JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE SECC, Glasgow, Thu 15 Jan 0...

Round two. It’s Timberlake v Glasgow again tonight, for the second of a three-night run, and Justin has every intention of taking home the title of undisputed flyweight champion of pop.

Once you get past the uncomfortable taste of the McDonald’s banners hanging up around the arena and the two airings of the painfully (un)cool advert for the said hamburger joint, the show kicks off with Justin commanding the stage while reeling off ‘Rock Your Body’, ‘Senorita’ and a couple of N’Sync favourites, ‘Gone’ and ‘Girlfriend’ (sans Nelly, of course). Cue a costume change and Justin returns to lap up the 1000s of ear piercing screams



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Caledonian Backpackers, Edinburgh, Sat 10 Jan

The New Year hangovers have laIiiiost‘i gone. the gigging season has returned. and this was a nigh-on perfect show to get us back in the swnig.

First up were Desc. undoubtedly one of the finest young hands to grace Scottish stages at the moment. Crashing guitars meet reserved strings in an emotional fusion of the tender and the terrifying, much like Dan Mutch's frustrated yell mixed Wllll Helena MacGilp's soft choirgirl vocals. Brilliant and getting better. they're like an imaginary Davrd Lynch musical --

Ass rockin’ or burger shot?


Wllll Mutch played by Nick Cage and MacGilp by Laura Dem.

The Broken Family Band. on the other hand. are merely pleasant. Not to denigrate the Cambridge band's heartfelt. polished country rock on any other stage they might be the highlight but they're stuck in between two groups that wrestle for your attention. and Just don't cut the proverbial mustard in this sandy/ich.

The work of Swedish brothers Andre and DaVid-lvar Herman Dune is unmissable. however Looking like refugees from a diagram depicting the Seven Ages of Harry Dean Stanton. they add the appropriate melancholy to a Nick Cave cover. the requisite barmy grayitas to Jonathan Richiiian's ‘True Love- is Not Nice'. and an undeniable strain of countw-rockin' genius to their own songs. (DEN/Kl Pollocki

for a good five minutes while seeming genuinely touched by the adoring cross section of kids, housewives - and everyone else in between -

showing their adoration.

The rest of the 90 minutes is album tracks and pyrotechnics but it pales in comparison with the fantastic renditions of ‘Cry Me a River’ and ‘Like I Love You’. He even indulges in an impressive spot of beat boxing - all the more impressive when suspended 30 feet above the audience on a crane.

When he’s good, he’s really good - he can shake his ass better than any of his contemporaries only when he picks up his guitar for a croon along with one of his lesser known tracks do you realise how dangerous a tightrope being a pop god really is. Without the dance moves, cool collaborations and celebrity girlfriends, you might be asking yourself,

Justin who? (Sheri Friers)

I A Perfect Circle illltl Auf Der Maur Sli(‘('. (illhgim, () l'bh.

I The Undertones King 'l‘ui'x. (iluxgmx, (i li‘h.

I Lamb ('ui'liiig .-\L‘il(lClll_\. (ilaxgim. (i lich.

I Lost Prophets ()Ml '. (ilaxgim. 7 l’ch.

I Blink 182 Bruchcziil :\i'cii;i. (ilzixgim. 8 [Th S()l.l) ()l "l'

I Damien Rice (xii-ling .'\L'iltlL‘lll}. (ilzixgim, l l I'L'h. S()l.l) ()l "l.

I Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Cooper Temple Clause (xii-ling .-\c;idcm_\. (iliixgim. l3 lich.

I Nobokazu Takemura (‘(‘..\. (iluxgim. l3 l'iL‘lT.

I The Distillers liiii‘i‘im lurid. (iliixgim. I3 li‘h. S()[.[) ()1 "l‘

I Alfie King Tut's. (iluxgim. l3 lich.

I The Waifs ()llL‘L‘llK Hull. lidiiihurgh. l3 lich.

I Air ( 'iii‘liiig Await-iii}. (ilaixgim. [4 Mb.

I Explosions in the Sky g2.

Gigs ow to H Edll‘l urgh

(ilaixgou. l-l lich.

I Kris Kristofferson Royil (‘onccit lliill. (ilzixgim. l5 li‘h. I Love feat Arthur Lee

liquid Room. Iidinhurgh. l‘) l-‘ch:

('aii‘liiig Acudcm}. (ilzixgmi. 3| Feb.

I Black Eyed Peas ('zirling .'\Ciltlt‘lll_\. (illisgim. 3U li‘h. I Shania Main Sli('(‘. (ilzixgim. 33 l‘ch. S()l.l) ()l'l & ll) Mar. I Jamie Cullum Rtl}ill ('UllL‘L‘l‘l Hull. (ilzixgim. 33 lich. I Monster Magnet ().\ll '. (ililsglm. 34 l‘L‘lt. I Gary Jules (‘uiiici- llk‘ult‘c. (iltlxgim. 35 lich. I David Lee Roth (lute Auditnriiiin. (iluxgim, 35 l‘ch. I Monster Magnet ()Mt '. (ilzixgim. 35 l't‘h. I The Ataris Bumm lillltl. (iluxgou. 37 [Th I Stereolab ON“ I (ilil\gl)\\. 1 Mar.

Fountains of Wayne (iiii'ugc. (ilzisgim. 1 Mar. I Dropkick Murphys

(iaii‘ugc. (ilasgim. 3 Mair.

I The Libertines (ilmgim. 2 Mar. S()l.l) ()l'l

CKY ( 'iii‘liiig :\L‘iltlL‘lll}. (iliixgim, 3 Mar. I Ozomatli ()Nll'. (iluxgim. 3 Mail I Anti Flag (’zilhouxc. (ilasgim. 3 Mar. I Brian Wilson (‘lylc Auditorium. (iliixgim. 4 Mar. I Counting Crows (‘iii'liiig Acuilcni}. (iluxgim. (i .\l;ii'. I The Alarm (iiii‘ugc. (ilzixgim. 7 Mar. I Yo La Tengo and Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci t'xlici- llull. Iidiiihui'gh. ‘) Mail I Travis S!i('('. (iluxgim. I l «k l3 .\I;ir. I Basement Jaxx (lirling Acuilcm}. (ilaxgmx. l3 .\l;ir. I Hundred Reasons Biii'i'imlzind. (ilaxgim. l3 Mar. I The Offspring Sl-L(‘(‘. (ilaxgim. l3 .\l;ir. I Reel Big Fish Baii‘rimliind. (iliixgim. l-l Mail: I Diana Ross Sli(‘(‘. (ilusgnu'. l4 .\l;ir.



Herman Dune pay homage to Cave, Richman and Stanton

"fiCfiEfli’é @eefiane’js Wes-c {Eateries

I Kraftwerk ('iii‘ling Acuilcni). (iluxgim. to Mar. S()l.l) ()l'l

I Busted Sli('('. (iluxgim. Hi 8: l7 .\l;ii'. S()I.[) ()l'T

I Stiff Little Fingers Bill’l'll\\lilllkl. (iluxgim. l7 .\l;ii‘. I Billy Bragg l‘xlicr llilll. lidiiihui'gh. l8 Mar.

I Seal (lute Auditorium. (iluxgim. l‘) .\l;ir.

I Zero 7 ('zirliiig .Ncudciii}. (ilaixgim. 3() Mar.

I Isis King Tut's. (iliixguu. 33 .\l;ll'.

I John Squire (’zii'liiig Acudcni}. (iliixgim. 35 Mar. I Lambchop ()uccii's Hull. lidiiihurgh. 36 Mar.

I Lulu ('lylc :\lltlil0l‘llllll. (iluxgim. 30 Mar.

I Sugababes ('iii'ling :\t‘illlL‘lll}. (ilgixgmi. 33 Mar. I Super Furry Animals (‘orii lixchgiiigc. Edinburgh. 30 Mar.

I Pink Sli('('. (iliixgim. 3| .\liii‘.

I Hundred Reasons and

Tire i L??? it t (a {$1834. 'f,

Biffy Clyro Barre“ lillltl. (iluxgmx. ll .\l;ir. I Blazin’ Squad Sl-1(’('. (iliixgim. 3 Apr. I David Byrne t'xhcr llllll. lidinhurgh. lll Apr. I Duran Duran Sl-;('(‘. (llil\:_'\)\\. l5 Apr. I David Byrne t'xhci' llllll. lidiiihurgh. l5 Apr. I Norah Jones (ink Audiluriiiiii. (ilzixgim. l8 Apr. I Eric Clapton Sli(‘(‘. (iliixgim, 30 Apr. Britney Spears Sli(‘(‘. (ilgixgim. 3t) Apr. I Less Than Jake Sli(‘(‘. (iliixgim. 35 Ma}. I Peter Gabriel Sl-1('(‘. (iluxgim. 5 Jun. I Yes ('l_\dc .-\uditoi‘iuiii. (iliixgim. 30 Jun. I Blondie (ink :\uiloriuui. (iluxgim. 33 Jun. I T in the Park that David Bowie, The Darkness and Muse Buliido. Kllll'nxx. Ill l l .lul. Red Hot Chilli Peppers

.\llllT;l} liL‘lLl. liiliiihurgh. l3 Jun.