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O I saw you Flapjack. Love you tonnes honnie girl. Me no Dirk Lehmann, Me no. You no Geri Halliwell. Long time, byeee. Stevie Boy. Box No U/375/l. v I saw you on the 2230 Glasgow-Edinburgh train, Sunday 14/11/99. You SE Asian girl, me tall guy reading the paper. Our eyes kept meeting and you smiled beautifully at me before we left the train at ' Waverley. Let’s get together for the new millennium. Box No U/375/2.

O I saw you last over a year ago, behind the bar at the Sample Room. You back from the States yet? Let me be your Betterware Lady. Box No U/375/4.

0 I saw you GF at the Bank Hotel 1/12/98. Veggie food has never tasted so good! Thanks for all the fun and travels over the past year the best is still to come! Love you. Chris. Box No U/375/6.

O I saw you Justin Currie/Justin’s evil twin, swathed in leather and swearing loudly as you crossed Vinicombe Street on Thursday 11/11/99. Wash your mouth out, boy!! Box No U/375/7.

v I saw you Robin in the Polo Lounge, Saturday 13 November. We danced but said little - too noisy (and too shy??). Fancy a quieter drink sometime. Box No U/375/8.

O I saw you on Waverley Bridge, 10.25pm Tues 19/10; your friend was on her mobile, we exchanged glances - twice - but I was late for my train. You: girl with cute wee face; me: bloke with glasses. Box No U/375/9.

v I saw you by the window. You smiled at me and I grinned. You are a final year student and play trumpet. Is it Alex? l know so much. Graeme. Box No U/375/10.

O I saw you Scott. We care for you really we do. Why stay at the City Cafe? The world is your oyster, listen to that little voice, move or move on!! Message clear? Box No U/375/11.

112'I'IIEU8'I'2-16 Dec 1999

Q I saw you next door with your seam bursting breasts and salsa swinging hips. Join me with your housemate and we’ll teach you your alpha to omega in the style of the original lyrical islander. Box No U/375/12.

O I saw you Lumiere, Bicycle Thieves, Sat 20 Nov. My female friend and I sat next to you (young dark-haired woman, beautiful voice) centre aisle, behind couple making words from La Lumiere while film rewinding. We all joked about delay and agreed film had sad ending. Fancy another film with me? Or maybe Pane, amore, and Fantasia. Andrew. Box No U/375/13.

Q I saw you walking home from the Palace Sunday morning looking hungover but handsome. Share a cab with me again. Box No U/375/14.

O I saw you Agent Provocateur, oh, before you were born. They say you’re a hard bitch, but I like that in a woman. Now show me the rest. Vex xxx. Box No U/375/ 15.

O I saw you the window’s still open and some opportunities left. Closing soon. Perhaps we didn’t read it right re: you. Trumpet playing Alex, Graeme knows more than you could know. Floor 3. Phone. Box No U/375/16.

O I saw you we’re reaching our climax now Peter. I’m looking forward to seeing you re-enact card number nine. (I’ll bring the cuffs). Box No U/375/17.

O I saw you in the Atrium your chocolate sponge looked so deli- cious, just like you. But do you taste as good? The red cardigan girl. You know who I am. Box No U/375/ 18.

v I saw you fluffy chick out- side the new Parliament. Egg on your face - you didn’t see the yolk. Feather l cluck up courage to ask hen, maybe you can scramble to mine for a smashing time (did I miss any!?). Box No U/375/19.

O I saw you Steph looking gor- geous while you slept on Sunday. Sorry for my mood, miss you loads. Call me. Box No U/375/20.

, O I saw you Daisy Duke for the

first time a year ago and was smitten. You got a gift! You’re the best at what you do. Love you to pieces, your Boss Hogg. Box No U/375/21.


. I saw you Scott, 1 am your IT blokey, dreaming of romance, happy ever after et al. Our date would have to be by the HL shelves, if you are ready to update this mystery. Robbie. Box No U/375/22.

O I saw you at a party in Havelock Street, Glasgow on 13/11/99. You were the physio- therapist with the glasses and l was the girl with short blonde hair catching your eye! Nobody seems to know who you are!! Please get in touch. Box No U/375/23.

O I saw you Borders Girl in your sexy pvc at the Cathouse. Du hast mich? How about shar- ing hangers sometime? Box No U/375/24.

O I saw you lady receptionist at the Tron theatre. You make my phone ding-a-ling you can ring my bell. Call me. Box No U/375/25.

Q I saw you Laura, all smiles on the balcony at Bugged Out, QMU 13/11/99. Hope to see you at Club 69 sometime soon. Tall, Skint Guy. Box No U/375/26. O I saw you blonde haired feral child behind bar in Cul De Sac West. Me Hoth Wampa Star Babe. Neon Girl. I love you. Box No U/375/27.


0 I saw you lan Jackson and it was love at first sight. Box No U/375/28.

O I saw you at Cul De Sac quiz night (22/11/99). You were wearing leather g-string (tall with red top, white striped glass- es) and I thought ‘oh shit, you are it!’. Box No U/375/29.


Q I saw you with your watery eyes. I could’ve dived right in and got all slippery ohhh baby you’re so good you make me feel like 1 never want to sleep. Box No U/375/30.

O I saw you in the Tron Bar on 19th Nov at the Dael Orlandersmith performance. 1 love you Angela?? Box No U/375/31.

O I saw you Shona, Shana, Shuna? The Tap. Beautiful blonde with strange name tag and trot along look in your eye. Call Will. Box No U/375/32.

O I saw you spending too long in the toilets at Trade! Fancy let- ting me smudge your ‘lipstick’ bunny girl? Box No U/375/33. O I saw you Ricky Martin lookalike at Trade on 6th November, your big pockets bulging full of hope. Fancy shaking your ‘bon bon’ for me? Box No U/375/34.

O I saw you Brassy brunette in October café, you held the male population to ransom with your cider and blackcurrant skirt glowing in the moonlight! Box No U/375/35.

v I saw you Al OK SCF. Top class Edinburgh and Glasgow you’re in my dreams. Am I in yours? Box No U/375/36.

O I saw you Lovebite boy ‘hiya wot’s your name?’ at the Tron, there’s no need to cover up, I’ll never leave a mark. Luv Jamie. Box No U/375/37.

O I saw you GF’T quiz hot pants-a-gogo. [’11 edit mine if you edit yours Fellini me, Fellini you. Box No U/375/38. O I saw you non-goatee boy. Got them wrong at GFT. Wear a beret next time. Box No U/375/39.

O I saw you Tony at Gandolfi; gentle, good, ginger. gorgeous, groovy, great. Give me some. Box No U/375/40.

0 I saw you in cargo pants and windcheater at Tinderbox, work- ing as a volunteer. Come froth my coffee, Didi xx. Box No U/37S/41.

O I saw you Henri and Ed set- tling in to your new flat. Have you made the soup yet? Love from the Squirrels. Box No U/375/42.

O I saw you Irish pierced bar- maid at the Tron. You’re a babel! Lick me silly. Love the blonde bombshell. Box No U/375/43.

O I saw you but babes/hot dogs Lynn and Fiona. Can’t wait for another capuccino! Love and kisses. Box No U/375/44.

O I saw you working in Dukes pub. Your pocketless denims I wanted to rub. Fuelling my desire with whisky and gin, write back Dawn together and we’ll sin. Box No U/375/45. Q I saw you in the OM and level 6, library. Sociology was an excuse. Want to meet? Box No U/375/46.

O I saw you cute man in Tinder box Thurs 18th blue shirt, jeans - fancy some excitement. I’m your girl! Box No U/375/47.

O I saw you trying to flash your baps at my London gig. Let’s get ‘laid’ in your corsa. Love from boothie-boy. Box No U/375/48.

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