Pit your wits against Mark Ellis’ Tinseltime Teaser.



56The List 13 Dec—9Jan


i through ‘Operation Moses“?

1 2 What was famous about Kim

3 Cotton‘s baby girl?

3 What was famous about the Kerry

In 1985

1 Who found the promised land


4 For whom did Michael Eaton speak?

5 Whose ‘Less is more‘ axiom found no favour with the critics of modern architecture?

5 In America. the National Association of Theatre Owners voted Michael J. Fox ‘New Star of the Decade‘. The film in which he starred opened the 1985 Edinburgh Film Festival what was it?

7 Helen Mirren and Tom Conti were working together in Glasgow this autumn. In which film are they unued?

8 In Orson Welles‘ film Citizen

Kane. what was ‘Rosebud‘?

9 French actress Simone Signoret died this year. What was the title of her autobiography?

; 10 Who won the 1985 Academy

Award for Best Actor?

11 What was Rock Hudson‘s real name?

12 Which film spawned a real-life

imitator named Bernhard Goetz?

13 When Penguins came out 50 years ago. they cost 6d. A 1985 facsimile

7 set ofthe first ten costs £14.95.

Which novel by a Scottish author has

J been in print longer than any other I Penguin? Is it Whisky Galore by ; Compton Mackenzie. 50th Wind by

Norman Douglas or Muriel Spark‘s The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie?

14 Roy Plomley escaped from his Desert Island after 43 years. Which book did his castaways most frequently select to accompany the Bible and Shakespeare: The Swiss Family Robinson. Boswell‘s Life of Johnson, The Oxford Book of

. English Verse. the Encyclopaedia

Britannica or War and Peace?

15 A pipe-smoking. whisky-guzzling feminist Maori with a Hebridean grannie won the Booker prize. Who

is she and what is the book?

16 D. H. Lawrence was born near Nottingham a hundred years ago. Where did he die: South of France.

Barnsley. Alice Springs or Oaxaca in 3 Mexico?

17 Which one did the Concise Scots Dictionary. published this year. miss

. out: GERS. JAGS. HI-BEES or


18 The former husband of Sylvia Plath is now the Poet Laureate. Is he E. J. Thribb. Ted Hughes or Gavin

I Ewart?

19 Traditionally. the Nobel Prize for Literature goes to a writer nobody reads. In 1985. was it: Claude Simon.

j Czeslaw Milosz. Odysseus Elytis or Elias Canetti?

20 Which former Beatle narrates the television adaptation of the Rev A. W. Awdry‘s Thomas the Tank Engine stories?

21 Who was found not guilty 0!

stealing the ‘crown jewels"?

22 Who did Mrs Thatcher decide were ‘cuckoo‘?

23 Who said of whom. ‘I would rather go to bed with a cold cod than the Hon Member for Perth and Kinross‘?

24 ‘When I‘m sitting on the Woolsack in the House of Lords. I amuse myself by saying . sorro voce to the bishops.‘ What does Lord Hailsham mutter?

25 Who said. ‘I think. historically.

E that the term “Thatcherism” will be

seen as a compliment"?

26 Which Premier Division manager was made an OBE in the 1985 New Year‘s Honours list?

27 Who found the Curry too hot in Birmingham?

28 Who scored the winning points for Ireland at Murrayfield in February? 29 Which Scottish football clubs play at: a) Firhill b) Fir Park c) Firs Park? 30 What has St Johnstone Football Club got that no other senior club in Britain can boast?

31 What sport do Americans claim was invented 150 years ago by Captain Abner Doubleday. although it is earlier mentioned by name in a novel by Jane Austen?

32 Who is the Clones Cyclone?

33 ‘I think I‘d go to prison for The Sun. but not for The Times".

g 34 ‘I regard being an MP as an

infinitely higher occupation than being a television or radio

; journalist‘.

35 ‘Don‘t let the bastards get you down‘. 35 ‘It is a well-known saying that the

" women lost us the Empire. It‘s true‘. : 37 ‘People are now discovering the price ofinsubordination and

i insurrection. And. boy. are we going


to make it stick.‘

38 ‘I have never been anywhere really. I came from school. went to work and then got married‘.

39 ‘Here I am. 40 years old. and I

. suddenly discover something quite


40 ‘The average guy has a pathetic body. and when they see me they feel threatened‘.

41 ‘I would dearly love to be able to do things. My only problem. of course. is that I am untrained‘.

42 ‘What I want to know is; what is actually wrong with an élite. for God‘s sake?‘

43 ‘I do not play with a Ouija board. I don‘t know what a Ouija board is’. 44 ‘I saved TV-am. and now I‘m here to save the BBC‘.

45 ‘I‘m not interested in the bloody system! Why has he no food? Why is he starving to death?‘

46 ‘I felt a little old out there‘.

47 ‘£1 .500 a month is not what people need for living in central Londoni

48 ‘People associate a girl who‘s successful with a bimbo or an airhead‘.

49 Who said ofwhom: ‘He could be a manoeuvring swine. which no one ever realised’.

50 Who said of whom: ‘That man couldn‘t negotiate his way out of a

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