0 Dynasty(BBCl) With movie audiences growing ever younger and less sophisticated in taste the glossy world of the television soap has become a godsend for the middle- aged and has-been celebrities of Lotusland. Dynasty‘s crop currently includes Rock Hudson and Ali McGraw. At least they pep up the borineg repetitive plotline of Alexis‘ evil machinations, Blake and Krystle’s fragile union and Steven‘s manful struggle with his bisexuality.

0 Fox and Friends (Channel 4) Generally regarded as one of German director Fassbinder‘s best films Fox tells of a gay carnival performer who wins 500,000 marks in a lottery and his subsequent exploitation by an upper-class lover. Made in 1975.

O Brookside (Channel 4) Handy compendium of the week‘s activities at the eventful close. Fresher‘s week at university looms for Karen and newcomer Rod Corkhill finds himselfinfatuated with Heather. Will we learn the dark secrets lurking in the Corkhill family‘s obviously murky past?

0 Vietnam —Taiking to the People (BBC2) Ten years after the end of hostilities this Open Space special looks at the lives of ordinary Vietnamese and how they have been affected by war and its aftermath. Independent American film-maker Jon Alpert has won numerous awards for his work which bodes well for this programme.


0 The Human Factor (STV) Profile of M‘A‘S'H star Mike Farrell and how his involvement in the long- running medical sit-com has spilled over into real life including recent trips to El Salvador in which he has assisted at the operating table.

0 Thunder Rock (BBC 2) Robert Ardrey‘s play first appeared in 1939 and was a noted wartime hit in London‘s West End transferring to the cinema screen in 1942 with Michael Redgrave and James Mason. Now Charles Dance stars as the disillusioned journalist who has removed himself from the cares of the world to settle in selfish seclusion as a lighthouse keeper on Lake Michigan. Events conspire to renew his faith in the worth of mankind in Lthis seldom revived allegorical fable.

35 The List 4— l 7 October


o The South Bank Show (STV) Alec Guinness is one of Britain‘s most respected veteran thespians. hailed for his mastery of make-up and low-key naturalism. But what of the man behind the mask. is he a sphinx without a secret? His current autobiography will no doubt provide limited revelations but Melvyn Bragg‘s rare interview may probe deeper.

0. Roy and Bob (Channel 4) Roy Wilmott. Fulham bricklayer. and Bob Chalk, a carpenter from Sheffield met three years ago and discovered that they had both been



BBCZ’s Theatre Night, Thunder Rock by

Robert Ardrey, on Sunday October 6, presents Charles Dance with a fresh challenge. That of the American accent. He is best known tor his portrayal of the perfect English gentleman in such productions as the award winning Jewel in the Crown, and most recently Plenty, the film version of David Hare's play, where he co-stars alongside Mom I Streep.

Charles is switt to acknowledge the

trying to invent a satisfactory safety device for roofing contractors. The programme follows the precarious financial task faced by the pair as they attempt to transform a bright idea into a marketable product. (See panel).


' Black Mag|C(Channel4) Orson Welles is ideally cast as hypnotist and charlatan Ciagliostro in this flamboyant chronicle of his rise to powerin 18th century Italy. Welles also contributed to the film's direction although his efforts went uncredited. Made in 1949.

0 Lou Grant (Channel 4) The welcome re-run of this consistently fine American import continues

with the episode in which Lou learns i that he has cancer and must undergo ' surgery.

0 Maggie's Market Forces (BBC 1) Panorama raises the curtain on the Tory conference in Blackpool with

5 an examination of their current

pittalls that even our most revered theatrical knights can descend into when faced with such a task, and spent weeks with a dialogue coach beiore production began also using the time to take up a pipe and grow a beard in preparation for his role. He remains philosophical at the result— ‘It wasn't as easy as it sounds. it is a ditticult accent to get right. . .' A modest, dedicated chap is our Charles.

l l ! i i

standing in the opinion polls and the conflicting pressures to ensure victory at the next election. Fred Emery interviews Thatcher and Norman Tebbit.


0 Open to Question (BBC 2) Ian Smith. Rhodesia's prime minister for 16 years, is in the hot seat facing the frequently penetrating questions of a largely unimpressionable bunch of schoolkids.

0 Whistle Test (BBC 2) Simon LeBon. Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor talk about their new band Arcadia and show the video of the single Election Day. Kate Bush consents to a rare live interview, The Men They Couldn‘t Hang are in concert at Newcastle University. Suzanne Vega is in the studio plus some ditties from Bobby Womack. A packed programme.

0 Cagney and Lacey (BBC l)This show recently swept the board at the Emmy Awards, grabbing six of the gongs in the face ofstiff competition from the more favoured Miami Vice and Hill St. Blues. This two—part story finds Mary Beth preoccupied with the news that she may have breast cancer whilst still investigating the disappearance of an eight year old. Soap-opera. timely drama and cop show all in one.

o The Far Pavilions (Channel 4) Although the central roles display poor casting MM Kaye‘s romantic bestseller gave Channel 4 some of its highest viewing figures ever when it was first shown 18 months ago. Officer and a gentleman Ben Cross, product of an Indian childhood and British education, is torn between the two cultures until he is reunited with childhood sweetheart princess Anjuli who is betrothed to another. An excellent supporting cast includes Omar Sharif. Christopher Lee and Rupert Everett. Part 2 can be seen tomorrow and the conclusion on Thursday.


' The March at Time: On the March (Channel 4) The first ofa ten-part series tracing the history of the innovative cinema news magazine The March ofTime which was released throughout the globe from 1935 to 1951. Stills. original newsreels and interviews combine to explain the magazine‘s importance as a disseminator of information and its influence on subsequent media developments. Tonight‘s programme describes the magazine's origins and how it was initially launched.

0 Timewatch: Aspects at War (BBC 2) History comes vividly alive in this programme which examines the past from refreshingly unusual perspectives. Tonight features the origins of M16, the Boer War seen through the box Brownie camera lens of the ordinary soldier and the effects of World War 1 on those left at home in an Essex village are recorded in the diaries of a local minister.