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. I n I. , c ,4 I I, 1 ‘5'. a a, 1‘1 ' er I, ‘1'. 'r n" 1 4’ t" b o". I’ 5

love to create a kind ofcomfortable space in which the actor can move so there is a natural flow in the performance. A lot ofPeople have said that Dexter is so superb and so natural that he is not acting. he is just being himself. 'l'hat’s proof to me that these people know nothing about working with actors. [I is difficult not to be camera conscious. to relate to a character. to progress throughout the film and capture a beat. To do all that is a lot of work and then you have to eliminate all that work from the viewer so it looks

easy. When Harry Dean Stanton saw

the movie he thought Dexter was incredible and said it was the biggest acting lesson he‘d ever had on screen since Marlon Brando.’

The concept of creating a ‘comfortable space' for his actors is one that 'l‘avernier acquired from one of his heros— John Ford. Prior to his very distinguished directing career. 'l‘avernier worked as a press

officer for Warner Brothers in Paris .

and was a chape rone and minder to the great director during one European trip. l-‘ord could be a hard-drinking.cantankerousold " “j .i 1' a. y

U’, .r‘” «I ‘L. {/ «yé pa’dy‘r‘tffi a a z

2’ ~ '*‘ '1' 'n- a , ‘5 “we w w

gentleman and Tavernier affectionately recalls the visit in terms reminiscent of the film My l-‘ai'ourt'te Year. The relationship he enjoyed with the tired and emotional Ford also bears a degree ofsimilarity to the central one of Round .llulnt'g/tt.

Ford. of course. was responsible for some ofthe all-time great films like The Grapes of l-‘Vrath. The .S'earehers and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. ()ne suspects that the old master would find much to admire in 'l'avernier's films: they share the same deeply humanistic concerns. the same affecting evocation of everyday emotions and are equally unashamed to touch the heart with honest sentiment. If you've never fallen in love with a film before. Round Midnight will simply take your breath away. . Round .Wfdliffl/H opens at the ( 'atneo. Edinburgh on 1.? December.

Right: Dexter Gordon as Dale Turner. Lett: Turnermeets Goodley, played by Martin Scorcese, with Francois Cluzet, centre.


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