Name: Fiona. Name: All J. Name: Allson,

Occupation: Planner/buyer. Occupation: Jengahead. Occupation: TV producer. What should be at the top of Beat 106’s What should be at the top of Beat 106's what should be at the top of Beat 106's playlist? Macy Gray: '00 Something’. playlist? HI Frdellty: 'l Thank You playlist? Grand Unlfred; ’Gomg On'.

(Jengahead remlx)’.

Name: Carol. Date; Thu 18 NOV Name: Richard.

Occupation: TV presenter. Place: Beat 106 launch, pacific Quay, Occupation: Head of music at Beat 106. What should be at the top of Beat 106's Glasgow What should be at the top of Beat 106's playlist? Mmm, er. . . I’ll let Richard playlist? Mmm, er . . . definrtely not choose. Erffel 65.


Name: Sarah. Name: Rory. Name: Ron.

Occupation: Press offlcer Occupation: Ducker/dlver. Occupation: Home owner.

for Wall Of Sound. What should be at the top of Beat 106's What should be at the top of Beat What should be at the top of seat playlist? Donna Summer: ’Hot Stuff’. 106's playlist? Planet Perfecto: 106's playlist? Les Rythmes Digrtales: 'Bullet From A Gun'.

’Jacques Your Body’.


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