Please note that evening sessions begin at approx 8.30pm unless otherwise stated.


o Whippersnapper'l‘hird live ( ‘entrc. Sauchiehall Street. ".fsllpm. {2.5” (L3). l*;tit'pot't's lurious liddlervvith his new ‘acoustic concert group‘. Music and song lrom haroquc to rock. reels and tigs and tax/v things. I’our titan group; three violins. guitar. mandoline and llute.

0 TOIDOOth Bar ( ilasgots (toss.

l".\ citing. \ailan. a group ol indeterminate numher. \\ ith liddles. melodeon. guitars etc. and named. l helicv e. alter a mountain in Mayo.

0 Tonight at Noon Kelvin I’ark l.orne I lotel. Sauchiehall Street. 554 JSIH. Izsening. S_\ ntliesised Scottish. Skillul lolk pop.


0 Easy Club St Brides (‘ommunitt ('cntre. L5 l L: l. ()rvs ell 'l‘ert‘acc. Hall} Road. Spin. See panel.

0 North Sea Gas l’lattorm ()ne. Rutland Street. livening. l)uovvith mandoline and guitar. lavourite singalong lolk songs and the biggest hodhran in the maid.

0 Colin Ramage Ros a| ( )ak. Inlirmart Street. 55“ Ill—Yo. Iivening. .'\|l \selcome. Singaround. Bar till

‘l'handcka Dancers.


srunoAv 28 sum 29 ; masgow Glasgow

0 Kells Kcls in Park I.orne I lotel. Sauchiehall Street. Evening. Bar till l3..‘\llpitt. l’opular electric acoustic Irish Scots.

. TDIDODth Bar ( ilasgou (it’tiSS. lavening. l’o//ie and Friends Acoustic lun.

o Anti-Apartheid Folk Concert (ilasgtm .v\rts Centre. \Vashington Street. Spin. L3 ( Ll l. I'itlii's concert. as part ol a dat ol anti—apartheid

e\ents. \\ ith I.elt I'urns and includinga pertormance ol

l‘olk trio. acoustic gttitars.


' Edinburgh

room. Split.

0 Ian McNair Roval ( )ak. lnl'irmarv Street. Iivening. 557 2970. Bar till Sam. the Barr} Manilovs ol' the t

g 0 Steam Jenny Kclv in Park I.ornc lIotel. Sauchiehall Street. Iivening.

0 TOIDDOth Bar ( ilasgovs' (toss. Iiv ening. .lack and Dave. (iuitar and

0 Glenelg Hotel I.eamington 'I'errace. .\'evs Management. Mttsicin hack

0 Nancy Nicolson Rotal ( )ak. Ittlit'itt;tt'_\ Street. 557 2970. Iivening. line singer and melodeon player. i



Acoustic Routes, the Capital‘s music

~ ireaks who struggle to bring quality acoustic music from all corners ot the

world, especially America, torour

Z editication and delight are hosting a

; concert with Edinburgh’s own Easy

Club on 27th June. The boys will also

- be in concert at the Glasgow Folk Festival on 9th June, betore heading on

' on the summer round of testivals.

traditional .'\Il'lL‘itli dance front the

- '5 ' . _ _‘,.- - - .‘y '."".ll'fi,llll‘ II ' ' I '3'. ll ' ll' I '—'.'_A‘_0 e__| r -' t._tL : t :4 it 1:315. :L .- ' if. annular-ii ,

i . g



A full evening of sparkling entertainment

' Beating the Retreat with the Pipe Band Tickets including reception glass of wme £12 (parties ol 4 or more £10 each) Supper £10 from Usher Hall Box Office. Edinburgh (031 228 1 155)


Friday & Saturday. 18 & 19 July 7.30pm ends approx. 1.00am

SCO in An Italian Serenade with Donald Maxwell Buffet Supper— Reception with wine in the Marquee Chamber Music in the State i Rooms: 800 Brass Quintet— Peter Evans (Piano) - Saida de Lyon (Harp) Viewing the House— Dancing in the Ballroom

14 The List 27 June —1()Jul_v

Amble along and delight in the tunky versions of tunes that you remember

trom Jimmy Shand’s radio broadcasts, i some at the more modern melodic

conceptions lrom Big Jim or Rod‘s relaxed singing and sharp songwriting skills. Something tor everyone, this Scottish lolk/pop/jazz and in a candles-on-the-table ambience. (Norman Chalmers)

o Nobody‘s Business Banner-titans Bar. (‘ovvgatcn 556 3354. Iivcning.



0 Irish Music Stage I)oor Bar. (iorhals Street.43‘)ll‘)22. Iivening.

. TDIDDDID Bar ( ilasgtm‘ ( toss. Iivening. 'l‘lte ( ‘overs.

o Busketeers \N'intcrsgills. ( ircat Western Road. Iivening. Music from a time capsule. sax and stratocastcr.


0 Gill Hewitt Royal Oak. Inlirmarv Street. 557 3970. Iivenittg. Bar till 2am. Songs with hanio. and singaround.

O Fiddlers Arms ( irassmarket. 22‘) 2055. Iivening. Session led hv Ann's fiddle and Neil‘s hox.

; Glasgow

0 Tolbooth Bar ( ilasgtm (toss. Iivening. Rahand John.

0 Nailan Victoria Bar. Bridgegate. Evening. Melodeon and fiddle Itascd session. Mainlv Irish music.


0 Barrie Band Bannerman's Bar. (‘ovvgate.55(13354. Iivening. Instrumental session with microphones.

0 Jim Knights' Night Royal Oak. Inlirmarv Street. Iivening.

0 Crown Folk Club JSa 'I‘hc l’lcasance. 8.30pm. Instrumental workshops l‘or folk instruments. All welcome. including ahsolute beginners.



0 Naitan IIalt Bar. Woodlands Road. Iivening. Melodeon and fiddle with others dropping in.

0 Limited Edition 'Iiolltooth Bar. (ilasgovv (toss. Iivening.

0 Tonight at Noon I-ldinhurgh I-‘olk (‘lulx ( )shourne I lotel. York l’lace. Spin. El .5ll. Iinglarged to three man line—up. the authentic let centurv Scottish music. Silicon pie and chips.

‘— ' Ediniiirfiiimw’d

? 0 Robin Turner Roval ( )ak. Inlit'tttal'} E Street. 557 2070. Iiv citing. liar till

1.30am. 'l’rad and cutitcntpot'at'_V on guitar.

0 Reverend Brothers Shore Bar. Leith. 553 5%”. Iivening.

; Glasgow 0 HBO Neck Mothers 'l‘olhooth Bar.

Glasgow (toss. Iivening. ('ountrv hlues hovs.

; 0 Bill Hill Star I-‘olk ( 'lult. ( 'alton

I I’Iacc. Spin. L'l. I’t'olottltdl) serious

¢ folk scholar. and interpreter ol' Scots song. I‘iamed lor ltis scatalogical

hallad. 'I'he (iood Ship ( iarde/loo.


3 0 Jim Knight Ro_\ al ()ak. lnlirmarv

9pm. Music in the hack room. Free.

Street. livening. Singing till Jam. 0 Shetland Fiddle Society \Vcst [ind

IIotel. I’almerston l’laee. I'.\'cltittg.

' , FRIDAY 4 asgow

0 Steam Jenny Kc-lx in Park l.orne

I IttIL‘l. Sauchiehall Street. 5.54 489]. Iivening. l5olles} trio.

0 Naitan 'l olltooth liar. ( ilasgovs (il'ttss. I'i\c‘liillg.


0 North Sea Gas l’latlorm ( )ne. Rutland Street. Iivening. Singalong duo.

0 Royal Oak Inlirmar} Street.557 29W». Singaround tltns'lislilll'S till the carl_\ hours.

SATURDAY 5 Glasgow

0 TDIDODth Bar ( ilasgovv ('ross. Iivening. I-'o.ss_\ and l’riends.

0 Kells Kelx ill I.ornc Park Hotel. Sauchiehall Street. livening. Scottish and Irish and ( ’eltic Its ilight on acoustic and electric.


0 Ian McNair Rot al ( )ak. lnlirmar} Street. 555 397(1. Iivening. l’ine singers and guitar plaver vs ho \\ ill sing anvthing sou .l\I\ lor. late ltar. 0 File Aid torAtrica ( ‘raigtoun ('ountr} Park. St .~\ndre\vs. lll..‘~llam~ l l5llpm. Umr L5 in advance. l'nder ll lree \sith adult. (iiganticda)-lottgcvcttt \vith acroltatic and lit'c\\ot‘l\ displas s. stalls. games. street theatre. l'ood and hats. Music all da_\ . Ruck, .la/x. I5ollx. includes .\lc( altitatis. Michael ('hapman. .-\valon. Run Rig and Alan Stivelll tile or 'I'orness'.’

SUNDAY 6 Glasgow

0 Tolbooth Bar(i|asgo\v (tuss. Izvening. Musicon guitar with .lack and Dave.

0 North Sea Gas Kelvin I’ark Lorne llotcl. Sauchiehall Street. Iivening. I-‘olk entertainers. \


0 Glenelg Hotel Leamington 'I'errace.