? Edinburgh; ABC. Glasgow; ABC Clarkston Road. ABC Sauchiehall Street, Cinema, Grosvenor. Rio. Salon. Lothian; ABC. Regal. Strathclyde; ABC Greenock. ABC Kilmarnock. Kelburne. La Scala. Odeon Ayr. Odeon Hamilton. Rialto.

0 East of Eden (PG) (Elia Kazan. US. 1955) James Dean. Raymond Massey. Jo Van Fleet. 115 mins. Powerhouse screen adaptation ofthe Steinbeck novel about two brothers‘ rivalry for the love oftheir father. Dean‘s starring debut. Glasgow: Grosvenor

0 Edge of Darkness ('1 \‘l ( Mat-tin Campbell CK. 1985) Bob l’eek. Joe Don Baker. .loannc \\ hallcy . 3311 mitts plus interval. Investigating tlte murder ol his dattghter a yy ltloyy'cd detective ventures into tlte seedy underbelly" 1)l the nuclear l‘cast. uncovering an oyeryy'helming yyorld ot complex chicaner‘y my oly tng big business. state security and politrcal power plays.

Much lauded BB1 serial. it léll's‘ e\antp|c of television drama becoming an unmissable eycrtt in y ieyy ers' liyes. (ilasgoyy : (ill 0 Edinburgh and Lolhians A. suntrrter tottrtst matinee cotttpt'isirtg Sean ('onnet‘y's1idinhtrrgh.1othian landscape. lilte Stilt Pictures and \VhickerinBell's \Vorld .Wminsrrt total lidinbut'glt;1-ilmltousc 0 Flash Gordon (PG ) (Mike Hodges. UK. 1981)) Sam J. Jones. Max Von Sydow. Brian Blessed. 115 mins. Once more unto the breach. as our dashing hero has to save the Earth from the somewhat less than alluring clutches ofthe quite inordinately evil Ming'I‘he Hairless. sorry. Merciless. Edinburgh; Filmhouse 0 Fright Night ( 18) (Tom Holland. US. 1985) Chris Sarandon. William Ragsdale. Roddy McDowall. 1116 mins. Ragsdale grows convinced that his new next-door-neighbour is a vampire. No one takes him seriously but the vampire kmows that his accusations are true . . .

Edinburgh; ()deon. Glasgow; ABC Sauchiehall Street. ()deon.

o The Girl in the Picture ( 15) (Cary Parker. UK. 1985) John Gordon Sinclair. Irina Brook. 91 mins. 'l‘he girlfriend of professional photographer Sinclair parts company with him. Despite a roving eye and a disarming little-boy-lost manner he misses her. realising that their mutual misery was. in fact. true lurv. Strathclyde; ()deon Hamilton 0 Gregory's Girl ( t’( i l ( trill tititsy 111. 1'1\'. l‘lSllilohn(iordort Sinclair. Dee1lcpburn.ChieMurray. ‘11 mins. Shy . gays ky (ir'egory is deposed from his sc‘lttitil 1111111111“ learn by a skilled girl player.

:\cutely pet'cepliy e. lresh and funny adolescent epic that earned l'ot'sy th top marks and a gold star from punters and pundits alike. S‘\\‘onderlul. lidinburgh:


' 0 Hail Maryt 1S) (Jean-late ( iodard.

l’r'ance-Syvit/erland. 19M) .‘ylyrrem

? Roussel.'l‘hierry Rode. Philippe

; 1.acostc.1117nrrns.Sttrltrlying.

conterttporary re-interpretatioirct

l the virgin hit th. (ilasgoyy ; 1 11-1 0 I Know Where I'm Going ( M ii

22-1‘he List 27 June - 11) July



Runaway Train (18) (Andrei Konchalovsky, US, 1986) Jon Voight, Eric Robert, John P. Ryan. 111 mins. Konchalovsky's second film for the ubiquitous Cannon group is a much pacier affair than his first, the elegaic Maria’s Lovers with John Savage and nastassia Klnski. Here, he moves into the realms of the typical American slam-bang actioner. Jon Voight and Eric roberts are two escapees from a high-security state prison in Alaska the former a hardened veteran and the latter a loud—mouthed youngester, who hitch a ride in their train to freedom across the frozen wastes, a train which turns out to be running out of control afterthe engineer has suffered a heart

1 Michael l’oyy ell t\ lumer re l’r'esslturger'. 11s. 1915) \\ endy lliller. Roger I (\cscy .loltnl aurtc. 9.: mitts l he lte.tt‘.srr’ort;.-~ daughter ol a bank rttattager' It as es ltcr native .\lltll.rlltl\ to trial I llrc \yealtlty tenant ol a trrty llcl‘t rdean island ollicer. (lossantcr light. enchanting ct tritedy romance \\ ttl: spt tlely teamwork front the principals 1idinltttrgh; l'ilrnhousc o Jagged Edge ( 18) (Richard Marquand. US. 198.5)(ilertrr Close. JeffBridges. Robert Loggia 1119 mins. Bridges stands accused of the brutal slaying of his wealthy wife. Close is the defence lawyer whose involvement with her client blends business and pleasure in a lethal mix. Unremarkable. courtroom whodunnit. Edinburgh; Dominion 0 III Fares the Land (PU) (Bill Bryden. UK. 1982) Fulton Mackay. David llayrnan. Robert Stephens.

Dramatised recreation of the evacuation of St Kilda and resulting ~ deathofacorttmunity. evoking

memories of .lohtt Ford and the (iriersonian tradition. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

0 Jewel ofthe Nile ( PU) (Lewis

1 'I‘eaguc. US. 1985) Kathleen'l'urner.

Michael Douglas. 1118 mins.

Lacklustre. ramshackle sequel-by-numbers to the altogether

more charming Romancing the

. Stone. (ilasgow; ()deon. ABC (Clarkston Road) 0 King Solomon’s Mines ( Pol (J. Lee

'1‘hompson.bS. 1985) Richard Chamberlain. Sharon Stone. Herbert l.om. 1111) mitts. H. rider

:. 13'-


attack. The film then cuts unceasingly between the panic-stricken railway control centre and the equally anxious prisoners, for the train is now going too fastforthem to jump off. Enterthe prison governor(John P. Ryan), a man who nurtures an intense aversion to Mr Voight and who is so determined to put j him back behind bars that he sets off by i helicopter in pursuit ofthe train. Things g are not looking up for our two heros. Surprisingly perhaps, the film has been developed from an original i screenplay by Akira Kurosawa. Ending with a quotation from Richard III, at the ; core of it lies the runaway train as a juicy big metaphor for man's late and his place in the universe. This allows

Haggard meets Indiana Jones in this opportunistic remake that jettisons the heart and soulofthe novel in favour of simplistic high adventure. I Edinburgh: ABC. Glasgow; ABC l (SauchiehallStreet) oLocalHeroo’oltlrilll-m-sytti.t‘ls. ' 1953) Btrrt 1.ancaster'. Denis l ayyson.1’cter Riegcr't. l l l rntrts..-\ l htgh-llyirtg American businessrttan rs 1ll\P.llCl1C1l ltt St'ttlldlttl 1111 trll

orl-relateddeal. chtoycd lrorrt the

simpleplc..strres. Edinburgh:

htgh-pt'essure atmosphere ol ltrs

\yttt lxpld'c‘c' ltc' letrl 11\ .t ltlllL‘ ttl lllL'.\

l'illltltttttsc' 0 Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies ; 11 1(‘ltl\\lL‘C;tl'.111111\l1'1tllllllt‘ ' deranged mind ol the supremely

iny entryc.rntrltr1)sc;rr'-yymning Chuck Jones arid corttpany. featuring such _‘1|th century tconsas Bugs Bttrtrty and \\ rlc 1' . Coyote the prograrttme t tllt\.\ll minutes and comprises yyork ltom 1944 5.". (ilasgoyy ; 111" l

o The Man Who Fell to Earth ( 18) (Nicholas Roeg. UK. 1976) David Bowie. Rip'l‘orn. Buck Hemry. 138 mins. Art alien who landson Iiarth to find the water he needs to save his

own planet has his powers destroyed bythe sinister machinations of a

large corporation and ends up an alcoholic cripple. Nic Rocg at his

most obtuse. but the only

worthwhile screen performance by

the well—cast Bowie. in this

dazzlingly made but puzzling piece ofsci-fi which perhaps might seem lessenigmaticafteranotherviewing. Part of an excellent Rocg double. 1

Kochalovsky to weigh in with some scrumptious dollops of Heavy Russian Despair; darkly glowering skies, unrestrained operatic music, gnomic conversations about the state of things, the lot. It certainly cannot be said of too many Hollywood disaster movies that they consider the question of man’s ultimate freedom as the loss of the fear 7 of death.

Yet, at the same time, Konchalovsky adeptly keeps the action fairly hurtling along. With little obvious fakery and a good deal of breath-taking stunt work, there's a sharp feeling of realism which will have you hanging on to your seats, helped by some lightning slick editing worthy of French Connection era Friedltin. The other writers involved have supplied the sort of terse, spare and mean dialogue, whitest the Method-tough performances of Voight and Ryan, suffused with a staring, searing hatred, detail a harsh man-to-man conflict which bridges the script’s existential broodings and the hard-hitting goody v baddytradition of the American Western.

The result is a film with a wide-ranging appeal, both to people who like films by directors with long names and to those who enjoy the spectacle of assorted stuntmen dangling off speeding trains. Irresistiny enthralling both the head and the viscera, this is one runaway train you should queue up to jump aboard. (TrevorJohnston)

Edinburgh; Cinema. 0 Monty Python's Life of Brian (l5) ('1‘erryJones.L,'K. 1979)John Cleese. Terry (iilliam. Michael 1’alin.93mins. lrreverent. wonderfully offensive Biblical parable about a man who is not the Messiah just a ‘very naughty boy'. The Pythons‘ best feature. Glasgow; (irosvenor 0 Monty Python‘s Meaning of Life ( 18) ('l'erry Jones. US. 1983) Eric Idle. (iraham Chapman. Michael Palin 91) mins. Uneven Python humour combining songs. sketchesand general ruminations on the human time scale of birth to death. (ilasgow; (irosvenor 0 91/2 Weekst 18) (Adrian Lyne. US. 1985) Kim Basinger. Mickey Rourke. Margaret Whitton. 113 mins. Divorcee Basinger becomes a slave to love when she succumbs to the rampant charms ofsmtrg commodities broker Rourke. Lovely to look at. empty-headed ‘designenbortking'. Iidinburgh: ABC. (ilasgow; ABC(Sauchiehall Street) 0 No Surrender( 15) ( l’c‘lc‘l‘blttlllt. l K. 1955) \lrcltacl .-\nge|rs. Betrtard l lill. Ray \lc.r\nally. 1114 mins. New Year's liye lit a seedy 1.ty c‘l‘pttttl nightclub. In a farewell gesture of bloody —rnrndedness the depar ring manager arranges a ltaptrsnt ot lrrc lot his successor by double—hooking two groups ol lively ().v\l's'trlrt‘l’lt'le\1;tlll.1ltc‘ttlltc‘l' (illlltlllk. 1 (tsettlrng black lar'ce crossing the I BoyslrortttlteBlackstullyyrth I

_._ __.__1