§ Rutland Street. Lunchtime. Modern l piano-basedgrottp.

i 0 Mike Hart's Selection Basin Street.

: I laymarket. Small traditional jazz i‘ililki.

0 Festival City Jazz Band ()ltl \Vayerley llotel. Princes Street. l-yenings.

[MEXI- 3


0 Bourbon Jazz Band Beaeon Hotel. Park lerraee. Dixieland Band. lunchtime.

o Ricki Fernandez and Friends The iron liar. lron l'healre. I’arnie Street. I unelttime. ( iood crowd. 0 T-Zone \lv’lliS Sauehieliall SITL‘CI. 3.“: 5—30, .'\llL‘Tll;lIL' \\ L'Ch‘. lunehttme.


0 Dave Newton Trio Royal Brilish llotel. l’rineesStreet. liyening. Super keyboard mu.

0 Melanie D‘Reilly and Francis Cowan \\ tntlsor littllet. lflnt Row. l.eillt \Valk. l-yentug. Singerol mainstreattt. mainly standards. with guitar

0 Capital Jazz Band ( ‘rest llotel. ()ueenslerry Road. Lunchtime. had [an band.

a Tam White and The Dexters

i’lesel'\ Lllillll l lull. \IlL'iUl'lil SII‘L‘CI. IllfiSlh, l-yemng. Soul Rock band \\llll brass.

o Basin Street Stompers Basin Street. llaymarket let't'aee. liyening. l‘rad andmainstream.

0 Delta Devils .\1a\ies Bistro. \VeSI \it'olson Street. otfusJS. liyening. Bungle illltl Blouse.


0 Iain McHattie Trio Kelvin l’ark l.orne llotel. Sauehiehall Street. 334 JS‘ll. l-.\ening. Jazz on the guitar.


0 Swing '86 Hall Slttiyel. (ithki‘Ul'll Street. 325 (this. livening. llotcluh guitarsvyithclarinet. 0 East CoastJazz Band Blue Lagoon. .»\ngle l’ark 'l'erraee. livening. Straight early lanes and arrangements. 0 Basin Street Stompers Basin Street Bar. llaymarket lerraee. livening. 0 Delta Devils. Shore Bar. l.eith. layentng. l’iano boogie. guitar and \oeals.

1 TUESDAY 8 Glasgow

0 Batchelors otJazz Saints and Sinners. St Vincent Street. livening. 'l ratl. Busy. o BobbyWishart Group llalt Bar.

r \Vtitttllantls Road. [Welling (‘lttssy sa\ playing. i i.


0 Swing '86 .\l.tlt Sltovel. ('oekbttrn Street. 235 (MSfo l-Zvening. llot club sound. 0 Melanie O‘Reilly and Francis Cowan 3 Shore Bar. l.eith. livening. Mainstream singer with gttitarist. l 0 West End Jazz Band Basin Street. llaymarket. livening, Solid trad.




Chris Barber’s distinctive sound is produced essentially by the back line of electric bass and guitars and sometimes banjo or acoustic guitar. This gives the band the most bluesy sound in British traditional jazz.

or course they are very successful in Europe and abroad where they operate

' as a concert band with an easy gloss, butthe music continues to be an invigorating mix at rags and blues,

: basic New Orleans and Showmanship.

; The Barbourtrombone and the trumpet of Pat Nalcox will be leading the boys in Edinburgh’s Usher Hall on 27th June.

; (Norman Chalmers)

9 songs with gttitarist.


0 Sandy Taylor/Alex Moore Duo Plus Friends (ilasgoyy Society ol MUSiCizlllS. Berkeley Street. 2:]

(tl 3:. 8.30pm.


o Gil Scott Heron w ith Amere Facade ('oasters. 'l‘olleross. 0pm. £5. Sell out at the Queen's l lall last time around. a mislure of funk rap and posturing with the musical potential always threatening to break throttgh. 0 John Burgess Duintet ( ilatiSttiths. Royal Mile. Spin. Be-Bop and Modern.

0 Take Three Maxies Bistro. \ieolson Street. [ivening \lixtureof modern ia/j. shifting lme up.

0 Charlie McNair's Band Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 22(33Slo. livening. 'I'rad sys ing hand.

0 Louisiana Ragtime Band Basin Street. llaymarket 'l'errae‘e. Evening. Dixieland.



0 Tommy Smith with Forward Motion Platform .la/z (‘lulx Sloan‘s Bar. Argyle Place. Argyle Street. Spm. £3.50 ( £2). The Berklee Boys have a brilliant new pianist. an Honours (iraduate from the Paris Conservatory. (‘hristian Jacob has won Downbeat‘s poll as top Soloist.


0 Spirits of Rhythm Basin Street. llaymarket 'I'errace. [ivening Straight trad band.

0 West End Jan Band Ailsa ('raig Hotel. Evening.

0 Sue Robertson Maxies Bistro. \‘vest Nieolson Street. livening. (’lassic

\\ Ito

week and who have a single out soon. and Stonesy psychedelia from the Telescope. local boys with their second single just recorded.

0 Delta Devils The Partridge. West Nicolson Street. livening. Blues Swing.


2 FRIDAY 27 Edinburgh

o Botany 500 and The Green Telescope

Hoochie Coochie Club. West Tollcross. 10.30pm. £2.50. Home-grown funk from Botany 500. whom you may have seen playing in

Princes Street Gardens the other

0 Nightshih Clowns. High Street.

9pm. Free.

0 Bennington Heights Brando‘s. Blair Street. 8pm.

0 Liza Scott and East Coast Rock Preservation Hall. Victoria Street.

9pm. Free. A run through some rock

and country-rock classics.


0 Gene Loves Jezebel Rooftops. Sauchiehall Street. 10.30pm. £4. Depressing gothic monstrosities Gene Loves Jezebel look set to follow in the footsteps ofThe Cult. GLG have two things in common with the Alarm they‘re both Welsh. and they‘re both rotten.

0 Horizon Shadows. Bath Street. Free. Personally. I‘d rather listen to Gene LovesJezebel.

0 Goodbye Mr Mackenzie/Heavensent McLellan Galleries. £1. In aid of Rock Against Racism. two of Scotland‘s better up and coming

bands play the Melellan Galleries on

the same night. Goodbye Mr MaeKenzie are set to release their first single ‘Candlestick Park‘P'I'he Rattler' shortly. simultaneously melodic and urgent. Heavensent are busking. folkish pop. At time of going to press. a headlining act had not been confirmed.


o Ranacanteen Warehouse. Kirkgate. Reggae- and

:- African-tinged pop with two brightly-garbed female

singers/percussionists having a lot of


{ SATURDAY 28 = Edinburgh

' O Backbeat Clowns. High Street.

9pm. Free. Twist and frug with Sean and Paddy‘s 50s and 60s covers!

0 Great Shakes Preservation Hall. - Victoria Street. 9pm. Free. Pleasant . enough jazz-funk. Makes Level 42

sound like Husker Du. 0 Crushed Ice Brando‘s. Blair Street. 8pm. Closely affiliated with Cult fans

' Twisted Nerve I believe. but

although they get their dates in nice

and early I haven‘t been to see them

yet. Maybe this time.

0 The AM Band Lord Darnley. West Port. 3pm. Free. 60s R&B. country-rock covers and originals. Jam atmosphere.


0 Scheme Rooftops. 4—7pm. £1.50.

See Feature elsewhere in this issue.


o Leaps and Bounds Warehouse.

; Kirkgate.

SUNDAY 29 Edinburgh

0 Barbara Dickson Playhouse Theatre. Greenside Place. 7.30pm.

i £7.50.£6.50.£5.50. Itoffends any decent person to say a word against a nice Fife lassie. but ifshe gets any

more MOR she'll soon be fit for little

_. more than Tesco tannoys.

1 Professional and accomplished. but ' with little oomph.

? 0 Gloria GaynorOuter Limits. West Tollcross. 10.30pm. £3.50. A

Greatest Hits package from the


Will Survive. the one that we New Wavers hated at the time as it clung

. to the Number One spot for week

upon week. Veering. I believe. more towards hi-NRG these days. No band. just backing tapes. which is a shame. but should be good anyway. 0 Spankthe Monkey Joe's Garage. Lothian Road. 10pm. Free.

f Glasgow 0 Big Country Barrowlands. 7.30pm.

£6.30. Conscientious. hard working band Big Country are back! The

_ tartan shirts have evolved into pastel

coloured upwardly-mobile tartan

suits. But despite a two-year break

and a costume change. the band‘s sound remains true to its roots. It's as

dull and unimaginative as ever.

: o The Membranes/Bogshead Daddy

Warbucks. 10.30pm. £2.50. Wham. crash. thrash. fuzz. screech with a

vague Beethcart influence.

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