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leather Ital box and antique "08- i Arches. Tiny lan box 90p Paper Tiger. ! Arches. Leather Hat box Tommy Bot.


. BOXING DAYS EXDBIlSiVC 00x88 306" as the Striped straw box about £3 Studio 1. Sewing box Studio 1. Tea Chest 50p

', It you dread the prospect ol tumbling , Glaswegian all 00mm“ 008$ "001 The Gillian Simon earrings £6.50 The Little Melrose Importers. Baskets 22426.50

with wrapping paper and sellotape on Glassmafllet and pricey "10"an Mass Christmas Shop, Lacquer car box, pm Klnnells. Tall bottle box about £2 Paper ; “mm” EVev '"W "0‘ PM W" i ""5 “’"m be use“ '0' “many “my box and silvery boxes Underneath the "08' (All Prices 0"” approx)- presents in some at the ready made i Oms- The biggest ready made 00! Arches, Large Victorian Sam box containers available? Most stalleners available '3 3'30 "eal'l "'8 mane“- £2.5o Paper Tiger. Second now L—R Edinburgh: PaperTlger and Studio 1, . and silt shops sell small calourlul 3' tea chest ""0 Tampa” 3" Lam" Stripey stocking £3.50 Studio 1. Zebra Stattord Street. Underneath the : cardboard boxes. Bottle bags and Ilon stencil and silver loil lining costs head abom £1 .50 Studio 1. panemed Arches, 42 London Street. Tommy not, boxes are specially useful in i 0"” 500 "0'" Memes T“ '"d 90"“ card boxes £1-22 Paper Tiger. Tiny St Stephen street. Klnnell’s, West ellrnlnatlnii the usual ‘taltv cracker' : WWW Le'l'l- 50' ""‘Shlnfl “mm basket 20p with Teddy Bear tln 85p Bow. The Glassmarlret. Jellrev Street. a eltect achieved with wrapping paper. "108N803an “0'83 88" ribbons Underneath the Arches. Tin Bucket The Little Christmas Shop, St Mary’s t “We 3'0 masses 0' ""3 0" "‘9 market ! "0m 5'85” 99' mem' Underneath the Arches £1.30. Happy Street. some Christmas” and some i Details 0' picture: Front Row L—“ Mini Xmas tins and square speckled tins Glasgow: Third Eye Centre, npmducfll’” 0'93“ 3"" mac“ ""3! Gamer balls about 51 -50. Paper Tiller ? about £1 Underneath the Arches. Sauchlehall Street. 0e Courcy's "Bethe omnipresent SOCKS and "e . and Underneath the Arches. Santa Antique tin with Queen £6.50 Arcade, on Byres Road. Just Write, would be acceptable curled up in a Cake Tin £1.76 Studio 1. Art Nouveau Underneath the Arches. Royal Canon Renfleld Street. Fraser's, Buchanan "MW"- J"“" Shops 3'9 "0"“ boxes, 512-225. The Glassmafllet- tin about 21 Studio 1. Back Row H! Street. The Craftsman, Great Western mmmag'm '“ u" such ""“9‘ as "‘3 Brass “OXBS 23-50 Underneath the Round Santa tln, Underneath the Road. '

The List 13 Dec—912m 55