0 Fish Pond Food Webs Young Naturalists Club. Pollock Country Park, Glasgow. 10am-12noon

Bring wellies and waterproofs meet at Countryside Ranger Centre.

0 Recreation and Hobby Exhibition Pittencrieff Glen Park, Dunfermline. 10.30—5.()0pm.


o Fungal Foray Guided walk. Pollock Country Park, Glasgow. 2pm—4pm

Meet at Countryside Ranger Centre.

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0 Recreation and Hobby Exhibition PittencrieffGlen Park, Dunfermline. 10.30—5.00pm.

e Lomond Hills Guided walk (Lomond Hills Ranger Service). 2pm—4pm.

Meet at Craigend car park.

0 RSPB Film Festival Palacerigg Country Park. Cumbernauld. 1.30. 1) Osprey

2) Flying Birds

Festival continues throughout winter.


0 Conservation and Needlework Group National Trust shop, South Street, St Andrews. 10—12noon. Group meets every Thursday.

0 Countryside and Wildiiie Evening course by Jim Glover. Lomond Hills Ranger Service, Glenwood School, Glenrothes. 7pm—9pm.



' Sports, activities, crafts. hobbies,



o The Setting Up and Running oi a Nature Reserve Talk by Jim Stephenson. Vane Farm Nature Reserve Saline. Church Hall. Saline. Fife. 7.30


0 Fruits, Fungi, and Other Autumnal Finds 50+ Club. Pollock Country Park. Glasgow. 2pm—4pm. Meet at Countryside Ranger Centre.

0 1985 Leisure Exhibition Beeslack High School. Penicuik. Displays of


0 Up the Ben Six mile walk up and down Ben Lomond with West Highland Way Ranger Service. 11am—5pm. Meet at noticeboard, Rowardennan car park.

Boots, waterproofs, food, and drink essential.

o Ranger Ramble Strathclyde Country Park, between Hamilton and Motherwell. 2pm.

Meet at Visitor Centre.


o Enjoying the Countryside Evening course by Nic Bullivant, Fife Ranger Service. Dunfermline Centre. 7pm-9pm.

Includes field visits.

0 Scotland's Archival Heritage Talk by Dr. Margaret Sanderson. Lecture theatre, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh. 7.30pm.

Until 30 November

0 Christmas Picture Sale Priorwood Garden, Melrose. Representing the best of Border art.


To commemorate 1985 being the 150th anniversary of the death of James Hogg, The Ettrick Shepherd, the Scottish Tourist Board. Scottish Arts Council, and James Hogg Society have combined to organise an Ettrick Shepherd Festival at various venues throughout Hogg's Border country. The planned events reflect all the aspects of Hogg’s work: poems, novels, short stories, and musical pieces, and include a Borders tour by Edinburgh‘s Traverse Theatre in Hogg: The Shepherd Justified, a new play by Frederick Mohr.

The Festival will take place throughout October, with the main events occurring at weekends. The diary of events for the first two


0 Opening concert Yarrow Kirk. 7.30pm. £2.00 (£1.50).

0 Candelit readings West Buccleuch Hotel. 10.30pm.

Saturday 5

0 Lecture: Rogg in the Borders by Dr Michael Robson. Selkirk Town Hall. 3pm

0 The Witches oi Traoualr by James Hogg. Kirkhope Hall, Ettrick Bridge. 7.30pm. £2.00(£1.50).


O Hogg at home Gordon Arms Hotel. Yarrow. 4pm. A reading of the letters between James and Margaret Hogg.

O Kilmeny and other places by James Hogg. Bowhill Lecture Theatre. 6pm. £2.00.


o Hogg: The Shepherd Justiiied by Frederick Mohr Kirkhope Hall, Ettrick Bridge. 7.30pm. £2.00.

0 The Witches oi Traqualr by James Hogg. Broughton Village Hall. 7.30pm. £2.00(£1.50).

0 Candeilt readings Cross Keys Inn, Ettrick Bridge. 10.30pm.

Saturday 12

o All Day Traditional Music Day Ettrick Bridge.

0 Katie Cheyne by James Hogg. Philipburn House Hotel, Selkirk. 4.30pm.

o Hogg: The Shepherd Justiiied by Frederick Mohr. Gala performance with supper at Bowhill. 7.30pm.

0 The Witches oi Traquair by James Hogg. Corn Exchange, Melrose. 7.30pm. £2.00 (£1.50).

0 Katie Cheyne by James Hogg. Crook Inn, Tweedsmuir. 10pm.


0 Lecture: Rogg and Scott-a study in iriendship by Allan Massie. Selkirk Town Hall. 3pm.

0 Katie Cheyne by James Hogg. Gordon Arms Hotel, Yarrow. 6pm. 0 Hogg: The Shepherd Justliied by Frederick Mohr. Bowhill Lecture Theatre. 7.30pm. £2.00.

0 Kilmeny and other pieces by James Hogg at Corn Exchange, Melrose. 8pm. £2.00(£1.50).

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Common complaints such as: Headache. backpain. stomachache. general tension and tatigue. both physical and emotional.

For more information or an appointment. phone: Shemm Carrol

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An invitation to spend an evening at the


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Reservations 557 0435

weeksends is:

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The List 4— 1 7 October 35