0 Blues ‘n' Trouble Jailhouse. Calton Road. 10.30pm. Free. (See Sat 23).



0 Billy Mclsaacs Midas, St Vincent Street. Ex-Slik keyboard player.


0 Block Brothers Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 9.30pm. Free.

0 East Coast Bock Jailhouse. Calton Road. 10.30pm. Free.

0 Elton John Playhouse Theatre (sold out).

0 Steve McElroy Clowns. High Street. 8pm. Free. Sixties cover versions.


0 The Primevals Warehouse. Kirkgate. (To be confirmed). Rock ‘n‘ roll again. folks. Snatches ofslide guitar and harmonica. and no doubt a touch of the old fuzztone in places too.

0 Coming on 4 December A benefit for The Gateway Exchange in Moray House. Holyrood Road. featuring Volunteer Slavery, indigo Violence and Shiny Beast. Tickets £2 (£1.50).

Glasgow Venues

0 Cleopatra’s (above Caesar‘s) 508 Great Western Road, 334 0560. Mainly a disco (the only one in the west end) but with live gigs occasionally.

0 Maytalr 490 Sauchiehall Street, 332 3872. Very busy disco with bands occasionally. Their rock and roll Sunday Night has a live band every week.

0 Mucky Duck 1 Glen Road, Shotts, Shotts 0033. Well outside Glasgow on the way to Edinburgh, the Mucky Duck is now promoting gigs regularly every Thursday.

0 Ultrathegue 150 Wellington Street, 333 0493. A disco with a wacky laser show, sometimes promoting live acts.

0 The Cotton Club 5/7 Scott Street, 332 0712. Formerly Maestro’s it has yet to be seen what the live music policy will be at The Cotton Club. Will it carry on the trendy tradition of Maestro’s?

O Booltops 92 Sauchiehall Street, 332 5883. Again, formerly Night Moves. Now promoting a mixture of local and named bands.

0 The Venue 474 Sauchiehall Street, 332 5874. Promoting heavy


llo-one’s really immune to Cllli Richard‘s spell, are they? A stack oi Captain Beeihearl records and a Jesus and Mary Chain pencil-sharpener are no deience against the

memories. . ..llke that oi standing on my Grandma’s bed with a ball-point tor a microphone, bawllng Ciill’s smash-hit Congratulations at the top oi my tour-year old lungs. Memories like that have a way oi sticking. You can get very delenslve in your later years over things like that.

For instance, it isn’t masochsim, duty or the new hipness that Blk Mayall's brought to Cllll’s name that has enabled him to sell out the Edinburgh Playhouse lor ioar nights ( 20 - 23 Nov) and add another on top oi that (19 Nov). No, we all know why.At leastl can admit it. I was potty about him when l was tour. But there’s more to it than that.

The tact is that Cllli means every word he sings, and makes no bones about it in his periormances. Can Madonna say that? Can Sigue Sigue Sputnik, or whatever upwardly-mobile group oi trend jumpers it is that’s currently grabbing every opportunity to hog the nation’s screens, hungry iorthe iirst twelve-iigure advance? From Bock’n'Boll to the Rock oi Ages in more ways than one...

Filteen years alter the idea that ‘All You lleed is Love' was trampled into the mud oi the Me Generation, those who gave up on the idea oi rock as a ‘mystical commanlon’ when they put away their Grateiul Dead albums should maybe drill along to see Cllli Richard perionn some time. Then i would ask them to cast an eye over all those heavy metal bands who lllrt nonsensically and indiscriminately

with satanist imagery. This is an age in which Aleister Crowley is practically dellied by dabblers who would do betterto remain In ignorance and help out their local youth club.

Ah yes, memories. I also remember despairing at Cllli while watching the Eurovision Song Contest, probably that same year, when he unveiled his secret weapon: a display oi bum-shaking and leg-twitching which I imagined was calculated to throw these hot-blooded Europeans into such a irenzythat the judges would be lynched and given sulphuric acid enemas it they dared put him anywhere less than iirst. Damned Bock'n’Boll excesses, i thought, irom my treasured place on the sole. They’ll be the death oi you yet. (Mab). (in addition to his appearance at The Playhouse, Cllli Richard will be at St Paul’s and St George’s Church, York Place, Edinburgh on Wednesday 20th between 1 and 1.40pm to sing and talk about his ialth.)

metal/rock bands consistently. Can also be hired for self-promotion , which is when the wackier bands are on. The Venue is now the home of a new club, The Cactus Club, which began in Edinburgh. Cactus Club gigs should be interesting.

0 Daddy Warbucks George Street. The home of Splash One and Psycho Candy Club is thinking of starting another three clubs. They have not

V yet appeared -— so more details to 2 follow.

0 Star Social Club 44 Carlton Place. Gigs occasionally, usually for very good causes.

' 0 Because oi a local by-law, applicable

only to Glasgow, pubs are not allowed to charge entry to evenings with live music. This means iree entertainment tor the customers, but little money tor the bands. This doesn’t aliect pop music so much (there are a dwindling number oi pubs putting on live music) but is really starting to annoy jazz

E artists.

I 0 Shadows 73 Bath Street, 332 8111. ; Basement bar/diner presenting the

. hard core of young gig-crazy bands.

0 Pin Miller Street, 248 2859. Trendy basement bar with trendy basement bands on Tue and Wed.

0 Midas St Vincent Street. Live music every Wednesday.

0 Since The Apollo has closed the SEC looks as though it will take the place oi Glasgow's iamoes large live venue.

0 Scottish Exhibition Centre Box office 552 5962. There are three hails catering for small groups (eg Lloyd

, Cole) or mega-draws (UB40). In the

next issue, after the SEC’s first gig

i with U840 and Simply Red we’ll be

taking a look at the future of this venue as a regular live occurence.

o The iollowing are students’ unions and, as such, operate a student and guests only policy. Asking a handy student to be signed in creates guest status.

0 Glasgow University Queen Margaret Union University Gardens 339 8525. Excellent students’ union who put on a good deal of the bands worth seeing in Glasgow. Unfortunately they have lost their late licence due to the noisy departure of students after gigs, so bands appear early-ish there for the moment, around 10pm. Efforts are being made to regain the licence.

0 Glasgow University Union University Avenue, 339 8697. Not as cosy as the OM but occasionally hosting good music.

0 Shathclyde University 90 St John Street, 552 5320. Very smart gig with bands every Saturday.

0 Glasgow College of Technology Cowcaddens Road. Occasional good bands.

Edinburgh Venues

0 Assembly Rooms 54 George Street, 226 5992.

0 Hoochle Coochle Club Tollcross Complex, West Tollcross, 228 3252. o Playhouse Theatre 18/22 Greenside Place, 557 2590.

O Queen's Hall Clerk Street, 668


O Rumours 23 Lothian Road, 226 6458.

o Wilkie House Cowgate. 225 2079. Pubs

Free entry.

0 Clowns High Street.

0 Jailhouse 17 Calton Road, 557 3073.

o Preservation Hall 9 Victoria Street, 226 3816.

0 Top 0’ the Walk St James Centre. 557 2631.

o Pleasance Bar 60 The Pleasance. 667 101 1. Charges occasionally for functions on Saturdays.

0 Shore Bar, The Shore, Leith.

Student Unions

Students and guests only. Asking a handy student to be signed in creates

; guest status. 3 0 Edinburgh University Student Union

16 Chambers Street , 225 4832.

. 0 Queen Margaret College 36

? Clerwood Terrace, 339 8111.

; o Moray House Student Union

- Holyrood Road. 556 8455.

; O The Wee Bed Bar Edinburgh

' College of Art. Lauriston Place, 228 j 2661.

t 0 Kings Buildings Union West Mains i Road.6671081.

, 0 Our apologies to those who have

i turned up at Nitelife in the last

fortnight. expecting to see the bands

listed in our last issue, but even

before their new live music policy

I had commenced. Nitelife was

ordered to be closed down. the loss of their licence taking effect from the day the announcement was made. The decision was said not to be an objection to live music, but a reflection on the ‘reputation’ of the club. The claims that the new policy was an attempt to attract a different clientele fell on deafears, and the plan folded before a chord had been struck but not before all the publicity had been sent out. After the closure of La Sorbonne and the fire at Coasters in the last few weeks, this is a crippling blow to the Edinburgh scene.

With immaculate timing, but not as a replacement for Nitelife, a new club opened in Dunfermline on 9 November. Called The Warehouse, it can be found at 23 Kirkgate. and will be featuring mainly Scottish bands of about the same stature as those that were planning to play at Nitelife. The Sting-Rytes were the first to play there, and provisionally booked are The New York Pigfunkers ( 16 Nov). DeafHeights Cajun Aces (21 Nov). Blues ‘n’ Trouble (23 Nov), The Primevals (28 ! Nov) and His Latest Flame (30 Nov). ' At presstime these dates hadn’t been a confirmed, so it may be worth ' phoning The Warehouse on Dunfermline 730183 to check. The venue hopes to have rock and pop bands every Thursday and Saturday and jazz on Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons between 2 and 7pm. In addition, Tam White and The Dexters will be playing on Fridays.

Nevertheless, the number of people able to get from Edinburgh to Dunfermline, especially late at night will be small, so we are still crying out for a good medium-sized venue. In Scotland’s capital it’s a disgrace.

24 The List 15—28 November