GOOD by C. P. Taylor. RSAMD Atheneum Theatre (next to Buchanan St Underground). 7.30pm. Musical comedy.

WET. WET. WET. QM Union £2. Strathclyde University disco till 2am. l Glasgow College ofTechnology disco till 1.30am.


The Rocky Horror Extravaganza. QMU. 8pm. Film, followed by Time

3 Warp disco.

i Strathclyde Univ. WIN. £2.50 +


; Glasgow Tech. The Crows with the

; irrepressible Styng Rites.

j Halt Bar ‘Buskers‘ free.


9 Howard Jacobson, reading from

some ofhis novels. GU, Room 622 i (in the West Quad). Fairy Tale Disco (fancy dress), by Queen‘s College. At Henry Afrikas, ; £2 (£1 .50 FD).


The Antonine Wall: Scotland’s ' Roman Frontier. Mr L. J. F. Keppie. Boyd Orr Building, Lecture Theatre 2, 1.15pm. Lecture. ; The Future of Public Service Q Broadcasting. Boyd Orr Building. 1pm. Lecture. 1 Bobby Wishart Sextet. Halt Bar, f Woodlands Road. Jazz in the s post-bop tradition.


‘Faust’ Studio 1 Cinema, Scottish

: Council for Educational

I Technology, 74 Victorica Cres. Road, Dowanhill. Franco-German Cine Club. 75p. Film.

‘The Outsiders‘ & ‘Rumble-Fish’ (to be confirmed). QMU. Committee Rooms. 8.30pm. Free. Films. ‘Siroccan Jazz’. Halt Bar, Woodlands Road. Free.


Careers Convention. GU. Gilmorehill Hall. All day 11-3. Expert career advice in all fields. ‘Smith & Lyle‘. Halt Bar, Woodlands Road. Free jaa. ‘Retour d'Afrique’, (subtitles). Boyd Orr Building. Free.


Careers Convention continues. Details as above. Postgraduate courses advice.


Hank Wangford Band and wine promotion. QMU. £2.50.

Jimi David and guest. Halt bar, Woodlands Road. Free.

MONDAY ‘Singing in the Rain’. Boyd Orr Building. 7.00pm. Free.




Law and order in lungs and other trees: from Leonardo (via Young and Ruskin) to the present, by Dr N. McDonald. Boyd Orr Building. Lecture Theatre 2. 1.15pm. Lecture. ‘Dumb Waiter‘, ‘The Collection’ and

z ‘The Lover’. Three short classics by

Harold Pinter. Final year students production. RSAMD. (Details as for Friday 1).

‘La béte Humaine’ (1938) ‘Human Desire’. Films, based on novels by Emile Zola. OM. (See QM for details). 6.30pm.

5 ‘Ce n’est pas Ia faute a Jaques

Cartier’. Boyd Orr Building. 7.30pm. Free. Film.



The Olympians, by Sir Arthur Bliss. George Square Theatre. 7pm. £3 (cone. £2). Opera.

2nd Fringe Film Festival. Adam House Theatre. Chamber Street. Full day programmes - films, seminars etc. (See Film List).

The Times of Harvey Milk (1084). 6.45pm and Vassa (1983) 8.20pm. Both at Pleasance. Filmsoc. Members only.

Organ recital by H. Bunney. MacEwan Hall and Reid Concert Hall. 1.10-1.55 pm.

: Edinburgh University - Teviot Row,

The Dance. Two Bars and two discos with lightshow effects. Happy hour 9-10pm late bar till 2am and all for free!

Student Centre Chambers Street -‘The Absolute’ + disco until 1am. Free.

Heriot Watt - Regular Friday disco. Grindlay Street. 50p. 8-1.30am.


2nd Fringe Film Festival. (Details as above).

The Olympians, by Sir Arthur Bliss. George Square Theatre. 7.00pm. £3

' (conc. £2). Opera.


I live in Fear (1955). 6.45pm and M.A.S.H. (1969). Both at George Square Theatre. Filmsoc members only.

2nd Fringe Film Festival. (Details as above).


‘The Nature of conflict’, by Dr. D. Bates. Faculty Room North, David Hume Tower. 5.30pm. Lecture.


Zelig (1983) 2pm & 6.45pm and A Passage to India (1985) 3.30pm & 8.15pm. Both at George Square

, Theatre. Filmsoc members only.

Andrew Young’s poetry: read and discussed by Edward Lowbury. 27 George Square. 7.30pm. £3 (for 10 meetings), students free.

Heriot Watt. Rock Disco. 8] .30am.

£1. Strictly for headbangers.


‘What is the Scottish Enlightenment?’, by Professor Peter Jones, University Chaplaincy, Bristo Square. 1.10pm. Lecture.

‘The New Pastoralism’, by Dr. P. Baxter. Lecture Hall B. David Hume Towerr. 5.15pm. Lecture.

La Guele de L’autre (1980) 8.00pm. Filmsociety members only.


Organ recital, by H. Bunney. MacEwan Hall and Reid Concert Hall. 1.10-1.55pm.

All-nite horror: The Company of Wolves (1984) 11.15pm. Zombies Dawn ofthe Dead (1979) 12.55pm. Firestarter (1984) 3.10am. Basketcase (1982)5.10am. Piranha

"‘4, 1‘

(1978) 6.45am. Funhouse (1979) 1

8.20am. All at the Odeon. Film society members only. (Guests, 2 I tickets required.) I i


La Gueule de l’autre (1980). 8.00pm. Filmsociety members only.


Why we Fight (1942-45) 6.45pm and The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943) 7.00pm. Filmsociety members only.


Billie Holiday 6.45pm, Angel (1982) . 7.00pm and Cal ( 1984) 8.45pm. Film i society members only.



Les Cavaliers de L’orage (1983)

8pm. Film society members only.

‘Crime and Punishment; A view

I from the Bench‘ by Professor Robert Black. University Chaplaincy,

* Bristo Square. 1.10pm. Lecture.

1 The International Axis; culture,

i conflict and trade, by Dr. Andrew

; Sherratt. Lecture Hall B, David Hume Tower. 5.15pm. Lecture. Regular weekly discos; open to all

Edinburgh students with ID cards plus a limited number ofguests. Open to other students depending on reciprocal agreements.

, Mon: Chamber St House. Rock

; disco. 9-12.30. Wed: Potterrow Bar. Green Banana Club disco. 8-1am.

Thurs: Chamber St House. The

Thursday Disco. 8-midnight.

Fri: Chamber St House. Medicine

E Show disco. 8-12.45. Teviot Row.

Megadisco. Smoke, light effects, the lot. Two discos. 8-2am. Potterrow.

f Disco, often with live bands. 8-1am.

Sat: Teviot Row, Park Room Disco.

8-late. Chamber St House. Late

night double feature. Live band plus

Supertrog disco. Foggy effects and

eye-splitting lights as well as many

decibels of dance tonic. 8-1am.

Heriot Watt. Regular Friday Disco.

Grindlay Street. 50p. 81.


‘-‘ Idif'n

: Both Glasgow University Union and

: Queen Margaret Union lost their late i drinking licences at the recent sitting at g the Licencing Court, and have been

: forced to close their doors at midnight

This lollowed complaints from local residents at vandalism and rowdy behaviour alter weekend iunctions.

Both Union Presidents accepted that this was the case but were agreed in blaming the trouble on a ‘mlndless minority’.

In an effort to retain weekend custom, the GM has introduced a ‘happy hour’ while the GUU’s discos are new tree and will run tlll 1am although the bars will shut at 11 .45pm.

So far GUU president Kenneth Ritchie is well pleased with the tum-out at his discos. ‘People can't resist something tor nothing' he said, ‘last Saturday we had to close the doors at 9.45am.

Up the road at UM however, things are not going quite so well. Blg name bands such as Marc Almond are still selling out, but attendance at discos

has been poor.


42 The List 1—14 November