“i have been around for. . . oh. ages. Dunfermnne ' This is their first gig with a new , . lined-1p. and I'm sure we all . n WrtTChOllSC. , .1 Kirkgate. ( lobe confirmed).

~ V :3, ,. ' 1’ them better luck this time around.

' ' e' ' 3‘7 ' Although never denying their punk .

roots. they claim to have 9 ‘progressed‘. Crushed Ice is a new

one on me. though. 0 Cliff Richard Playhouse Theatre :_ .

(sold out). i

. o . I i .

Lfmipargkéggisgnigpiljl"g:07l:::%0p) l O Heaters Jailhouse. (‘alton Road.

' "'. . ' i 9.30pm. Free.

Jonathan Demme s superb film ot .

Talking Heads nigh-legendary live f](99.2?9§.°°3,?F9{.f“,§‘ 23°. Ema!"

show. The first half-hour. building ..( (K K m L K H i U

upthc “nc_up from a [one David lollcross. 10.30pm. Local hands. If

Bymc strumming ‘chho Killer. one a Teenage Dog ()rgy have the same

by onc‘to a ninopicc‘é ensemble is. immaculate taste in music that they

particularly good so cris‘plv film'c‘dl showed in choosing their name.

found it difficult not to clap'between mm“ b” “'6” “"th ‘i's't'

numbers. Recommended to anyone i

with even a passing interest in

Talking Heads. Ed lnburgh

O ArticleQJailhouse. (‘alton Road. 10.30pm. Free.

Edinburgh 0 Heart lndustry'l‘op o‘ The Walk. St

James Centre. 8pm. Free.

Excellent and hard-working Edinburgh band. Boogie the night away.

0 Charge and Makossa Jailhouse.

Calton Road. Free. Charge in the

afternoon and reggae band Makossa

around 9.30pm. Glasgow

0 Fly BOYS Preservation Hall- 0 This Pertect Heart The Fixx. Miller Victoria Street. 9pm. Free.

0 Cliff Richard Playhouse Theatre

Street. Free. Excellent young local ! band whose girl singer. and this is no

(SOId 0‘")- . . overstatement. reminds me of Annie

0 Sean and Paddy Clowns. High Lennox.

Street. 8 m. Free. Elvis and other .

rock ‘n‘ rioll covers. Edinburgh

. Slop making sense Filmhousc~ . O Skanga Jailhouse. (‘alton Road. Currently the brightest hope for Z", lhsmlmehmh Ahhe Plgahe: Who is the LOIhlan R03d- 11Pm- £2-20- (590 F“ 10.30pm. Free. Leading Scottish the label that brought us Frankie Goes 903333307 0' a Teal laWh‘s '3 desc'lhed 22)- reggae group who have supported to Hollywood and Propaganda, is the by labe' boss Paul "alley as ‘3 ladlcals Roswh Yellowman and (‘lint Eastwood and beautilul French ‘scorch singer’ Anne singing $0093 ahom heme" in (tune a" - General Saint. They do try to Plgalle, Who appears at the Supper ah'aswe way’- She takes he! hame . new "noel Army MCUO' Honestly embellish the traditional riddims a Room in the Assemle Rooms tonight gums“ ingani‘ous raiding.“ d:tsmcl 0' a lot tic“? than lg: bit. with varYng success apparently. 15 Nov .ZTTis now held in sus icion ica 8i" at 8. all ll 3Y3 ll" ‘3 COUP 00 years? . -‘ i)y press), industry and much oi the unashamedly on her French been called ‘posmve punk .buiNew y g record-buying public tortheir methods background. Her LP, Everything Could Model Army are lyrically (despite and have changed their approach Be 80 Perfect, shows oil her breathy occasronal lapses) better and have G laSgOW somewhat, a move preceded by house accent and dramatic phrasing backed much ‘more’musmal breadth than . The Pened Lips The Fixx‘ Miner producerTrevor Horn’s statement that by an orchestral swirl. others of that dubious genre. To be Street Free Good mmc huh” he wants to ‘actually use real (Matt) fair. though. definitely not the future ' '

Amercanisms. guitars . . . sounds FRIDAY 22 likeaload Ofbunkumto mgbut TELEVISED OME SERVICE 4

Glasgow then so do The Primevals. i "

0 UFO The Barrowland Ballroom. Edinburgh Gallowgate. Close encounters of the worst kind.

0 New Model Army Glasgow University QMU, University Gardens. A vast oversight on behalf of the entertainments committee to let this one slip through, I think. Not that I'm slagging New Model Army. because they’re bigger than me. And much more bad-tempered.

O Lenny Henry Strathclyde University. St John Street. Don‘t laugh honest, Henry‘s debut LP

s as:

0 Blues Brothers Preservation Hall. I" ' Victoria Street. 9.30pm. Free.

0 The Daintees and Virginia Astley Hoochie Coochie Club. West Tollcross. 10.30pm. lt’s three years since I saw The Daintees all-but-upstage Aztec Camera with. if memory serves, a twee rock ‘n' roll sound with surf (7) touches. Sort of Buddy Holly meets Postcard Records. I gathered the line-up’s changed a bit since then. so be warned. Virginia Astley specialises

really is father 809d 50» regardless of in a sedate chamberpop, Her The progressive roclr band, The Home 1 production at The Mysteries. John whether he is Singing or Speaking for previous group. The Ravishing Service, are In Glasgow this week lor ; Tams, The Home Service’s musical

8 living these days this Should be a Beauties, were maweiious‘ and did the iilming at ‘Holy City’ a TV play ; director who wrote the trenchant hit 800d one. upstage The Teardrop Explodes, written and directed by BBC Scotland’s ‘Don’t let 'em grind you down', has

' Th0 Shop mutants Strutz, .051 Dead on Armin Jailhouse, head at drama, Bill Bryden. This band written some songs specially tor “Holy Gallowgate- Creation Records’ Canon Road, 10,3opm, Free, in which brass and percussion play a j City' which the BBC describes as ‘part latest darlings. Desperados only. . “can Industry Clowns, High Street. lead role along with guitars, vocals and passion play, part political thriller’.

0 Vance And The Main Thlntl 8pm. Free, keyboards also arranged and You can hear these plus some old Rooftops, Sauchiehall Street. Vance . twisted "em and Crushed ice pertormed the music lor Bryden's songs at The Home Service’s gig in become even more hopeful. Kings Buildings Union, Wast Mains highly acclaimed National Theatre . George Square this Friday. (Lucy Ash)

0 The Primevals The Mucky Duck. Shotts. Mythology. sex, trains,

Edinburgh‘s original punk bands. The List 15—28 November 23