-fiil 77.7-


I44 Park Road. 33‘) 2992. Mon-Thu llam--l l.30pni; l-‘ri—Sat l lam—midnight: Sun l2.30-~l l.30pm.

A welcome addition to the West lind scene when it opened a few years back. Bola is off the well-trod path. but only far enough to giye one some perspective. lts Iberian-inspired design of mosaics. swirling steel and caused seats work well as an ensemble »- as does the mix of students. academics and attractiye locals. The Bacardi-sponsored cocktail list has some interesting selections. ()ur fayourite name is Matt the Rat (Bacardi Spice. triple sec. lemonade lime and orange juice).

Happy hour: -7pm daily with pints. wine. and i'odka/n'hisky/gin and dash at [1.50. Additional primrosfrom 8pm. 'I'ue.‘ .l’liller [ID-(l. shooters [2. Thu: vodka and Red [lull £1.50.


427 Sauchiehall Street. 332 2528. Mon—Sun l lam—midnight.

Since opening late in IWS. the joint has been jumping. You might expect a slightly older. more dressed-up crowd and often a smattering of office workers after their nine-to-fiye. but the booming heat and loungable couches draw plenty of students and the pre-club llock. lf salsa is your style. D] Jazz is the ticket ey'ery liriday. There is a restaurant downstairs btit most of the action stay s on street leyel.

Happy hour: t'arious promos all night Sun- -'I'hu and Fri 5 8pm. such as rod/(a miter at (I. selected lteerfor [1.20. and half-price cocktails.


l ISa Blythswood Street. 572 0834. Mon-Sat l lam—midnight; Sun 7pm~midnight.

Instead of seeking inspiration from general Mediterranean or Latin American influences. Bar (iaudi decided to take its design lead from one specific source: the Catalan architect Antonio (iaudi. In doing so. no more remarkable transformation of a preyious pub (the pseudo-Tudor (‘ockburnt has recently taken place. The space has always been tiny. but (iaudi makes the most of it and suffers little from the intimacy. Notwithstanding the tight fit. l)Js ((‘[)s and decks) squeeze out the beat Tuesday and Thursday--Saturday.

Happy hour.‘ 5~~Spm daily sntall n’ine. lager: vodka mix [1.50; 'Iiie. ’I‘hu. Sun 8pm~midnight promos such as discounted Met; Bacardi Regal. and bottled heel:

Bar 0

80 A ion Street. 553 477 l. Mom-Sun

l lam—midnight.

The humttngous. architectural award- winning Bargo has always made a point of catering to students and they haye largely returned the compliment. which means the space rarely looks empty and alone. The DJ line-up brings in a poppy mix on Thursday. something funkier on Friday. and house on Saturday. Bargo will also be participating the Merchant (‘ity Hogmanay street party.

litrious student promos such as t'l.4()for spirits and [1.55 lagers.


9| Candleriggs. 552 52l l. Mon-Sun l lam—midnight.

()ne of the earlier so-called style bars ithe street address in the name is the dead giye-away). Bar ()1 has eyolyed into a Merchant ('ity' staple ~ generally ftill of a loyal clientele and pitssc‘l‘s-hy looking fora cool and comfortable place to have a drink. Try their Bloody Mary with a double shot of Vodka. plenty of pep and dash of sherry 7- and nosh on food from a kitchen that is flexible and tries to offer something slightly different eyery few months. DJs include ()scar of Mish Mash who drops by on mid-month liridays. Happy hour: 5 8pm daily. \arious promos include large glass olivine/or flfll and bottled beer at [1.50.


273 Queen Street. 22l 2200. Mon Sun noon-midnight.

The decision last year to completely conyert the downstairs bar of R(i's to Latin chic decor and institute a clubby- atmosphere seem to base paid off at Bar Sau‘za. Although it does not seem to haye turned (ilasgow into a town of tequila tiplers. it still serves some the city's better margaritas. The connoisseur or the more adyenturous should sample the aged tequilas. Meanwhile. most of those on their way to any number of nearby hoites will probably stick to the nice range of bottle beers from Mexico and Caribbean.

Happy hour: I-‘ri Sat Red Stripe H.505 ll'ed— Sat tno/riiit margaritas for [4.50.

bur life

The artist

’It's like haying your portfolio on a wall,’ says photographer Reuben Paris, whose work has added another dimension to some of Glasgow and Edinburgh's most stylish drinking dens. 'So many more people Wlll pass through a bar than actually go to a gallery, because there’s still a stigma attached to galleries. Exhibiting in a bar enables you to put up different work that isn’t steeped in meaning and academia, work that can be interpreted pretty much in any way because you're reaching a wrde audience '

By displaying quality photography and works of art, a bar can reinforce its cool credentials. In Paris’s experience, the prints on the walls might have grown Out of design or advertising commissions for menus or flyers; sometimes they revolve around expected themes of fashion and Culture, but equally, they prowde an opportunity for a fresh creative brief

The Edinburgh-based photographer’s first foray into non-gallery spaces of this type was at club venue The Honeycomb. Since then, he has exhibited in Bargo in Glasgow and the Traverse and Pivo Caffe in the capital. And, aSide from audience response, Paris notes that there’s an additional advantage bars have over their gallery counterparts. ‘It’s always the perfect place for an opening night' iAtan lVlOfflSOnl

I Reuben Paris can be contacted on 0737 659 6 723


10 Mitchell Lane. 243 209‘). Mon Stiii noon“ midnight.

This is the acknowledged gl‘tltttltltttltly of the (ilasgow ‘style bat". an unfortttnate appellation that. as time goes by. either means es ery thing or nothing depending upon to whom you talk. (‘ertainly Bar l0. by locating in a former warehouse and keeping its design spartan. clearly started something when it opened in the early 90s. (ietting long in the tooth today 1’ Just like l)l.(’ hairdressers ne\t door. it has lost little of its appeal eyen as it ages. While some of its successors may find going difficult. Bar 10 has transcended trendiness.

Happy hour: .Uon Sat IUam midnight. Sun //.3()am midnight. Selectedpromos.

BierHuHe Repubhc

Mon~Sun noon “lllltllllglll.

Super chunk! Slabs of wood. blocks of concrete. wire cages of stone and waitresses with off-the-shoulder blouses to mimic. if not exactly modernise. the Bayarian sery ing w ench. Welcome to Bier llalle Republic tor simply Republic). the latest place to carry the stamp of (‘olin Barr. The basement bar. jtist down (iordon Street from Borders bookstore. is dis ided in two. with benches. tables and chairs in the front and a lounge in the rear. Barr recommends scyeral brands from the


-. If I

beer menu which numbers more than I00. such as San l“raiicisco-bascd .-\nclioi' Steam. l’raguc‘s pride Budsar itrom whom Budweiser was nainedi and Scotland's own liraoch. In addition to all lltttse stltls ttt'L‘ sc\L‘l';tl tlU/L‘lt \otlktts ttlltl schnapps as well as some traditional sausages and sauerkraut it you‘re feeling peckish.

\arious drinl. promotions during mid ii'ei'l ei'i'nmg I)./ enti'rtainnu'nt: Sun

I) Illpm. [no part stem of house lager tor the /’I'It'(' of one pint.

lflue burcufé

at the lighthouse. ll Mitchell lane. 204 2404. Mon Sat llam midnight; Sun

I lam llpm.

.-\lthough distinctly crimson (to coincide with the concurrent eshibition at the Lighthousei when it first opened in October. hot red turned to deep blue stmtl lllL‘l'L‘illilL‘l'. lltllty sislct‘ [H the blue bar aboy e the Tray erse Theatre in lidinburgli. and latest \cnture of Andrew and Lisa Radford. blue bar cafe in (ilasgow was designed by the same team of architect Andrea l‘aed and furniturc-makers (‘oncrete Butterfly. The result is airy and clean without feelng cold. With the guidance of the master ttti\ologist from the capital's blue. the bar offers a diyersc menu of cocktails. from classic to the contri\ ed. made with care.

.\‘o happy hour: but i'arious promos offered.