Roy and Bob is just one at the many programmes made for Channel 4 by Edinburgh-based Skyline Film and Television Productions. Others include Years Ahead, and International Volleyball, all part at the enormous boost given to the independent production industry by 64’s policy at

THURSDAY 10 0 Forty Minutes (BBC 2) A new batch of this award-winning documentary series begins with a Portrait ofTeenage Life. The film features a group of 16 year-olds in Newport Pagnell and Milton Keynes with the intention ofcapturing ‘the feeling ofwhat it is like to be 16 in the summer of 1985 with teenagers

commissioning material trom them. Skyline's success stems irom the merger at two smaller iilm companies which enabled the production house to tackle a more extensive range at subjects than belore, the most ambitious at which is a mini series Blood Red Rose, based on a play by

living for today. enjoying themselves in the in-between days of their youth.‘


The Tube (Channel 4) The Tube returns ready to do battle with Whistle Test‘s tasty line-up. This

week the bill includes Pete ; Townsend‘s new band. Kevin

Rowland and Dexy‘s Midnight


John McGrath in collaboration with US major Lorimar makers oi Dallas.

‘That’s what happens in Scotland. When something comes up, we help each other,’ says Skyline's Trevor Davies. The new programme coincides with Skyline's tirst birthday.

Runners. Depeche Mode and Tom Waits. Chakk are on film. The Thompson Twins jet in for a live interview and there is exclusive footage of flavour of the month Madonna. The weekend starts here! 0 Salt on a Snake‘s Tall (BBC 2) Adapted by Faroukh Dhondy from one of his own short stories this is an interesting sounding play with the topical subject matter of racial

attacks on Asians. Teenager Jolil Miah faces the dilemma of reconciling his father‘s devout Muslim pacifism with his brother‘s involvement in a vigilante groupwhen he is attacked by two white youths.

0 Child's Play (BBC 1 ) A generally underrated melodrama with James Mason in terrific form as an unpopular master at a Catholic boys school who is hounded and harried by a brutal air ofviolence in his pupils instilled by the seemingly genial but disquietineg sinister English teacher Robert Preston. Powerfully acted. well-directed with only a poor climax to spoil the show. Made in 1972.


0 Brookside (Channel 4) Karen‘s first day at university is not quite what she expected. The Corkhills continue to intrigue the rest of the close with Rod and Damon waging war over their football allegiances and hints of Billy‘s criminal past.


0 Live lrom Her Majesty’s (STV) The nerve-jangling unpredictability of live television gives this show the edge over the blandly similar variety bills with the endless rotation of rent-a-guest celebrities. Jimmy Tarbuck is the host.


0 Tender is the Night (BBC 2) Dennis Potter‘s version of the Fitzgerald book is winning a lot of admirers and certainly outdistances the l960s film version with its scrupulous attention to detail and sumptuous period evocation.


0 Cagney and Lacey (BBC 1) Concluding episode of last week’s epic in this award-winning show.



Orson Welles and Valentina Cortese (Ch. 4 Mon 7)

The List 4— l 7 October 37