Please note that evening sessions begin at approx 8.30pm unless otherwise stated.



0 Jazz on Record ( ilasgo\\ Rh) thm (‘luh. Berkeley Street. ".Jipm. long running group. inlormal and all welcome to listen to and discuss all torms ol ia//. trom Ragtime through Bop to .'\‘. ant (iarde.


0 Chris Barber's Jazz and Blues Band l'sherllall. Spin. L35“. llall price ('hild. Student. ()Al’. l'BJll. See panel.

0 Melanie Q‘Reilly and Francis Cowan (‘arlton Hotel. North Bridge. l.{\ening. Sittooth renditions ol mainl} mainstream songs with gttitat accompaniment.

SATURDAY 28 Glasgow

0 George McGowan Orchestra l)aniel Bron n‘s. St Vincent Street.

13” 4.3llpm. Sis inging Big Band. 0 Bill Fanning Big Band Shadoits. Bath Street. 333 0532. Suing music. lunchtittte and all alternoon. '3ll‘s and '4th st_\le.

0 Cumbernauld Theatre lunchtime. 'l'om .\lc( irath and others. Modern ia/J. tour at the piano. others sitting in.

0 Bobby Wishart Quintet Society ol Musicians. Berkeley Street. lunchtime.

0 George Penman Jazzman ‘l'he Midas. St. Vincent Street. lunchtime. Solid. long-in ed trad hand.

0 Jimmy Feighan Quintet with Shelagh Buchanan Lorne llotel. Sauchiehall Street. lunchtime. Leadingon sax and \ ihes. mainstream music from long estahlished players.


0 Alex Shaw Trio l’latt'orm ()ne. Rutland Street. lunchtime. New cassette ax‘ailahle. Modern ia/z. musicians sitting in.

0 Mike Hart‘s Selection Basin Street. llaymarket. livening. Small traditional tat/1 hand.

0 Tam White and the Dexters l’latiorm ()ne. Rutland Street. livening. 'l‘atn \\ ith the nine-piece hand including hrass section.


Glasgow 0 Rico‘s 'l‘ohago Street. (ireenoek. Spin. Sunda} night jazz in this space age niter}; £1.50. ’l’onight. presented hy l’latt'orm Jazz. Fionna Duncan‘s Hot Five. The l lady sings the hlues. Fitzgerald and L the standards.

16The List 27June —1()July

To—Kit—Carey'sJazz Band Duke ol

'l'ourainne. lngram Street. l~_\ening. 0 Bourbon Jazz Band Beacon llolel. l’ark 'l'errace. lunchtittte. l)i\ieland hand.

0 Ricki Fernandez and Friends the iron Bar. 'l‘ron 'l'heatre. l’arnie Street.lunchtime.

. T-Zone Nico‘s. Sauchiehall Street. 332 5736. lunchtime. .~\|ternate \sec‘ks.


0 Ralph Sutton. Mike Hart‘s Society Syncopators Leat‘month l lolcl. Learntontlt l‘errace. tpm. LL

0 Capital Jazz Bandt‘rest l lotel. ()ueenslert} Road. Lunchtime. 'l'rad i;:// hand.

0 Tam White and the Dexters

l’reseri ation l lall. Victoria Street. 22h 3Sltt. l-scnings. Sottl Rock hartd \sitlt hrass.

o Basin Street Stompers Basin Street. lla_\marl\et 'l'errace. li\ening.

0 Delta Devils .\la\ies Bistro. \\ est .\'tcolson Street.tttt"llt\~lfi. l’.\cnmgs.



0 Iain McHattie Trio Kcl\ in Park Lorne l liltel. Sauchiehall Street. 33-1 JS‘H Spin. (iuitar leads.


0 Swing '86 Matt Shovel. (‘ocshurtt Street. 225 ($43. lixenings. l’ottr-man acoustic s\\ ing hand.

0 East CoastJazz Band Blue Lagoon. .'\ngle l’ark l‘et‘race. li\enitigs.



Straight early tunes and arrangements.

o Basin Street Stompers Basin Street.

lla} market ‘l'errace. liVenings. ('lassic era tau.

0 Delta Devils Shore Bar. Leith. li\ening. Boogie and Blues.

TUESDAY 1 Glasgow 0 Bobby Wishart Quartet l lalt Bar.

\Voodlands Road. l-‘xening. Sax lead on electric hand. top player.

0 Batchelors of Jazz Saints and Sinners. St Vincent Street.

S.3tlpm tnidnight. llighttualtts trad.


0 Swing '86 .\lalt Sltox cl. ( ~ocI-xhut'n Street. 225 (MS-L3. l:\ enings, | lot cluh sound. httt clarinet and sat\ lead.

0 Melanie D‘Reilly and Francis Cowan Shore Bar. Leitlt. livcnings. Mainstream singcruitlt guitarist.

0 West End Jazz Band Basin Street. llatmat'kct 'l‘erraee. li\enings. Solid trad hand in lidinhurgh's ntain \ entte lor theearl} hunt or ia/x.



0 Sandy Taylor/Alex Moore Duo plus FriendS(ilasgo\\ Socicl} ol Musicians. Berkeley Street. Ill

(it til .3llpm.


0 John Burgess Quintet ( iladsttmeS. Ro} al .\lile. Spin. ( iood Bc-Bop. neuishsenue.

0 Take Three .\la\ics Bistro. \Vest


Loss" 22m 5'” .---,; --, ~ ~'-- 2-3:, . :o' "-' ,g c‘ £i:§v:‘\?§5-;C§‘HSF . . Ply-Mg,“- u’




.. I: II if


. t "1' In ‘treak’ cartoon style, Hunt Emerson weaves the tale ot Max Zillion and his taithtul saxophone Alto Ego. The sixty-odd pages drip with the atmosphere otendless night lite, jazz clubs, music and sleaze. From the Devil on saxophone letting rip the hordes of Hades, to Max talllng in love with his agent's next hot property, it


'/ nag/xx -

makes tor a roller coaster oi bizarre


‘r chansons .'

HEY, You lune way“ out: How .~ arc ct muse

experiences. The pathos ot Max and his sax is the theme on which the artist

solos his flights at tantasy

penmanship. A hoot. Jazz Funnies is by published by Knockabout Comics £4.50 trom all

; good bookshops. (Norman Chalmers)

.\'icolson Street. 0670845. livening. 0 Charlie McNair‘s Band l’t‘cser\ ation llall. Victoria Street. 22o 3Sl(t. l{\ening. lilderstatesttten ol' lidinhurgh trad scene.

0 Louisiana Ragtime Band Basin Street. lla) market l‘ert'ace. l-flcning. l)i\ieland music.



. . i o Plattorm Jazz Club Sloan s Bar. 3 :\l'g.\ lc l’lacc. .-\l‘}_‘§ le Street. \0 music llll\\\L‘Cl\.


0 Vindaloo Stompers ( ilcnelg l Iotel. teamington lettuce. l'\ening. llot music. one cltapati. t\\oelt;tp;ttl\ . . . 0 Sue Robertson .\la\res Bistro. \\'est Nicolson S:reet.ott"llS~lS. lixening. o Spirits ot Rhythm Basin Street. ll;l}lii;ll'l\c‘t terrace. l-.\entng. lidinhurglt's main trad ia// \enue. (iroups c\et's night.

0 West End Jazz Band .'\ilsa ( ‘i-aig llotel. l:\ening. .\t.tinl_\ tttainstt'eattt standards.

0 Delta Devils l'lte l’arzrtdge. \\ est \iettlsttn Street. lixening. lititigle and Barrelltouse Blues. So itig l’iddle.



0 Jazz on Record ( ilasgtm Rh} thm (lith. Berkelet Street. ".45 pm. ('ome attd listen. intotmal talks.


0 Melanie O‘Reilly and Francis Cowan (at'lton l lotel. \orth Bt idge. lixening. Smooth guitar and \oealc

SATURDAY 5 Glasgow

0 Bill Fanning Big Band Shattth Bath Street. 333 “53:. S\\ tttg music. Lunchtime and all alternoons. 3lls illiLl—lllS stVle.

o Cumbernauld Theatre lunchtime .la// iii the oar. l'om .\lc( irath arid others.

0 George McCowan Orchestra Daniel Brim ns. St Vincent Street.

L3H 4.3tlpm. .la// lrom the Big Band era.

0 George Penman Jazzman l'he \lltltlS. St Vincent Street. Lunchtime. 'l'raddies.

0 Bobby Wishart Quintet Socict} ol .\lttsicians. BL‘t'l'sL‘lL‘} Street Lunchtime. (ilasgou ‘s. it not Scotland'sleadingsamphottisl.

0 Jimmy Feighan Quintet \\ ith Shelagh Buchanan Lorne llotcl. Sauchiehall Street. lunchtime.


0 Tynecastle High School Jazz Band V\V(‘x\ llall. " Randolph l’lace. 7.30pm. {1(5llpl. [Menu-too piece hand. \\ ith a repertoire lt'om ( ilenn .\liller to'l'op'l'isent}.

0 George Roy Jazz Band l’reset'\ ation llall. Victoria Street. lunchtime. Straight trad.

0 Take Three ( 'arlton Hotel. North Bridge. Evening.

0 Tam White and The Dexters l’latl'orm ()ne. Rutland Street. 'l‘am with the nine-piece hand including hrass section.

0 Alex Shaw Trio l’latlornt ( )ne.