0 I saw you in Borders book- store. Your name is Grant and you have taken out your eye- brow ring. I think you attend Langside College. Box No U/375/49.

O I saw you in the Odeon cine- ma you had just seen the Blair Witch Project. Your name was Grant. I love you!! Box No U/375/50.

U I saw you during week beginning 9 Nov approx, trying on long dark coat, next Argyle St. You 5’10ish, cropped hair, was undecided. You came and tried it again and we spoke (blue shirt, thining on top). Like to meet to chat about your decision etc. Box No U/375/51.

O I saw you running down Great Western Road, you looked amazing and I think I love you.

Your name is Samira. Box No U/375/52.


9 I saw you and never want to lose sight of you again! Nights in on white satin —just me and boo love yooooo! Jack. Box No U/375/53.

O I saw you Lisa and Gavin - well, no, I didn’t couldn’t make McChuills for the Scotland game my nose and head were still misbehaving. Speak to you soon. C. Box No U/375/54.

0 I saw you in your gib pants looking gorgeous. Not drop dead, but if the elastic is big enough, who knows? Box No U/375/55.

v I saw you Bijou purple ‘n’ blue ‘n’ cute in Borders 11/11/99. You drowned my fin- ger! Can’t wait to cruise with you. Happy lst Anniversary on 6th Dec. I love you Denise. Looby xxx. Box No U/375/56. 0 I saw you Shmurdo at the Tron, you are so bon, and turn me on. Philip xxx. Box No U/375/57.

. I saw you one enchanted evening. You bewitched me with your emerald eyes. Rubenesque in all your splendour, are you for real, or am I only dreaming Can I phone a friend? Box No U/375/58.

O I saw you sewing my nice new pants, by hand and you did- n’t drop a stitch!! Box No U/375/59.

0 I saw you at Neil Murry’s party. You Jewish - glasses. Me absolutely gorgeous! Please keep in touch. Box No U/375/60.

O I saw you giving me a reluc- tant smile across the Tron restaurant then told me to get out! Would you like to do my books. I’m always in the red Box No U/375/6l.

Q I saw you tall gorgeous staff member called Hugh or Shug. You get me moist. Love Blue haired boy. Box No U/375/62. O I saw you sexy boy at the Garage. You’re dead sexy! Can we meet so I can tell you again! You know who I am! Box No U/375/63.

O I saw you sexy JFK lookalike

lecturer me spikey haired ‘think my pants off’ boy. Do I make you horny baby? Yeah baby yeah. Box No U/375/64.

Q I saw you with your blue face. I saw you riding a grey cloud. I saw you beside me. Box No U/375/6S.

O I saw you Barry? Chef in blue bar. Beautiful, small beard-

ed. Thought you needed to know

what a desirable creature you are. Box No U/375/66.

V I saw you last Saturday night, you squared the fight, and I was caught in the rein of the bullets that eventually brought you down now I’m still danc- ing in the night unafraid of what a dude’ll do, in a town full of heroes and villains. Box No U/37S/67.

O I saw you at the Filmhouse. You had wings and the face of an angel stitched down the mid- dle. Injured falling from heav- en? Box No U/375/68.

v I saw you behind the bar at ehl, you sexy thang! Wish you’d give that cheeky smile to me again or even that gimpish smile! Or is that your flat mate. Box No U/375/69.

O I saw you sexy manger at Catwalk. Thanks for two great weeks of fun and great shags. Thinking of you on the sunny beaches of 02. Love always, That Aussie Chick. Box No U/375/70.

v I saw you the staff at Five. We’ll never forget the good times and looking forward to more when we get back when you can Czech out our tans. Jen and Shazzie. Box No U/375/71. O I saw you spotted Dick, in a room full of bland puddings, ehl was the bowl and I was your slippery custard. Box No U/375/72.

O I saw you Opal and Tammy. I’ll be thinking of you both all the time in 02. Stay happy and keep each other out of trouble. Loving you, Jenni. Box No U/375/73.


O I saw you in the Peppermint Lounge last Thursday bopping your little heart out. Blonde, beautiful, male, Swedish maybe? Box No U/375/74.

v I saw you in ehl. You work in IKEA. Are you Swedish? Call me !! PS Do you do saunas? Box No U/375/75.

O I saw you gorgeous and shy in Iguana Sunday brunch. You: Ali, shy with sweet smile. Let me wedge your potato. Box No U/375/76.

O I saw you in the queue buy- ing a bottle of lrn Bru, you left the shop, my heart went flop, where did you go with your bot- tled of pop, make Tesco Metro your next stop. Box No U/375/77.

O I saw you sleeping like a kit- ten on my chest, wanna wake you in Cuba. B. Box No U/375/78.

O I saw you bedroom floor and your underwear around my neck. Box No U/375/79.

Q I saw you shake yo’ booty with a flare that defied gravity! I was cruisin’ with the need for schmoozin’. You had to leave, I’m still waitin’. Box No U/375/80.

O I saw you Filmhouse bar, Nov 11th. You gorgeous older man, me all in black, dark hair and eyes. Would have pounced by you were in business meet-

ing, looking dynamic. I followed

you outside to make spoof phone call. We should meet, it could be perfect! Box No U/375/81.

O I saw you in Marco’s on Saturday. I thought you were very attractive. Extremely so, but you were with a bloke I believe they call Buzz. Let me be your honey bee! Box No U/375/82.

O I saw you ‘Ross’, you were in Rocco’s ‘A 4 all over’. Box No U/375/83.

v I saw you beautifully blonde, gypsy ear-ringed woman in the Outhouse. We had fun and games in Barry Cabana’s, would love to make sweet music again. Box No U/375/84.

v I saw you Leigh-Ann. You don’t come through to Edinburgh enough. I miss you. Love Ross. Box No U/375/85. 0 I saw you Caley Ale House staff on your night out, getting on down at the Subway! You all know who you are? Box No U/375/86.

O I saw you and can think about nothing else. Filmhouse bar Tuesday 16th November 5pm. Mysterious girl, black hair, piercing dark eyes sitting in a booth with a guy, both drinking wine. I was seated two booths away (tall, dark hair, dark eyes), with a female friend. I am dis- traught at the possibility we will never meet. Box No U/375/87.

O I saw you Hazel looking good in black. Will you be a Friend of my Planet Earth? Coffee or Drink? Hey, take a chance or just you’ll never know. Box No 375/88.


Q I saw you ‘fabulous dancer' upstairs at ‘Bugged Out’ (QMU), 13/1]. Me: too shy to speak till I was leaving. Never done this kinda thing B4 but . . . You dancing?? Box No U/375/89.

O I saw you Barbie girl. You reached in and placed a string of lights around my heart illumi- nating my very soul. love for- ever your silent partner. Box No U/375/90.

Q I saw you Allison, we saw each other drinking coffee Borders cafe, Sat l3th Nov. You are still as beautiful as ever if you are free, would love to say hello, Colin. Box No [1375/01 0 I saw you watching me as I eyed the guys in the Y.S.I. ‘Y's. Frasers, Buchanan St, 13 Nov ‘99, 5.30pm or were you just the store dick checking I didn't nick nicks. Box No U/375/92.

v I saw you Eddie B, Pip and U8 at the Bongo Club 7/] [/99 -- you rocked our world. Fffwwwooooaaaarrrrrhhhhh! Box No U/374/numero uuo.

v I saw you (all of you), on the hill, Sat 30 Oct, 3.30am. You tasted of cigarette, I didn’t like the light. Shame you rushed off. Would like to see all of you again. Box No U/374/l.

O I saw you Ladders and snaking smiles happy making saddened to walk without a talk of you, I am fond, may you please respond. Box No U/374/2.

O I saw you Jane, All Bar One, Tuesday 2 Nov. You, lovely enough to fall in love with. Me, hoping and wanting. I’x. Box No U/373/3.

Q I saw you Traverse, 28 Oct at Atomic City, outstanding jacket, very Hamlet. Want to talk more, me, 5ft 9ins, dark and all man. We have to meet again for unfinished business and explosive times. Box No U/374/4.

Q I saw you KPMG consultant from Clydebank on Birmingham - Glasgow flight, Thursday night 4 Nov. You very foxy, middle seat. Me very impressed, window seat, never got your name damn! Think we should consult. Box No U/374/5.

v I saw you bloody gorgeous Afro-Caribbean girl, Grange Rd, Strathearn Road, rush hour. Me, scruffy oik on bike still out of breath for seeing you. Resuscitate me! Box No U/374/6.

2—16 Dec 1999 THE USI’ 115