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Bertrand Blier‘s latest controversial black comedy. Tenue de Soiree. has been accused ol being sexist. anti-gay. and ol contusing gays and transvestites. How did Blier respond to such accusations?

‘It is not a teministtilm. but I leel it mayretlect changing attitudes to women. lleel it is alilm about lemininity. or perhaps womanliness. It is not intended to be eithertor oragainst gays orwomen. simply a portrayal olthese three characters. The lilm does not make a statement atthe end. it just revealsa conlused situation.’

A potential weakness lies in the changed tone olthe


tinal quarter. where you seem to switch to parodying the sexual role-playing you began by undermining. Why did you make thatchange?

‘lagree with the statement. but the lilm must be tollowed to its logical end. One can no longeruse a long cinematic tradition ot just killing the hero oil. or end with an easy laugh. The best solution is to leave tilms open-ended. butthat might be unsatistactory tor the audience.

‘lthinkthe ending is ambigious, black, very sad. butthere are positive aspects to it. The three are now equal, there is no longerone dominant partner. I teel that they have become brothers and sisters. Antoine's enigmatic smile suggests to methat he is at last taking


Falsetto soul legend Curtis Maytield makes a visit to Scotland loran Artists Against Apartheid benetil at Edinburgh's UsherHall on Monday 22 June (also

responsibility tor himsell and his lile.

(Kenny Mathieson)

Tenue de Soiree is at Edinburgh Filmhouse lrom 21 June. and GFTlrom 12 July. See panel.

leaturing young gilted and white lolk singerMichelle Shocked and compere Hank Wanglord). The lormer singerwith The Impressions has had a chequered career since turning solotollowing the group‘s massive hit For Your Precious Love. despite writing the great soul anthem Move On Up and the music torthe lilm Supertly.

which spawned two gold

singles. In the lasllew weeks. however. his name has been rediscovered by a new generation at pop tans. thanks to his duet with Dr Robert at The Blow Monkeys ontheircurrentsingle Celebrate (The Day Alter You). an anti-Thatcher song which has had its setbacks. the ever-scrupulous BBC retusing to play it to keep themselves clear at political bias betore the Election. The ban is now out otdate. butwhetherthis means we will now see Curtis pertorming it on Top Ol The Pops is. to saythe least. doubttul.




Nurnberg’s Pocket Opera are not torthe taint-hearted. Beturningto Glasgow as part ol the Nurnberg Celebrations. the company have previously visited the city as guests at Maytest - two years ago with 'Lucrezia Borgia'. last year with ‘La Gioconda'. Both were considerably outrageous. kitschy mini opera spools aimed at non-opera goers or opera bulls who don't mind their Opera unrelined. This time they bring the intriguineg named ‘Jungle ot Operatic Lusts', apparentlya whistle-stop tour of their shows' greatest hits. Hang on to your opera glasses. Pocket Opera are at the Tron Theatre. Glasgow 18—20 June. See Nurnberg Diary.

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Twenty-live years of protessional opera in

Scotland by our own

national company are

certainly well worth

celebrating. And that's

; exactlywhatScottish Opera ; aredoingthisseasonas

lestivitieslortheirSiIver Jubliee reach their own spectacular climax. Both new productionsthis summer-Madame Buttertly and Billy Budd - have been lestooned with praises and on 20 June the Theatre Royal hosts an


c ._’ t


Ball. complete with Jubilee Prize Draw. tollowed by a

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SilverJubilee Gala asa tribute to SirAlexander Gibson on Sunday 28June. Scottish Opera‘s history astold byiournalist Cordelia Olivershould make absorbing reading when hernew book. ‘ltIsA Curious Story‘ is published by Mainstream in August. also to mark this Silver Jubilee Year. Coveringthe whole developmentand history olthe company, she says ‘I don‘tlhinkanyone thought itwas going to grow the way it has. Itwasa tremendouslyinteresting thingto have happened.‘

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