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POLITICAL CEILIDH THE CHEVIOT, THE STAG AND THE BLACK, BLACK OIL Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow, and touring, postponed due to COVID-19 virus

The Cheviot, The Stag and the Black, Black Oil is regarded as something of a Scottish classic, and with good reason. Created by John McGrath in 1973 for the 7:84 theatre company, it was inspired by Brecht and the move to present big ideas in an entertaining format. A provocative, trenchant and funny ceilidh play dealing with history and poking at stereotypes, it’s also very moving. Director Joe Douglas has revived it before, to huge acclaim, but this time on its tour it will come to the Pavilion Theatre. Since its debut, the play has weathered many political storms, particularly in recent times of division and calls for Scottish independence from certain quarters. ‘Nothing has genuinely changed, in relation

to Scottish workers and their relationship with the product of Scotland, especially in relation to land ownership and resources,’ states Douglas. ‘Scotland still has the most unfair distribution of land ownership in the developed world. Scotland is still in service to the oil companies and corporations, the lords and the ladies, the tycoons that want to maximise profit at the expense of the lives of most Scottish people. One day, I hope within my lifetime, we’ll retire the play to the bookcase because it won’t be relevant anymore. But not yet, sadly.’

Still, questions of Scottish independence

notwithstanding, the initial remit from McGrath was to provide, first and foremost, ‘A Good Night Out’. It’s something that the show does with songs, heart, and a good dose of satire. (Lorna Irvine)

One day, this strange time will become a story that Scotland's playwrights and theatremakers will tell on our stages. And when they do, we hope you will join us to hear them.

We’re off stage but not off line so we’ll see you soon either way. Keep in touch for updates! With love, thanks and solidarity,

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94 THE LIST 1 Apr–31 May 2020

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PLATFORM, EASTERHOUSE Monday 27 April, 7pm


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