“Director Roland Joffé’s handling of what is in every sense an epic production is pretty well faultless and Chris Menges’ photography

is breathtaking... and the performances are exemplary.” _ _ I Barry Norman, 986 a... . . .

“Visually Roland J offé’s THE MISSION .;:.;;-.i _. .... ........... ................. ..... .... must be one of the most magnificent " " ...-.2:

British. films ever made.” I .1. _ David Robinson, THE TIMES a; 1‘ “23%;; _;é%ea $

This powerful pageant is the epic of. the year. ‘Epic’ is a misused word , but cannot be escaped here. [1 THE MISSION has scale and impact making it the genuine article ... YOu ought to see it...”

- Shaun Usher, DAILY MAIL

“The spectacular opening scene in a g. if: THE MISSION will take your 2 breath away... The photography in ' this 25-million dollar epic is stunning.”

Pauline McLeod, DAILY MIRROR

“. . .Joffé’s work has a force and commitment about it that renders most other epics of the year pale by comparison. . .and it has to be said that of all the films of its scale this year it can be accounted easily the ’- Derek Malcolm, THE GUARDIAN -


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