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in Screenwriting is aimed at those who need the flexibility of a mainly online course and do not have the time

or do not want to undertake the breadth of the full Masters programme. Delivered online and during three weekend study workshops it offers core modules from Napier University's popular MA Screenwriting Programme.

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See the (lirhestia, singers and backstage (rew present key scenes, introduced from the stage, in an hour long faster.

'I was blown away by the experience'

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Der Rosenkavalier Unwrapped

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54 THE LIST 10 150 Nov 2000

Marie Antoinette ( IZA) COO

(Sofia (‘oppola. ('8. 2006) Kirsten Dunst, Jason Schwart/man. Rip Torn. 122mm. ('oppola Jr follows her much lauded Lox! in 'Iraiis/ali'on with a punky biography of the misunderstood Queen of I‘rance. adapted from Antonia I-‘raser's book on the subject. A daring and bold attempt to rework formulaic staid costume dramas or a feature-

length pop promo that reaches new depths of

shallowness’.’ You decide. Selected release. Monster House (ti 0... ((iil Kenan. [8. 3006) Voices of Steve Bliscetiii. .Maggie (iyllenhaal. Mitchel Musso. ()Iniin. Trouble-making tykes investigate the creepy house in this film. which is wicked fun for all ages. (‘(il production in which not only is the titular house a personable villain. it actually tears itself tip from its foundations in the climax of Kenan's skilfully realised family film. (‘I'Iteii‘or/(l Park/teal]. (iluxgou‘: ('i'iieii'orlil Ifrli'ii/iirre/t. I'Jt/l‘Il/Illl‘g'll.

Mother Nature (Mater Natura) ( lb') (Massimo Andrei. Italy. 200-1) Maria Pia ('al/one. Valerio l-‘oglia Man/illo. lin/o Moscato. ‘J-lttiiti. ll's classic boy meets girl. except this girl is a post operative transsexual streetwalker and the boy is already married. Intriguing romantic drama. Part of Italian film festival. (l'laseow I-‘i/m Theatre. (ilasgoii‘: I'ilmlioirse. lat/iiilmreli. Mountain Patrol (Kekexili) ( l5) OOOO (I.u ('huan. ('hina/llong Kong. 2005) Duobuji. [hang l.ei. ()i l.iang. 85min. An epic real-life drama about Tibetan volunteers attempting to protect the indigenous antelope from extinction by ('hinese poachers. Pitted against treacherous nature. the moral ambiguity of both sides shines through in thrilling action sequences and striking images. (ilaseow l-i'lm 'I'lieaire. (i/asgoii'.’ Film/tome. Iii/iiiliureli.

Mrs Brown (Mb 00.. (John Madden. l'K. I‘)‘)7) Judi l)ench. Billy ('onnolly. Antony Sher. I03min. Queen \‘ictoria‘s obsessive mourning for Prince Albert is casting gloom over the entire countiy. so Iliglilaiid ghillie John Brown is called down from Balmoral to shake tip the stuffy linglish court. Madden's film can‘t match the comic brio and visual panache of The .tlai/ness olivine (ieoree. but his understated direction undeniably stiits the story. The performances are uniformly splendid. with l)ench and (‘onnolly (both perfectly east) giving the liliii a surprising emotional depth. 5'! Bra/e 's (‘enrrin [admiring/i.

Neil Young: Heart of Gold (PG) .0. (Jonathan Demme. I'S. 300(3) Neil Young. Larry ('ragg. limmylou llarris. l03min. A concert movie depicting the two nights Young played at Nashville's legendary Ryman auditorium in August 3005 just a few short months after he was diagnosed with a potentially fatal brain aneurism. The interviews and audience iwrspectivc performance footage show him to be in rude health in this nicer contrasting companion piece to Jim Jarmuscli's 1997 conceit tour documentary. Year of the Horse. (ilaseoii' I'i/m Theatre. (i/as‘goii‘.

Never Again Like Before (Mai Piu Come Prima) ( IDA) ((iiacomo (’ampiotti. Italy. 2005) Marco ('asu. Marco \'elIuti. Natalia Piatti. Nicola ('ipolla. l()(imin. A bunch of recent school leavers in a mountain town deal with the tips and downs of adulthood in this coming-of—age drama. Part of Italian Film Festival. (ilasgoii' l'i'lm T/It'ull‘t’. (ilax'eoii'; film/rouse. Edinburgh.

Night and Dayit’i 000 (Michael ('tirtil. I'S. 19-16) (‘ary (irant. Alexis Smith. Monty Woolley. llttmin. l'ictionalised biography of ('ole Porter with a few of the details fudged but still fun. SI lira/e "s (‘eiirnz Izili'nbure/i.

Nina’s Heavenly Delights (P( l)

0.. (l’ratibha Parmat‘. (K. 3006) Shelley ('onn. l.aura l'iaset‘. Ronny Jhutti.

(“mm In contemporary (ilasgow a Scottish Asian lesbian. the black sheep of her family. returns home to run her deceased father‘s Indian restaurant. Willi culture clashes. forbidden love and happy endings. this is lightweight stuff for the queer teenage market. ('anieo. Iirliii/mre/i. Nora Helmeri IS) 000 (Rainer Werner Fassbinder. (iermany. 1973) Margit (‘arstensetL Joachim Hansen. Barbara Valentin. ltllmin. l’assbindei”s television adaptation of Ibsen's :l Doll '.\ Home seems like a match made in heaven. with the staging and cinematography enhancing the story's themes of entrapment and repression. Part of Italiati l'ilm liestival. ('(EI. (i/asgoii; One Man Up (L’Uomo in Piu) I 15) CO. (Paolo Sorrentino. Italy. 2001 ) Toni Servillo. Andrea Ren/i. Nello Mascia. Antonino Brtischetta. l03min. Two brothers. one successful. the other not quite so, hay e their situations reversed. liarly feature from the director (ill The ('Hltseqlu'llt‘es nilnt'e. which was never released in this country. Part of ltaliaii l-"ilni l't‘slthl. (i/axgoii- l-i'lni ‘Iiliealre. (i/asgoii'; I'iliii/iouse. I'fr/irilmreli. Open Season (Hi) 0. (Roger Allcrs. Jill (‘ulton. Anthony Stacchi. ('5. Zoom Voices of Martin Lawrence. Ashton Kutchcr. Debra Messing. 80min. ‘)00lb gri/lly bear Boog (voiced by Lawrence) takes on a nasty group of human predators during the open hunting season with the help of lilliot (Kutcher). a fast-talking mule deer. Predictable. bland. cliche ridden and oversweet animation that just about passes muster as a soft-brained family flick. (it’ltt'l'rll I'('/('(1.\r'. Over the Hedge (t') 000 (Tim Johnson/Karey Kirkpatrick. I'S. 3006) Bruce Willis. (iarry Shandling. Avril I.a\ igne. 83min. Above average l)ream\\'orks animation about an audacious raccoon w ho fools a family of forest creatures to invade suburbia with unexpected results. ('i'neii-orltl Park/read. (i/asgoii': (ineii'orlrl [Zr/I'II/tlll'g/I. [cilia/Hugh. The Page Turner (La Tourneuse de Pages) I 15) O... (l)enis l)ereourt. France. 2000) (‘athcrine lirot. l)ebot‘ah l'i'aneois. Pascal (iregory. 84min. A thriller set in the rarefied world of classical music. After Melanic's (Francois) childhood audition is thwarted by famous pianist Arianc (l'ii‘ot ). she seeks payback in this cleverly understated revenge drama from french w riter-director l)ereourt. When the violence comes. it's all the more memorable for the l' ck of bloodshed. (ameo. Iz'rliIi/mre/i.

Pan’s Labyrinth ( IS) 0000 ((iuillcrino Del Toro. Mexico/Spaiu/l '8. 200m Ivana liaquero, Doug Jones. Sergi I.ope/. I I‘lmin. See review. page 43. ('meii'or/(l Rea/reti' Street. Glasgow .' ('anieo. Iii/titliiire/i. Paradise NOWI l5) C....(llany Abu Assad. I-‘rance/(iermany/NetIierlands/lsrael . 2005) Kais Nashef. Ali Suliman. l.tibna A/abal. Amer lllehel. 90min. The tale of two Palestinian car mechanics about to venture to Israel on a suicide-bombing mission. I’urar/ixe Now is primarily a buddy - buddy mov ic. The I'K release date was postponed because of the 7/7 London bombings. and since then it‘s become the first Palestinian film to win a (iolden (ilohe award and receive an ()scai' nomination. (amen. Iz'iliii/mre/i.

The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema ( l5) O... (Sophie liiennes. l'K/AUstria/thherlands. 3005) Slay-oi Xi/ek. 150mm. See interview. page 4-1 and review. page 46. (if/I (ilavgoii'. Piano 17 ( 18) (Antonio Manetti. Mai-co Manetti. Italy. 2005) (iianipaolo Morelli. lilisabetta Rocchctti. (iuiseppe Soleri. 105mm. In the middle of a bomb operation everything goes wrong. with the boitib planter. Marco Mancini (Morelli i. trapped inside a lift and unable to rely on his friends for help. Part of ltaliaii film festival. (i/aseoii' l'i/m 'I‘liealre. (i/aseoii'; film/tome. [cilia/Hugh. Pilton Video: Smoke and Mirrors (I5) (Neil (iray. l‘K. 200m (illllllli. An uplifting documentary about the negotiations by lidinburgli tenants to attain affordable council acconnnodation. The programme also includes Homing Problems. an innovative 1935 dm‘tiinentai'y