I SAW YOU Glasgow

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I Saw You at Glasgow Gay 5k. Stunning blonde guy in GMH t-shirt. We looked...and looked again. Would love another chance to admire. Me? Greying brown hair, brown t-shirt, large brown smiling eyes. (U/688/1)


looking for cigarettes. I may have been a gentleman but doesn't mean I wouldn't love to see you again. (U/688/7)


at Urban Angel, eating a massive brownie. Surely there was enough to share?! (U/687/8)

I Saw You at the Magnets in the Spiegeltent and we agreed we'd make a great quiz team; you'd make up for my lack of TV viewing and I'd score points for movies. (U/688/9) I Saw You 10.51 from Waverley 24-08 1st class. Me: messy blond curls, sitting at window, attempting to work. You: papers and science journal, until Wolverhampton. I'd like to see you again.. (U/688/10)

I Saw You at James Blake Edinburgh. You're the gorgeous girl with a tattoo on your back. I'm the stunned guy, who you smiled and pointed at. Time for a post gig review? (U/688/11)

I Saw You at Ian McLagan show - you the young mod with the bad camera who only wanted a handshake. Me, couldn't stop looking. (U/688/12)


smiling at me in the Filmhouse Cafe. Come over and say hello next time! B x (U/687/13)

I Saw You Girl on the platform, Edinburgh Waverly. We smiled across the train tracks. You know who you are. (U/688/14) I Saw You on the opening night of Edindocs, you were beardy with glasses. Hoped to see you again over the weekend, but no joy! Boo. (U/688/15)

I Saw You having possibly the best horror club yet. Well done team. (U/688/16) I Saw You turning into an ebay fiend. Step away from the computer... (U/688/17)

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I Saw You PEARSE, Irish railway surveyor from Glasgow, you were in INVERURIE a few weeks back, we had a giggle, but my feet hurt and you left too soon! Please contact me. (U/688/2)

I Saw You walking around the farmers' market. You = basket of mushrooms on your arm, red coat. Me = brown jacket, carrying leeks. See you again next week? (U/688/3)


reading "Under the Skin" by Michel Faber on the train. I loved Crimson Petal... is this worth the read too? (U/687/4)

I Saw You pals! Thanks for making it the best birthday EVER. Gemma xx (U/688/5) I Saw You being gutted about not making it to London Fashion Week. Don't worry dahling, we'll be there next year ;) x (U/688/6)


I Saw You 19.08.11 Friday 4.55am walked you down the road from CC's

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