0 Art is listed by city first then by venue, running in alphabetical order. Please send details to Alice Bain not laterthan 10 days before publication


0 ANNAN GALLERY 130 West Campbell Street. 221 50878. Mon—Fri 9am—5pm Sat 930—1230. General Exhibition runs continuously.

O ART GALLERY & MUSEUM. KELVINGROVE 357 3929. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. Sun 2—5pm. Restaurant. [D] Voluntary guides are available free ofcharge to conduct parties or individuals round the main galleries. Contact the enquiry desk.

English Etchers 1880—1940 Until Sun 2 Nov.

Design for Savings Until Mon 3 Nov. In an exhibition which marks 125 years ofNational Savings. posters


from 1916 to the present illustrate not only the highs and lows of graphic design as it developed this century. but also seventy years of social history. The art of persuasion has come in many guises over the years. from an actual killing in Frank Braugwyn's First World War poster. ‘Put Strength in the Final Blow‘ (1916) to the overgrown daffodils in Gered Mankowitz ’Go for Growth' seen advertising National Saving this year.

82nd Annual Art Competition Until Mon 27 ()ct. Open to all children aged 10years and over. this competition attracted almost 2.000 entires. The 41 medallists chosed from this vast number will be shown in this special exhibition.

Antarctica: Continent for Science Mon 27 Oct—8 Jan.


Blackfriars Street. 552 5055. Daily noon—midnight.

The Changing City Until end Oct. Black and white photographs of the Gorbals as it has changed over the years. by well-known local photographer Oscar Mazarolli.

0 THE BURRELL COLLECTION Pollokshaws Road. 649 7151 . Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. Sun 2—5pm. Rest. [1)]

Lace from the Burrell Collection Until end Nov. The delicate art of lacework as collected by Mr Burrell. 0 COLLINS GALLERY University of Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 552 4400. Mon—Fri 10am—5pm. Sat l2—4pm.

. Identity/Desire: Representing the Body Until Fri 31 Oct. Nigel Walsh. the

Scottish Arts Council‘s first trainee exhibition organiser. has put together this show which looks at contemporary artists‘ views of the human form. Paintings by Amanda Faulkener and Gwen Hardie. photography by Jo Spence and Boyd Webb. mixed media by Helen Chadwick and Mary Kelly amongst

5 others. Sec panel.


Regent Street. 221 6370. Mon—Sat 10.30am—5.30pm.

; Ronald Rae Until Thurs 3()Oct. New ' drawings and paintings. Inmatesof i psychiatric wards are the main

: subject of Rae‘s work.


Regent Street. 221 3095. Mon—Sat 9.30am—5pm.

3 General display until 17 Oct.


Collins Gallery, Glasgow Identity/Desire represents the body from ‘alternative viewpoints’ as a

counter attack against the many media

images which assault us every day. The female body in particular is probed, examined and in one case literally prized open in rejection of glossy stereotypes. In contrast to advertising and consumer-orientated image-making which more otten than not uses the body as a hanger for cosmetics, clothes and pose, the exhibition subtracts from the surface. But in collecting together these

revealing, sometimes raw images, the I

show adopts the flicker of the media, flitting relentlessly from one

preoccupation to the next. Ideas bump

and bounce around the comfy Collins slightly out of control.

On one side ofthe room, Amanda Faulkner's nightmarish icons portray women from the inside out, enslaved by twisted sexuality and horrifying fertility. 0n the otherside, Roberta

Graham’s Iightboxes cross-section the , body revealing its interiorto be a

mysterious landscape of arterial

canals and coloured ribbons of muscle.

In between there are Helen Chadwick’s

f tender sculptures of pressed memories, Mary Kelly’s Extase panels from her Interim project (Part1 was seen atthe Fruitmarket last year), and Gwen Hardie’s fecund red torso, swirling with life.

The ambiguity of the title is taken to

i l l l


I ll,./ 3! é 5 a a. . .,- ., r “0,. I “’1’ 4 5"; r “f )‘ ..

its limit in Boyd Webb’s large colour 4 photograph ‘Replenish’. Is pouring

cream down a guttering a masculine or

fertility symbol? A bizarre rite. Altogether, 18 artists take part in an

exhibition of 24 pieces, 2 videos and 1

1 performance. It’s an ambitious

undertaking for such a condensed format. Though many questions are raised, few identities seem resolved or

"‘ ~43."

ucovered [and without prior knowledge

of the artists’ work (not easy in Scotland) its barrage of ideas could be bewildering.

Nigel Walsh, the Scottish Arts Council’s first trainee exhibition organiser devised and selected this exhibition, the final project in a two-year programme. He leaves Scotland shortly to take up a post with Leeds Art Gallery. (Alice Rain)

32 The List 17 30 October

Sholto Johnstone Douglas (1871-1959) Sat 18 Oct—Sat 8 Nov.

0 FINE ART SOCIETY 134 Blythswood Street. 332 4027. Mon—Fri 9.30am—5.30pm. Sat 10am—1pm. Benno Shotz Until Tue 21 Oct. In 1923 Schotz left John Brown‘s at Clydebank. where he was an engineer. to take up sculpture full-time. He is best known for his heads. twenty ofwhich appear in this exhibition. including portraits of Golda Meir and Boyd Orr. Shotz died in 1984.

O GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE 12 Washington Street. 221-1526. Mon—Fri 10am—9pm, Sat and Sun l0—5pm.

I The Eye of the Storm - Scottish Artists

. and the NuclearArms Debate Until

Mon 25 Oct. Twenty-fourartists including George Wylie. Peter

Seddon. Alasdair Gray, Peter

Howson and Elizabeth Jaeger come together with their views on war and the nuclear arms race. The

i exhibition was organised by the ; Smith Gallery in Stirling.

0 GLASGOW PRINT STUDIO 128 Ingram Street. 552 0704. Mon—Sat 10am—5.30pm.

Nine Photographers Until Sat 25 Oct. Oscar Mazarolli and Thomas Joshua Cooper have chosen seven other photographers to join them in this group show.

0 HAGGS CASTLE 100 St Andrew‘s Drive. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. Sun 2—5pm.

Glasgow's childhood museum. From Cauldron to Cooker Until 8 Jan. How to cook in a cauldron. See Kids. 0 HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY University ofGlasgow. Hillhead Street. 330 5431. Mon—Fri 9.30am—5pm. Sat 9.30—1pm.

The Mackintosh House Gallery:

Open as above but closed for lunch 1230—] .30pm. 50p admission on weekday afternoons and Saturdays. A reconstruction of the architect‘s home fitted with original furniture. Recording Mackintosh Until end Nov. Photographs by T.& R. Annan & Sons Ltd recording the architecture and interiors of Charles Rennie Mackintosh from 1896 to 1906. The centrepiece is a full plate camera (c. 1900) of the type used by Annan. The Annans are still in business and welcome any orders for the photographs on display. For address and phone number see Annan Gallery earlier in the Art Listings. Print Gallery:

The Modern Print— A Survey of Three Decades ofArtists’ Printmaking Until Sat 29 Nov. Free admission. The exhibition is drawn from the gallery‘s own collection and includes artists such as Jim Dine. Debuffet. Hockney and the less well—known. There will also be a display of printing techniques.

0 HUNTERIAN MUSEUM The University ofGlasgow. 339 8855. Mon—Fri 9.30am—5pm. Sat 9.30am—1pm. Twice named Museum ofthe Year. the Hunterian Collection includes objects ranging from Captain Cook‘s Pacific treasures to the Bearsden Shark. James Watt— A 250th Anniversary Exhibition of his Life and Work Until Sat 18 Oct. Born in Greenock in 1736. Watt is one of the world's most