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The List has teamed up with Waterstones With a deal that’s guaranteed to make any bookworm very fat! Simply answer the questions set below and youtcould Win either £100 worth of Waterstones vouchers,(first prize), £50 worth of Waterstones Vouchers,(second prizel, and for the third runner up, a selection of books worth £50 chosen by Waterstones staff.

Who won the 1999 Nobel Prize for Literature?

TIE-BREAK What was the best book you read this year and why? (in less than twenty words).


Answers to The List, 14 High St, Edinburgh EH1 1TE by Wednesday 15 December.

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2 o Bathing in Beck 5 Art

Tracey Emin has become the latest in a series of famous artists to create a limited edition label design for Beck's. After unveiling her unmade bed at this years Turner Prize exhibition, Emin has introduced the nation to her bathroom courtesy of a Beck's bottle label, revealing herself naked in the bath.

This eagerly awaited bottle label has been specially commissioned to celebrate 15 years of Beck’s sponsorship of contemporary arts in the UK. Tracey’s bottle is the latest addition to the already impressive list of label designs by major artists including Damien Hirst and Rachel Whitread. Beck’s have launched a range of new art awards titled Beck's Futures to recognise and reward promising but unknown artists. The List has one limited edition Tracey Emin Beck's bottle to give away and a case of Beck’s each for two runners up. To win this fantastic prize, simply answer the following question: ,, Name five items that can be found in Tracey Emin’s umade bed.

Answers to The List, 14 High St, Edinburgh EH1 1TE by Wednesday 15 December. BECI‘ S

_ eGood Evening, My Name is Alfred Hitchcock.....

To conclude the Hitchcock Centenary celebrations, on Monday 13 December (6.15pm), GFT will host a rare screening of the stunning new print of The Ring, a silent classic with live musical accompaniment by Neil Brand and sponsored by Beck’s and Movie Music.

The List has ten brand new BFI videos of The Ring with the Neil Brand score to give away. Simply answer the following question:

Which composer worked with Hitchcock on many of his hit classics such as __‘g‘__ North By Northwest and Vertigo? ,- B E C K 5

Answers to The List., 14 High St, Edinburgh EH1 1TE by Wednesday 15 December.

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