Brel Bur

339~343 Ashton Lane. 3-12 4966. Sun—Sat l0pm—midnight.

At the end of the cobbled meyvs. Brel‘s doyvn-to-earth continental-style bar appeals more to those out of university and students with a bit more maturity. Jacques Brel was the Belgian crooner extraordinaire. While this might seem like a funny icon. he is a sort of Edith Piaf figure and his scoyvling. cigarette-smoking visage adorns the wall back by the old paddock doors. As you might expect. Belgian beers such as DeKoninck and Leffe (blonde and brun) are featured on tap. but you might want to consider one of the flavoured gins. Saturday has a live jazz. combo from 3pm; DJs Thursday (eclectic DJ TChico) and Sunday (northern soul); and Wednesday has cover act Jonny Logue who takes on everything from the Velvet Underground to Burt Bacharach.

Happy hour: 4— 7pm daily; £1.55for selection oft/raugltls. [mu/m- bottled heel: vodka shots at 95p.


I42 St Vincent Street. 221 5660. Mon—Sun noon—midnight.

Former Style Bar of the Year. Budda's decor samples the more exotic hemisphere from the Mahgreb to the Marianas. The karma is dead cool. leaning toward the melloyv side and. if you‘re lucky. you vvill find a space amidst the couches. If you arrive early with an appetite. Budda recently began a three-course pre-theatre meal forjust under a tenner. DJs such as Stevie ‘Solemusic‘ Middleton and Chris House spin things along Thursday—Sunday: should you wish to carry on you can always vvander upstairs to Club Budda

8 The List Bar Guide 1999

., l -LL_. J

Happy hour: Sun—Mon 4—7..t’()pm. pints at [1.30 ([5 pitchers), vodka/em and mixer £1.40; Sun—Thu various promos until ('loM’.

Mindy Bar

185 Hope Street. 353 7420. Mon—Sun noon—midnight.

The (‘andy Bar is one of those places that simply seemed to swing from the start. It is certainly stylish but unprepossessing. There is no nightly run of big-name DJs. It is one of those ‘je ne sais quoi' things. The key may simply be the imprint of the two young guys Scott and Duncan »- \s ho run it. They brought some of the crovvd vvith them after they left The Lounge and seem to have added a fevv more fans. But the second year is often tougher than the first. The food (we confess to not noticing it before) has been short-listed by the Glasgow Guide and a student night is being instituted on the traditional Tuesday (£1 pints of Miller. 90p bottles of Sol l. Sunday

from 9pm finds [)J (ieoff .\lontford behind the decks.

Happy hour: .llon Sun 5 8pm and various week/y" promos.

Pi. .


42l~430 Sauchiehall Street. 332 4760. Mon—Sun “lam-midnight.

The new kid on the style block is already

bringing in a mixed (slightly older) croyvd. including shoppers and business people for lunch (coffee and pastries are available from l0am. vs ith the full menu coming into force betys een noon~l0pm l. Design-wise. all the curves are in the right places. and dravv you from the glass-fronted entrance. past the long bar. to the raised area in the back. The chairs and tables don't crovy d the open spaces and. coupled with the bright and modern colour coding. there's a nice. airy feel throughout.

Happv hour: .llon Sun 5 7pm ("/l(’(l/7

nu 19:11:11"; "am

'R's PET'

(‘Ut'lslilliM l'ill'irilly \lt't'A/\ [NU/Nils including food.

lela Pitt Street. 573 HIST. .\lon Sat noon midnight; Sun 2pm midnight. Baby. it's cold outside. Step into the (’ooler. .\'o. \se are not being perverse. Steel-plated stairysay and \salk-in free/er doors aside. it's yy arm: really. ll is. This basement bar adjacent to Trash (\\ hich

vs as designed by the same lolk) is one of the more recent entries in the style bar scene. opening about a year ago. His entertain the largely student clientele on 'l'ucsday. 'l‘hursday. l-iiday and Sunday .-\nd the first llli) vodkas sold on a Tuesday night go for only a penny. That is surely tempting fate.

Happy hour: Sun. Mon A’- '/’/iu all (/(l\.' Tue. Wed A" I’ri .i' 8pm: Miller on rlraue/ii. as lt't’H as am. toil/(a am/ ivliiyln mix for UAW.


Elf :l...’_2l’l)l.

" ,.l)if/Pf'-./:/Vi't('-..

{Ht/s Di. l f'f

After the Hogmany celebrations wrap yourself up in the comfort of Oblomov Westend

The Breakfast Kitchen 1 st January 2000

5am -

i-(l i/(‘iz UH


Cal“ now (ii.

.. 3" .IV“ u. l], $ 3| (J‘iJi{_)l i if) 1".“/‘."‘2'(_‘Ti(,i

372/374 GREAT WE '31 [RN ROAD T0141 $399177 F301!“ 35/ 3071