See the jazz giants blowing up a storm in Glasgow

june 26-]uly 5.

SARAH VAUGHAN SINGS GERSHWIN. ROBERT FARNON CONDUCTS THE BBC SCOTTISH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA (Sponsored by Harp Lager ) ° ‘The first real jazz singer with a vocal range equal to that of an opera singer’ THE MODERN jAZZ QUARTET Re-united, and playing better than ever. As Milt jackson says, ‘The sound just mellows with age . . . like fine wine’ -

CHICK COREA/GARY BURTON On piano and vibes,a partnership with almost


(Sponsored by Guinness Brewing). The undisputed trumpet master, father

of bebop - BENNY CARTER ‘The King’. A master multi-instrumentalist for

over 6 decades, and one of the definitive alto sax voices - OREGON One of

the most eclectic and original groups performing today. A fusion of American tradition, European classical music and African and Indian musical forms - TA] MAHAL AND THE BLUES BAND Taj feels that some of his music is ‘more modernised blues with roots in the Mississippi Delta’. But - there’s a lot more besides - TOMMY SMITH AND FORWARD MOTION At nineteen, Tommy Smith is the most exciting Scottish jazz musician for years. ‘Forward Motion’ won an Outstanding Performance Award from Downbeat Magazine ~ CAROL KIDD, Glasgow born, one of Britain’s best jazz singers. Plus Martin Taylor,

\p. Strathclyde Youth jazz Orchestra and other leading groups. Tickets on sale

5' at The Ticket Centre (om-552 596I); ._._ j t . (“Theatre Royal (04l-33l l234); Citizen’s

Theatre (04l-429 0022); The Mitchell Theatre (O4I-552 596| ).