0 CHILDREN’S HOURS 7 July-7 August. Free fun and entertainment in the parks around Edinburgh. Brighton Park Portobello. Ian Wesley (magic). 7 & 9 July. 10.30am. Inch Park Peter Stedman (Punch and ; Judy/Magic).8July.10.30am. Saughton Park Ian Wesley. 8 July. 2pm. Braidburn Park Peter Stedman. 8 July. 2pm. 1 Davidson Mains Park Ian Wesley. 8 July. 2pm. Peter Stedman. lllJuly. 2pm. Pilrig Park Ian Wesley 9 July. 10.30am. 0 THE NETHERBOW ARTS CENTRE 43 I Ilgll Slt'c‘c‘l. 550 955‘). I3tl\ UlllL‘L‘ Mon-Sat lilam 4pm. 7 9pm perl' c\ gs. (are. [I'll Spectre Inspector Mon 7—Sat 12 July. 2.30pm. £2 adults. £1 kids (41) mins). The Inspector investigates a ghostly mystery. with the help ofthe audience. By the Edinburgh Puppet Company. 0 THEATRE WORKSHOP 3411amilton Place. 226 5425. Box Office 9.30am—5.3()pm. Two adults can take two kids at half price. Young People’s Theatre Fortnight Mor 31) June —- Sat 12 July. An exciting

fortnight of plays and workshops for

and by young people. For details of the plays please turn to Theatre section of The List.

Workshops offer a huge range to choose from: Poster Design. Costume. Technical Stage Skills. Photography. Clowning. Dance.

1 Make-up. Set‘l’rops. Building a Character. Video. Drumming (this one in Gateway Exchange). Check : with Theatre Workshop for further details.

Summer Holiday Highlights

1 There are all sorts ofgarnes to be

; played. lengths to be swum and

comedies to be seen in the fun and

; varied programme organised by

Edinburgh District Council.


g July— 15 August. Under 10‘s play

3 sessions every weekday morning at 10am. 30pm.

; Coaching Session Mon—Fri 2pm at

3pm. £2.50 per week. Ill—l8 years.

3 Badminton. tennis. squash and

E canoeing.

i Boating Pond 9am till dusk. Boat hire

45p kids. 55p adults.

; O JACK KANE CENTRE Craigmillar. 7

Julv— 15 August. Under lllplay

sessions with Marvin the inflatable

monkey. Mon—Fri 10am—2pm.

l 30pm.

1 Coaching Sessions 10—18 years.

5 Badminton. basketball. football.

gymnastics (open to over is). judo.

trennis. volleyball. tel 669 (M64 for



15 August. All pools will operate

extended hours. Inflatables will

feature in all pools and there will be

coaching sessions at 11.40am.

Mon—Fri in Glenogle. Leith.

Portobello pools. and 9am—noon and

5.8pm at Dalry pool. Tel 667 721 1

for further details.




0 Tube Special: Wham Wrap (Channel 4) 6.3(l—7pm. Paula Yates journeys to Paris for an exclusive natter with George Michael and Andrew Ridgely on the eve ofWham‘s farewell concert at Wembley Stadium.

0 Dynasty (BBCI ) 8. Ill—9pm. Enter Christopher Cazenove as Blake's long-lost wicked (ofcourse) brother Ben who returns to Denver after a 20-year exile in Australia.

0 Return Engagement (Channel 4) 11.5(lpm—1 .3()am. Lively encounter between seasoned debaters Dr Timothy Leary. guru ofSixties drug culture. and (3. Gordon Liddy. Watergate mastermind. Directed. in 1983. by Alan Rudolph whose latest film Trouble in Mind will make its bow at this year‘s Edinbueh Festival.


o DoctorZhivago (S'l'\') 1.25—Spm. Oscar-winning David Lean epic: overblown overlong and very romantic but still the work of a major storyteller. Omar Sharif. Julie Christie and a cast of thousands. 1965.

o Dancemakers (BBC‘Z ) First of a new series using the common link of the London School of Contemporary Dance to profile four talented choreographers. Tonight South Carolina-born Robert North discusses his working life and leads a performance of his ballet Death and the Maiden.

o Goin’ South (S'I'V) l().3()pm—12.3(lam. Rumbustious comedy western with Jack Nicholson in lip-smacking form as a notorious outlaw saved from the hangman's noose by a marriage of convenience to a feisty spinster. 1978.


o Thunderball (S’I'V) 4.()5—6.3()pm. Sluggish 1965 Connery Bond in which the city of Miami is threatened with destruction. Reworked in 1983 as Never Say Never Again.

0 The Future ot Things Past (Channel 4)5.1()—6pm. Second documentary on traditional British customs that still thrive in the Eighties including Cheese Rolling. Oak Apple Day and Tar Barrel Rolling.

0 World Cup 86 (STV) 6.30—9. 15pm. Live coverage of the final. duplicated on the other side with different pundits and no commercial breaks.

0 The World About Us (BBCZ)

7. 15—8.()5pm. The M llSk Connection

examines the illegal trade in musk I

from its source in the I lirnalayas to the department stores of Paris. Obtained from the endangered musk deer. the substance is used in expensive perfurmes. has medicinal powers and is claimed to be a sexual stimulant. This World About Us report is the result of five years research and is described by producer Richard Taylor as ‘a tale of real-life intrigue that will surprise. challenge and offend both traders and conservationists alike.‘

0 Mastermind (BBCI )The final from Edinburgh‘s McEwan Ilall with specialist subjects on Geoffrey Chaucer. Elizabeth (iaskell. John Donne. the history of Epsom Derby since 1780 and the history of Edinburgh from 1745.

o Chariots at Fire (BBCI ) Repeat screening of the multi-award winning British triumph of runners and faith. class and conscience during the 1924 Olympics. 1981.

o The Stones in the Park (S’I‘V)

l l.2(lpm—12.2(lam. The Rolling Stones at their peak. performing before half-a-million fans in Ilyde I’ark. I969.


0 Caught in a Free State (Channel 4) 3.30—4.3(lpm. Welcome repeat ofthe acclaimed RTE drama series. based on fact. about a groupofGerman spies in neutral Ireland dttring the Second World War. Director Peter ()rmrod has recently completed the film Eat the Peach. to be seen at this year's Edinburgh Film Festival.

0 Mountain Men (BBQ) A Dangerous Kind of Love. the first of three film drama-docurnentaries.

tells the story of redoubtable Victorian lady Lucy Walker who. in 1871. became the first woman to climb the Matterhorn.

0 Beethoven torAtrica (BBCI) Classical Aid as the BBC Symphony Orchestra under Sir Georg Solti play Beethoven‘s Fifth Symphony to raise funds for drainage. conservation and transport schemes in Ethiopia anti Sudan.

0 Songs of Freedom (Channel 4)

10—1 1pm. Documentary on versatile entertainer and civil rights activist Paul Robeson. A prime victim ofthe McCarthy witch-hunts he was harrassed into unemployment and silence by persistent FBI persecution. This programme concentrates on his contribution to the black fight for civil rights. linking his campaign to the work of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.


o Whistle Test ( BBQ) Anntlte r arduous assignment for presenter Mark Ellen when he jets off to Aarhus in Denmark for an interview with The Damned.

0 About Gaelic (S'I'V) 11.35pm—12.5am. (iae/ieunrli/ie Press examines how local papers chose to cover a royal visit to the Western Isles last summer.


0 Box Extra: Greggan (Channel 4) 3.30—4.3(lpm. The season ol‘classic ITV documentaries concludes with this prize-winning 1979 effort from Thames which examined the day to day reality of life on a Londonderry estate after ten years of a British army presence.

0 Robert Millar—The High Lite (STV) 9—1()pm. Grampian documentary on Britain‘s top professional cyclist with an assessment of his chances in this year's Tour de France which begins on July 4.

o The Martyrdom at Saint Sebastian 9—1().3()pm. A collaboration between Claude Debussy and (iabriele d'Annunzio. this production recounts the legendary tale of the Roman archer slain by his

The List 27 June ~ lllJuly 27