wadneSday 1 1 Catch the best Sport this fortnight


I Celtic V Kilmarnock (‘elttc Park. i

* 13V, _‘ ' Ket't‘vdale Street. Glasgow. 7.30pm. "" I Duntemtline v Hibs East t-Ltttl l’ill'k.

llalbeatli Road. Dttnl'et'mline. 3pm.

' I Hearts V Aberdeen Tvnecastle Park. i‘ Ciot'gie Road. lidinburgh. 7.30pm.

7' I Motherwell v naith novers l‘ll' Pulls.

l-‘irpark Street. Mothervvell. 7.30pm.

"‘13 W



1/ "v " Saturday 30-Sunday 1 I Scottish Age Group Competition 1’ Magnum Leisure Centre Ice Rink. livine. " _ _ All years attd abilities are represettted in WEIGHT-UFTING 1% u this open event. See Hit List. I Scottish Championships 1“ Easterhouse will be aiming to assert {h “v ‘1“ its superiority again this year with a _ Sunday 8 stnng oi litters delendtng theti'titles. Events are listed alphabetically by sport, FIRST DIVISION The UK Sihmlbqy Chanm'on (“don then by day. Fixtures are correct at time I Clydebank v Dundee Bugllc‘utl Park. I Cold-Hatch Owners Track [Jay C 11m“ 0" '5 ill-*0 "0'" the Gill-“‘ng of publication, but may be affected by Miller Street. [)ttttihttt-tott. 3pm. Kiiockltill Racing Circuit. b_v club and competes at the lowest weather. Sports listings compiled by I Falkirlt v East Fife Brockv ille Pitt-k. I)ttttt‘et-tttlitte. wottm. t-‘or this. the final weight of 54 kilos. The trophies are Brian Donaldson. Hope Street. Falkirk 3pm. event ol‘ Knockhill's ()6 circuit scam)". expected to be dished out before I thistle V Mozton I-‘irhtll Park. )Utllc‘ulll‘hl'lllg a(long( votiratitt; tllttl'll')’ ill 4pm. For more infommlion (m the ~th out _ iasgtm', _ mi till I lL' titll‘lllL' .tl' .ll'c‘tlll. . UI'L' t L‘Ittl s , , t ' . ., , . '. I St Johnstone vStirlinit Albion are available it'ottt tlte venue on 01383 (My 8 “m‘,”."“' hill “is Semuih. MCDitll‘Iltiti l’ttl‘ls’. (‘tiet'i‘ Rtttltl. l’ei'llt. 723337. Ammc‘" “c'ght'lmc” MSWW'O" 3pm on ()l475 674666 ext 2 I4.

I St Mirren v Airdrie St .\llt ten Pat-k. W ,ih’uduwnnll Spot-is (rpm-p. h).

I TSB Cross Country Championships Lov'c SII‘L‘CI- Pill‘lt‘), 3pm. TIYUIUII. Sat 30 Nfll‘. nomt.

Various venues. St Andrew‘s l)a_v' sees surlday 8 ICE SKATING runners throughout the nation dragging 1 I Scottish Age Group Competitions themselves across the muddier parts of PREMIER [EAGUE I Scottish Score Championships Devtlla 5016‘ dance and pail-S competitions

Scotland in three heats. The liast District I Aberdeen v Rangers pmmlm emhum Forest. Ktticardttie. l~'oi' those vv till a trial takes place itt Aberdeen. vvith Nairn pimxmc gm.“ “muck.” tr”, desire t'ot' scores. controls and compasses. hosting the North District branch (details this is the event lot )0“. See lltt

ntake tip this two-day event with the trophies awarded around 4.30pm on Sunday. Skaters from south of the

on ()1 3| RH 7330). The West District hettt Saturda 7 . . lmppcm m (-umnmk. M. which PnEMlEB lEAyGUE border Wlll make the trip to face

tnl'ortiiatton is available on (ll-ll 32l 24-17 . . Scotland's ho el'uls. Call the Scottish I ounlermltne v Aberdeen littsl tztttt p

l 'e SkatinU \xro ‘iation on ()I3l 337 Park. Halbeatlt Road. l)lllllL‘l'lllllllL‘. 3pm. L ‘3 I i“ L . . . - 3976 M ' I r r' C ’IIII I" I Heartsvnatth novers‘l‘titecastie Ptttk. ‘R k 'I ‘i‘k"";.'"’:,;}x,‘ (I 1‘; .,‘ . . : t m '. I'I'IIl(’. . tt . ()l‘---. an H”. 7 GUléJL ROtld. l.(lllll‘lll:ll. . [Elli 1 I Ktlmarnock v Dundee United Rugby I "mops PP v “wick (. I I‘ . _,. W"- - ~ ~ P'irk Ruuhv Ro'td Killlt'll'lltK‘k 3 viii . . . m i L "JUL ORIENTEEHING I Thomas Taylor National Championship ' r - . _" )g ' l .' . lialtgsllttlltl lct't'ace. t-.tittthtttglt_ 3pm. . . Finals Dundee Indoor Bowling Club. I Momemellv celt'c l n l ‘M" l pm“ I Melrose V Jed-Forest The (it't'c'ttv'ttt'tls. ! sconISh scmephamp'onsmps A Dundee. litt'ot‘ntatton can be garnered smu‘ MUII‘C'EWH' film". .‘vlcltose. Rovlutigltslttre. 2pm. “CM “l “V” 2.00 '5' CXPCC‘Cd “'"h ll'ttllt the Scottish woiitett's littloot- :1"?'F9e's)"..'l'hs .Ilb'm swim” I Stirling County v Boroughmuir iii—‘65 ranging "0'" W” I“ WWW)“ The Bovvliiig .-\ssoeiattott oti ()l3l 453 2305. (' “51“” “Pm litttlgcltaugli I’ark. ('.ttiscvv av Head Road. annual event should see its . Mame v m debank B I _l Sitiltitg. 3pm. conclusion around 2.30pm. More on M St 1 limit (‘ttittyb lll tul I “um . watsonians V cume Milfllilu “‘9 dqu l‘ilppcnil‘gs from me . .‘vl ' l'R; ell ., - t I,- I Dundee V Falkltk Deits l’aik. Sandetitaii 'HUH k u R i m m‘ I Pm “'g~"”-‘U "" 0' 506 545084- D‘ ’1,“ Street. Dundee. 3pm. I’m/“est. Iv'utt'urtltne. Sun 8’ Dec.

. Scottish “mm championships T“ I East rite V Partick Thistle is.) t iett Saturday 7 Minimum get lllltn'lllttlloll on the day's youthful Park“ WCHCSIQ Rm‘l‘ M‘im'l' “pm I Boroughmuir V Watsonians

. Marion v a 2'9""5'999 fuppwum .‘vleggelland. Iidinbttrgh. 2pm. W 775 I778. Patk. Sinclatt Stteet. (tteetioek. 3pm.

iousting. give the organiser a hell on (ll-ll . . . . I Currie V Melrose Mall 'll\' Park. I Stirling Albion v St Mirren t-ot-thhttnk '

. _ 3; " .Ll'l 'gl.3 Stadium. Spt'tttkerse Industrial l-.state. singing??? Rncmdc 2 Stirling. 3pm. '

l’tll'ls. Jetlhttt-gh. 2pm. I 8T Scottish Inter Region Swimming “8?? 80mm I ltawiclt V Stirling County Manslicld Gala Bt'osbtirn vaiittmtng l’ool.

D.“ _ t. ".1 k.“ ‘l'nfim “Puff I _ l’ark. Matisl'ield Road. Edinburgh 2pm, Brovbttt'n. l‘ot' details on this event PREMIER teams 0 c.Ittttl- I mg cttttttttcttct as t it Cd” lhc Sam's“ Spur“ l_\\\m_mmm

. . . ‘) "._)1') " H '3; "t - ' . can." team“... pit. tut-tut. tgutnt'gut t i my n kit w gum i W intuit... imp... oth mm

Sttcct. (ilasgovv. 3pm.

I Dundee united v nun'emfline details ol‘ the dravv. call the Scot‘tt‘slt .

pmmdwc PHIL Tummdiu‘ SHE“. Football Association on (ll-ll 33- 6373. 8 W Dundee. 7.30pm. I Pre-Olympia Show (ilc‘llt'aL'lL's Mark I llibs V Motherwell liaster Road Phillips littuestrtan Centre. .-\uchtet'ardet'.

Stadium. Albion Road. lzdtitbut'gh. 3pm. PREMIER lEAGUE l‘til lltlttl’lllttlltttt oti the vvceketid's I Halth novers V Ittlmarnoclt Starks Park. I Dundee United V Bangers 'l‘annadiee anticipated happenings call the otgaittser I Scottish Championships Meadovv IIIIH l’tatl Street. Kit'kcaldy. 3pm. Park. Tannadice Street. Dundee. 7.30pm. on ()I 357 533853. Sports Centre. by Tt'anent. See Hit List.

74 The List 2‘) Nov-12 Dec |‘)‘)6