Fellini-estiue nightmare and all in

the worst possible taste. 'l’he humour is so bitter it eventually becomes uncomfortable andthe director could use a few lessons in sty le and pacing btit Bleasdale writes with acid sharpness and is w ell serv ed by his superannuatedcast. [idinbtirghz Filmhouse

0 Once Upon a Time in America (18) (Sergio Leone. US. 1983) Robert DeNiro. James Woods. Tuesday Weld. 228 mins. The story oftwo childhood friends and their early entrepreneurial activities which

blossom into careers in organised

crime and politics. Leone‘s epic

; gangster chronicle scrutinises the § emergent American society ofthe : early part of the century through the

aspirations ofthe mob Glasgow;

Grosvenor 0 Out olAlrica (PG) (Sydney Pollack.

; US. 1985) Meryl Streep. Robert ; Redford. Klaus Maria Brandauer.

161 mins. A carefully measured

'. account of the tragic romantic life of

great Dane Karen Blixen. .Ldinburgh; Dominion

0 Perfect( 15 ) (James Bridges. l'S. : l‘).\’5).lohn 'l‘ravolta. Jamie Lee

(‘tirtis. Marilullenner. llllmins.

'I‘ravolta is a hot-shot reporter w ith

Rolling Stone seeking an exclusive

, interview with .i I)el.orean-style 1 figure and investigating(‘alilornia health clubsasan [iighties surrogate

i l

i i

' for single barslidinburgh: Filmhouse

0 Play Misty forMe ( ls) ((‘lini Eastwood. [8. W71 ) ('llltl Eastwood. Jessica \Vtiltci‘. Don Siegel. lllZ mins. liastwood's directorial debut is a tatttly handled slash-and-grab saga of a radio deejay

111E cuiitiii climatic. .Q’Jtiii WIGHI


and an ever-lovin‘ female fan who

will stop at nothing to share the man's bed and take over his life. (ilasgow: (il‘vl'

0 Police Academy 3: Back in Training (PG) (Jerry Paris. ['S. 1986) Steve (itittenberg. Bubba Smith. Bobcat (ioldthwait. (ieorgc (iaynes. 83 mins. More wacky mayhem with those oh-so comic boys in blue. ln thisouting the original recruits return to help a new batch pass a test of law enforcement upon which the entire fate of the Academy depends. Sounds side-splitting. edge-of-the—seat sttiff to me. At least the running time is mercifully brief if distinctly poor value for money. Edinburgh; ABC. Glasgow; ABC Clarkston Road. ABC Sauchiehall Street. Cinema. Grosvenor. Rio. Salon. Lothian: ABC. Regal. Strathclyde;'ABC Greenock. ABC Kilmarnock. Kelburne. La Scala. Odeon Ayr. Odeon Hamilton. Rialto.

o Prizzi’s Honour ( 15)‘ (John Huston. US. 1985) Jack Nicholson. Kathleen Turner. Angelica Huston. 129 mins. Skilful black comedy directed with assurance by veteran Huston and graced by a rogues‘ gallery of fine performances. Strathclyde; ABC Kilmarnock

o Pumping Iron 2: The Women ( l’( i) ((ieorge Butler. 1S. 1984) lll',’ mins. Slightly stage-managed btit effective documentary on the finals of the women‘s 1983 body-building championships that provocativer raises the question of what constitutes an ‘acceptable' feminine physique and why. (ilasgow : (il’l‘

0 Queen Kelly (PG) (Eric Von

Jon Voigl; i Eric koberfs Rebecca DeMorna y

‘_ 2“: unaway 7palllm

i‘flilc ROBERTS ° REBECCA DeMllllllAYuBOLAll-BLOBUSm-mmmfllm Hills nAlllllEl KOllCllALUVSKYn-BUWMY "WI

l l i

Stroheim. US. 1931/1985) Gloria Swanson. Walter Byron. 100 mins (1931 release 74 mins). panel. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

o Rebel Without a Cause (15) (Nicholas Ray. US. 1955) James Dean. Natalie Wood. Jim Backus. 111 mins. Moody. middle-class delinquent Dean is misunderstood by parents and peers alike but finds a sympathetic shoulder in pretty Wood. Seminal portrait ofalienated adolescence bolstered by a strong supporting line-up and Dean‘s intense charisma. Glasgow; Grosvenor

o Remo: Unarmed and Dangerous ( 15) (Guy Hamilton. US. 1985) Fred Ward. Joel Gray. Wilford Brimley. 115 mins. A tough cop is recruited as the third member of a top-secret Government agency and is soon involved in the complex case of a larcenous industrialist. Oddball James Bond-style adventure combining martial arts mysticism in the character of a wizened Korean Sinanju expert whose swiftness allows him to dodge bullets. A very weird kettle offish but decent. daft fun. Glasgow: Odeon

o Repo Mani IS) i .-\|e\ (‘o\. t's'. 198-1) [Emilio listevc/. I larry Dean Stanton. 93 mins. Bored l..v\ punk takes tip a job as a repo man (one who re-possesses cars lUl' linancc companies) and an old hand show s him the ropes. 'l‘hey find themselves on the trail of a vehicle \\ ith something decidedly odd in the boot Deservcd cult lavotiritc. (ilasgow; (ii-'1'

o Rockylv (PG) (Sylvester Stallone. US. 1985) Sylvester

Stallone. Dolph Lundgren. 91 mins. 1 East meets West in the boxing ring as southpaw slugger Rocky Balboa faces Soviet superman lvan Drago. Predictably patriotic pugilism. Glasgow: Cinema. Strathclyde; ABC(Greenock)

0 Rocky Ill (PG) (Sylvester Stallone. US. 1982) Sylvester Stallone. MrT. 99 mins. Beginning to believe his own publicity Rocky suffers a mauling from Mr T but is allowed a rematch to regain his dignity and the title. Tightly edited. pacey and the best ofthe series. Strathclyde: ABC Greenock

o Romancing the Stone (PG) (Robert Zemeckis. US. 198-1) Kathleen

Turner. Michael Douglas. 105 mins.

Retiring romantic novelist Turner is pitched into real high adventure in this appealing escapist fare. Glasgow; ()deon

0 A Room with a View (PG) (James Ivory. UK. 1985) Helena Bonham Carter. Maggie Smith. Daniel Day Lewis. 117 mins. Elegantly mounted with an agreeable lightness of tone. this is a near perfect screen version of the Forster novel with some dandy acting. (‘iviliscd entertainment at its best. Edinburgh; Dominion

o Runaway Traini ls”) l.\litll'c'i Konchalovsky. l ‘S. l‘)S51.lon Voight. l-iic Roberts. Rebecca [)c.\1orna_\. 1111 mins. Sec ( aption Review , lidiniiurgh; ( )dcon. (ilasgow; AB(‘(Sauchiehall Street) 0 Stop Making Sense ( l’( i (Jonathan Demme. l’S. l‘lS-llSS nuns. Dynamic footage of lalkzng 1 leads in concert from 1953. ladinbui'gli: l-‘ilmhotisc

. Subway ( 15 l l l.uc licssiili. l'hl aiicc.

KYLE i. HEFFllEll - itiiiii P. am - [KEARTER-KEINEIH iiciiiiuii “attain A. cowsmii earn ltAZ arm HUMEas.c..-'§%¥ intuit Jililfsngfllllllllll iiiiiiiism m*"rtiitiiitiit mitotic. PAUL ZIllDEl-EDWARD BllllKEllf? 610808 “ammo ioiiciiiitiivsxi m-.."



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