debut. Glasgow; (irosvenor

0 American Boy ( PU) (Martin Scorsese. IFS. 1978) 55 mins. A portrait of Steven Prince. Scorsese's friend and associate. who played the gun-dealer in Taxi Driver. Iidinburgh; Filmhouse

o Asterix The Gaul ( ti) (France. 1967) o5 mins. 'I'he further adventures of the plucky little warrior plus a Pink Panther cartoon add tip to another child-silencing Filmhotise matinee. Iidinburgh; Filmhouse

0 Basil, The Great Mouse Detective (If) (.lohn Mtisker. Ron (’leinents. Dave .‘vlichener. Btirny .‘vlattinson. L'S. l‘)t\’(t)Witli the voices of Vincent Price. Barrie lngham. Basil Rathbone. 74 mins. London. 1897. A young Scots lass is distraught when her toymaker lather is kidnapped by a peg-legged bat. She enlists the aid of the celebrated mouse detective Basil of Baker Street who quickly recognises the evil hand of his arch-enemy Professor Ratigan at work. With the help of a tracker dog called Toby and his good friend Dr Dawson. Basil sets otit to save the day and foil a dastardly scheme to spoil Queen Victoria’s (iolden Jubilee celebrations.

'l‘his affectionate Sherlock Ilolmes parody is reputed to contain some of the most painstaking animation since the great days of the studio. The actual plot may leave something to be desired and the villain is. as always. the most interesting character. btit it is (‘hristmas and what would the season be without Disney. Find an amenable brat and start queuing. (ilasgow: ()deon. Edinburgh; ()deon o The Blues Brothers ( 15) (John I.andis. US. 1980) Dan Aykmyd. John Belushi and guest stars. 133

mins. Bloated. self—indulgent

anarchic comedy-advertture. Belushi and Aykroyd. the Abbott and (‘ostello ofthe Iiighties. strike tip their band to raise lucre for an orphanage and wind tip destroying most of(‘hicago. ()bnoxiotis. overlong and hardly funny. (ilasgow; (il’l’

0 Un Bon Petit Diable (Jean-('latide Brialy. France) Alice Sapritch. Bernadette I.afont. Actor Brialy turns director for this film version of the (‘omtess de Segtii' novel which. we are promised. makes for ‘enjoyable Christmas-time entertainment‘. (ilasgow: I’rencli (‘ine-(‘ltib

0 Boxcar Bertha ( IS) (Martin Scorsese. US. 1972) Barbara IIersliey. David (‘arradine. Barry Pi‘iiiitis. SS mins. \I'ivid and gutsy Depression-era exploitationer with a touch ofclass as smalltown girl

I Iershey is enamoured ofamoral union organiser ('arradine and takes to the railroads in a Bonnie and (‘lyde relationship. Watch otit for two lesser characters by the names of Michael Powell and limeric Pressburger. Scorsese's first major studio film. Iidinbtii'gh: Filinhoiise 0 Breaking Away ( PG) (Peter Yates. US. 1979) Denis Christopher. 100 mins. A teenage cyclist dreams of becoming an Italian cycle racer and gets his chance to display his prowess in a local race. Engaging details of small-town life in this winning portrait of yotithful aspirations. 'I‘he brilliantly put-together finale will have you cheering. Edinburgh: Filmhotise

o The Brother From Another Planet (15) (John Sayles. I'S. 1‘)S~I)Joe Morton. 'l‘om Wright. 108 mins. An extra-terrestrial in black human form crashlands in I Iaarlem and is taken for a pretty weird human. Tacky tongue-in-cheek sci-fi meets wry social observation. in this consistently enjoyable John Sayles movie replete with typically unpredictable wayward comic moments. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

0 Buddies ( ltS’) (ArtlitirJ. Bressan Jr. US. 1985) (ieoff lidholm. David Schachter. Billy luv. 7‘) mins. David. a young and largely apolitical gay man. volunteers to be at Buddy"; a friend and confidant to a fellow gay terminally ill with AIDS. At their meetings Robert recounts happier days with his lover Iidward. his commitment as a gay activist and the sense of belonging he feels within the gay community. A trust and

friendship develops between the two men and David is persuaded of the need for direct. vocal and personal action against a despicably callous Washington administration where AIDS is smueg dismissed as a 'gay plague'.

A glowing. heartfelt polemical drama with moments both tender and chilling.

'I'hese two Filmhouse screenings will benefit 'l'he 'I‘errence l liggins Trust and Action Against AIDS. Be there. lfidinbtirgh: FllmlTOUSC

O Captive ( 18) (Paul Mayersberg. L'K. l‘)S(t) Irina Brook. ()liver Reed. Xavier Deluc. ()8 mins. Poor little rich girl Rowena is abducted from her reclusive existence in a gothic fortress and held captive by a trio of terrorists. 'l‘orttired and humiliated. she discovers that their aim is not to exact a large ransom for her return bill to induce a questioning frame of mind about her pointless life.

'I‘he directorial debut of noted scenarist Paul Mayersberg. ('apiit'e is an initially beguiling mixture of Jean (‘octeau-like fantasy and Patty Hearst-inspired contemporary drama. l’rovocative. teasing. open to charges ofgross misogyny (which .‘vlayersberg would defend). the film demands to be seen and judged from your own individual perpective. (ilasgow: (il‘vl‘

0 Chan is Missing ( 15) (Wayne Wang. PS. 1981 ) Woody .\loy. .\lai'c llayashi. I.aureen ( ‘hew. Sl) mins. \Vi‘y. discursive shaggy dog story as two cabbies go in search of the elusive (ban. a 'I‘aiwanese immigrant who has disappeared with SJtltlll of their loot. 'I'heir search takes them through a panorama of (‘hinese-American life in San Fransisco. Iidinbtirgh; I’ilmliotise

0 Chinatown ( IS) ( Roman Polanski. IFS. l‘)74).lack Nicholson. I’aye I)unaway.John lltistoii. 131 mins. Private eye .lack (iitlcs takes on a routine casein 1937 l.os Angeles. but ends tip uncovering more than he had bargained for. llandsomely mounted period thriller combines a typically cool performance from Nicholson and Polanski‘s dissection of the dark heart of the .-\meriean Dream. (New Year‘s Resolution Message to l lollywood ~ < please make 'l‘owne‘s sequel 'l‘wo Jakes). (ilasgow: (il’l‘

o Cinderella ( lf) (Walt Disney Productions. US. l‘)5ll) With the voices of Ilene Woods. William Phipps. James MacDonald. 75 mins.

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