Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

A story from Germany of young and inarticulate love. Fitzgerald Kusz' short splay takes a bewildered and bewildering look ata couple falling in love lorthe first time.

Presented against a backdrop of cuttings from romantic phat-strip magazines, the couple’s own expectations and the expectations of others (family, friends etc) are unfulfilled in the reality of this brief encounter. A dramatised account of one of the fastest bits of growing up any of us do the realisation that there is more to relationships than romance this could have been touching and funny, or poignant and sad. In fact it is a very dispiriting analysis which rather bisarrely ends up in near tragedy as the jilted boy threatens to kill his girlfriend with a pistol.

Without a doubt passions do run deep in such fledgling relationships and Kusz’ play does point out some of the extra dangers that today's youth are likely to encounter. However, the play fails to explain the emotions or even to convince that they are there. Suddenly at the end, when the gun appeared, I wondered if I had missed the point entirely perhaps this wasn't an ordinary couple at all but a seriously unhinged pair? Whatever else the play is it certainly isn’t life-affirming.

brothers. The Whangdoodle 4. The Poet and Faux Pas and Other Near . Legendary Acts. Cabarets are free. Pcler is Person (and Handicapped) Wed 2 July. 2.30pm. Thurs 3 July. 7pm. £1 .50 (£1 ). ll' attending workshop that follows £2 (£1 .50). Orkney Youth Theatre in a play by Alan Cameron about the problems a young teenager. Peter. faces when he is disabled by an accident. Ghoslbusters Sat 5 July. 2pm. 75p. Theatre Workshop in one of their celebrated "fun factories” for kids maximum 50. so book early.

A Pox on the Box Thurs l0 and Fri 11 July. 7.30pm. Double bill with the Secret Six and a Half on Thurs. and Gotcha on Friday. £1.50(£1) for both shows. Theatre Workshop‘s Senior Youth Theatre ( 16—21 years) in a show devised by the the company which takes a square-eyed look at life. at all that flickers on the flickering screen. from soap to sci-fi. The Secret Six and a Half 'Ihurs 10 and Sat 12 July. Double bill with A Pox on the Box on Thurs and Gotcha on Sat. t.‘ l .50 (£1 ) for both shows. Stonehaven Youth Theatre ( 14—18 years) in an ironic play by Russell Adams about a working class boy swelling the ranks of Enid Blyton‘s Famous Five.

Gotcha Fri 11 and Sat 12 July. 7.30pm. Double bill with A Pox on the Box on Fri and The Secret Six and a Halfon Sat. £1.50(£l ) for both shows. Barry Kecfl‘e‘s play about the young school leaver who holds his teachers hostage. in a strong. tense production by Gateway Exchange that was first seen at the opening of the Mandela Theatre there a few

Lweeks ago.

12The List 27 June 10 July



Leonard D'Malley and Tracey Spence

flesh out the parts as much as they can, . even occasionally managing to inject a

little humour but possibly this is to

work against the script in which the

characters are locked in a world

without self parody although both do

grim impersonations of their equally stereotyped parents. Hamish Glen’s

direction doesn't manage to make

Burning Love any more than a

Dirty Rascals—The Video Fri 1 1.5pm: Sat 12.2pm andSpm. £1 (50p). A video made by Andy Cannon of

t Theatre Workshop's Junior Youth Theatre in a play by Evan Laeverenz

about how a spoilt ten year-old learns the real value of money.

0 TRAVERSE l 12 West Bow. 226 2633. Box office Tues——Sun 10am—8pm. Bar. Rest. Tickets also available The Ticket Centre. 22 Market Street.

The Orphans‘ Comedy LJntiI Sat 28 June. 7.30pm. Temp members £4.50; Econ members £4; Full members £3.50: Student. ()AP. U840 £2.50 (members £2). Students now bookable in advance. Reductions for more than one play of season booked. Thurs 5 reduced price preview: £2. A new play frotn Chris llannan. one of Scotland‘s most original young playwrights: profoundly subversive. inventive and witty comedy.

Lucy‘s Play Fri 4 July—Sun 27 July. 7.30pm. (Preview Thurs 3 July. 7.30pm). Tickets as ()rphan‘s Comedy. Epic fun. John Clifford's

' latest play is set in Syracuse. AD 386.

and somehow manages to involve upwardly-mobile emperors. sheep. saints. saintly or otherwise. and the

' Truth or lack of it in metaphysical

mayhem. Described as ‘Asterix meets The ()restia‘. See panel on Priority page.


Please check all venues if possible they may be subject to change after press date.

0 Heather Up Your Kilt Wildcat Stage Productions” latest show. when

competently performed show and falls into one trap waiting productions in small theatres such as the Traverse downstairs. Attempting to create the

r illusion of space, the actors crane their

necks and stare into the far distance when anything more than two foot away

is alluded to, thus creating rather

better the impression of owls in a cage. (Nigel Billen)

American tourist ‘Rob Roy' MacGregor returns to Scotland to 'discover his roots'. something nasty emerges in the Highlands.

Magnum Leisure Centre, Irvine Wed 25 and Thurs 26 June 7.30pm. 0294 78381 : ('umbernauld Theatre Fri 27 and Sat 28 June 7.45pm. ()7 32877.

0 The Tragicall Historic of Mr Punch and his wife, Judy As part of Edinburgh Theatre Workshop's Young People's Fortnight. Friends of Eden Court Theatre Workshop will be touring a show round local community venues in Edinburgh. Their production takes a look at Mr Punch and his wife. baby and police battering antics and asks whether this is suitable fare for children?! For further details please tel Theatre Workshop on 031 226 5425. Kirkgate Shopping Centre. Leith,

: Edinburgh Mon 30 June. 9.30am:

The Mound. Edinburgh Tues 1 July 1 lam; Waverley Market Plaza.

Edinburgh Tues 1 July 1pm: Sighthill

Community ( 'entre, Edinburgh Wed

_ 2 July 10.30am; Wester Hailes ; Shopping Centre. Edinburgh Wed 2 July 12 noon: Muir/rouse Library.

Edinburgh Thurs 3 July 10.30am:

, Leith ( ‘ommunity Centre, Edinburgh : Thurs 3 July 12.30pm; Middle

Meadow Walk. Meadows.

3 Edinburgh Fri 4July. 10.30am;

Princes Street Gardens. Edinburgh Fri 4 July 12.30pm.

o The Hunchback of Notre Dame The Smallest Theatre Company in the World Theatre Company is a well

: known sight at the Edinburgh

Festival. The company tend to take on epic tales ofgrand scale eg The Guns of Navarone performed to


calling at:

Sat 5 July 11.30am: Malborough

the hilt in the capacious theatre: a motorbike Sidecar. Audience capacity is two. but spectators are offered the chance to view through the window. . .This time the wares on offer will be a suitably scaled production ofThe Hunchback of Notre Dame. Come early to avoid disappointment. One of a number of productions to be touring open air and community venues in Edinburgh during July. this mega-theatre will be

Waverley Market Plaza, Einburgh

5 Street. Portobello. Grass area at the i prom Sat 5 July 2.30pm; Cameron Q

PWf’mC’mU. Dalkeith Road,


Toll Shopping Centre, Edinburgh Sunblulyllam;R0yal : Commonwealth Pool (outside on

Edinburgh Sun 6 July 2.30pm.


0 GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE 12 Washington Street. 221 4526.

The Thandeka Dancers As part of Local Authorities Against Apartheid. an event taking place across the country. Glasgow Arts Centre is hosting the work of these five African dancers and drummers. (Two members are formerly of Ibi Tombi).

Sa128: Percussion Workshop 4pm. Dance Workshop 5pm. Thandeka Dancers in performance 9pm.

Sun 29: Dance Workshop 2pm. Percussion Workshop 3.30pm. Workshops £1 each. performance tickets (for double bill including Charter Theatre Comapny) £2 and £1.


0 Scottish Summer School of Mime Dunfermline College of Education, Cramond Road North. 336 6001. 9bl7 July. Daily. A new school organised by Pat Keysell. well-known for her work on television‘s ‘Vision On‘ and now Mime Artist-in-Residence at Dunfermline College. ()0 hours of tuition which will cater for beginners as well as those with some experience. The cost £50 tuition only or£150 full-board. ; 0 Seventh International Summer . School of Modern Dance Dunfermline College of Education. 3- 15 August. Daily. Phone ()75032213or031 225 4600 for information. Organised ' annually by Dance Connections under the directorship of Kedzic Penfield. this is Scotland‘s largest summer 5 school. attracting participants from i all over the country and Europe. 1 Guest teachers are brought in from as far afield as America and Spain. This year‘s course has more emphasis on workhop sessions than before and has classes ranging from ballet technique to Spanish dance, from contact improvisation to injury prevention. Book now as places are going fast. Fees £95 for two weeks full course. £55 for one week.