0 Music is listed as diary: by day, then James ('lapperton. Also worth by my. "‘0" by event. hearing is the Funeral Mtisic for

Strings by Lutoslawski.whichopens

the concert. plus Bartok‘s Sonata for l Violin Sonata by Debussy.

two pianos and percussion and the “'0’” 27 SUNDAY 29

Glas ow 1 g __ IGlasgow

0 3N0 Proms Sl:(( . Box()llice 1‘2 l . . 59M Hick“ (mm. ) m. 337 SW; 1 o Percussmn Workshop (IliisgtiW Arts ((-rcdn Curd» 73mm]. ant-8.5” ('entre. 12 Washington Street. Box The exciting young American E’.”_'“‘.33' 4‘32“? 31mm“ i 1‘ SW 8‘” conductor. now with a full-time post “5 im- m” dc'wr'pmm'


0 Si Giles‘ at Six St ( iilcs' ('athedral.

at Bournemouth Symphony. High Street. Free at door. (1pm. 'l‘he

conducts a lot of Rossini and

Respighi and eyen combinations of Second Presbyterian ('hurch (‘hapel ('hoir of Bloomington. lllinois yisits

the two composers in La Boutique Fantasque (not the place w here the SN( ) buy all their clothes. but a rather attractiye arrangement of some of Rossini's best tunes). Finishing tip with Who ( 'arcs'.’ by (icorge (icrshw in. the conductor show s his skills on the piano too.


0 The Pilgrim's Progress

('raiglockhart ('ampus ol Napier

(’ollege. 2lllt‘o1inton Road. 453 I

bl l 1 . 7.3(lpm. lixtra date: Sat 28.

Free. Students oi Napier ('ollcgc Music Department offer a rare opportunity to see Ralph Vaughan Williams' The Pilgrim‘s Progress. a Morality in a Prologue. Four .-\cts ! and an lipilogue.

SATURDAY 28 '3 Glasgow '

0 Last Night of the Proms Slit‘t ‘. Box Office 55: 59M ('l'icket (‘cntrc ) or 227 5015 ((‘redit (ards). 7.3t1pm.

£2 £8.51). (’hristoplierSeaman.with his tisual charm and humour. takes the SN() through a fairly traditional Last Night starting with l)\orak‘s ('arniyal ()\ crturc. follow cd by Shostakoyich's 2nd Piano ( ~onccrto (soloist (‘hristina ( )i'ti/l and

Finlandia by Sibelius. 'l’herc's also ' the Usual Last Night fun and games-- music by Strauss. Scottish reels and -- l what clsc‘.’ ~— [ilgar‘s Pomp and ('ircumstance. Edinburgh . o The Pilgrim‘s Progress (‘raiglockhart (’ampus of Napier ('ollege. 21‘)('o1inton Road. Box Office-153M 1 l . 7.3(1pm. Free. Sec 4 Fri 27 for lull description. 0 St Mary‘s Music School Concert Reid 1 (‘onccrt Hall. 'l‘eyiot Row. Bristo Square. 'l‘ickets at door. 7.3t1pm. £2 (£1 1. The highly talented young musiciansofScotland'sonly independent specialist music school. founded by Sir Yehudi Menuhin. giye an adyenturous programme of 2llth (‘entury music including the first performance of Network of

Students at Napier College’s music department are putting on a rare performance of Ralph Vaughn Williams’ The Pigrlm’s Progress on Fri 27 c Sat 28. Vaughn Willlams completed the piece in 1949 aiter

Stoppages for Strings and Piano by

Seventeenth Century lllustratiiiii ior 'Pllgrim's Empress.


the last ofthe recitals there in this current season. With conductor Al Zinterthey performJ.S. Bach's Motet Jcsu. priceless treasure. and music by American composers.

MONDAY 30 Iasgow

o Lunchtime Concert Art (iallery and Museum. Kelvingroye. Box Office 332-11i11(RSAMl)). 12.3(1—2pm. Extra date: 2 July. Free at door. Students of Scotland‘s Music Academy give a yaried recital before the summer term draws to a close.

0 Carmen Athenaeum Theatre. St (ieorge’s Place. Box Office 332

4101 . 7. 15pm. Extra dates: Tue 1'. Wed 2. Free. Lovers of Bizet's headline-hitting opera (‘armen can see both staged and concert yersions this week (see Thurs 3—- Edinburgh). 'l’his is the full works by students of the RSAMD in their own theatre. Philip Ledger conducts the first two nights and Leonard Hancock the closing performance. Producer is [Edward Argent. See also Film Listings.


0 Sam Houston Chorale Queen‘s Hall.

Scotland‘s most famouscathedral for l (‘lcrk Street, 'I'ickci ('cnlrc, 3] 33


working on It constantly tor over 40 years. A strange choice oi subject matter tor an agnostic composer, The Pilgrim's Progress was llrst performed at Covent Garden on 26 April 1951. It

s has divided critics ever since.

Waverley Bridge. 7.45pm. £1 .50

(£1 ). As part ofa tour taking in major British cities. this choir from Texas pays a quick visit to Edinburgh with a varied programme basically in four sections going from Renaissance to Romantic’2iith Century. moying onto Spirituals and (‘owhoy Songs. and finishing with some lighter music. ('onductor is Dr R.B. Henson ofthe Sam Houston State University.



0 Carmen Athenaeum Theatre. St (ieorge's Place. Box Office 332 4101. 7. 15pm. Extra date: Wed 2. Free. See Monday 30


0 Chiaroscuro Reid ('oncert Hall. 'l‘cyiot Row. Bristo Square. Admission free at door. 7.3(ipm. A new groupon the [idinburgh classical scene present a concert of classical and contemporary music.



0 Lunchtime Concert Ari (iallery and Museum. Kelyingroye. Box Office 332-1101 (RSAMI)). 12.3(1—2pm. Free at door. See Monday 311 for full description.

0 Carmen Athenaeum 'l’heatre. St (icorge‘s Place. Box Office 332 4101. 7.15pm. Free. See Monday 3t) for full description.


0 Organ Recital (lunch of St Andrew

and St (icorge. (ieorge Street. 'l'icketsat door. 1pm. Slip. Morley Whiteheadgiyes this lunchtime's recital in a fine series of summer organists.



0 Carmen Queen‘s l lall. ('lerk Street. Box Office (141 332-11111 (RS.’\MI))or’1icket (‘entre. 31 33 Waverley Bridge. 7.15pm. £2.50 (£1.5t1and 75p). Studentsofthc Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama make a welcome Visit to Iidinburgh from their usual home base of ( ilasgow to giy c a concert performance of Bizet's much loyed opera. ('armen. Philip Ledger conducts and producer is John Lawson (iraham.

SATURDAY 5 Edinburgh

0 St George‘s School Orchestral Concert Queens } lall. ('lerk Street. Free at door. 7.3tlpm. [ind of term means concert time for the girls of St (ieorge's. whose programme this year will include works by l)yorak. ()ffenbach. Monn. ('rusell and Strauss.



0 Organ Recital ('hurch ofSt Andrew ; and St (ieorge. (ieorgc Street. 'I‘icketsat door. lpm.5(1p. Pulling

out the stops today in this regular

series of lunchtime recitals is organist Alan Buchan. I

The List 27 1115;: lt).1u1y13