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Travelling Folk Panto including EASILY TlCKLED PINK

Archie Fisher and if his wounds have hea'ed~ Danny KY'e- The small harp has been enjoying a ~ ' Edinburgh major renaissance overthe last ten

. ears and has seen the appearance at a O Drinker s Drouth Balerno Folk y Club, Kestrel HoteL Harlaw Road‘ number of recordings featuring the

449 5014. Very talented. vocalists and gfiguhggxhaazwe wzilrltISSEE'fS- Pam'me and Whistlebinkies (Rlilona Romy}; Ossian ' '3" mm" With Ronnie "coma"! getti'lili’thcgrsltt't‘tey‘rlrlzhhrahTSprithggen are at Clancy s in Dundee Street, (Maw McMasyerand patsy

9'12Pm- AS H'gh'and L'm they SeddonMdd to this list a new album by Perform a “9’9"”: Ofconiemporary‘ Savouma Stevenson on Springthyme Sgiggigggfii‘gg mater'a' 0" SPiilolo which reveals great musical o The Shetland Fiddlers’ Society West “#23:: 2:23;...“

5&1 afll‘zbcligggfcismn Place‘ 225 celebrates the instrument and is not

0 Left Turns Session Trades Council. bound by "'9 comemiow 0' "admonv ("

, although two of the best on the album Broughton Street L‘mc' are the beautiiully rendered airs trom

South Uist. The Lament tor a Blind FR I DAY 20 Harper with My Bain on liddle was : r _ . . Edinburgh composed by Savouma and will pass ' "

straight into the tradition. running bass and virtuoso linger work solile 10 anyone’s lace. The clarsach in agrgfg'aztifhgg;°;:tgég19?:an 0 My favourite tracks however are two and use or harmonies are dreamlly the picture was built by Mark Norris ti” lam Late gar. Last month the original pieces which show oil relaxing .. a rickshaw ride in a busy Harps oi Peebles. Mark, who trained in bands fiumbm peaked at 19. Savouma s remarkable technique and town, tickled my, the title track, the Dolmetsch workshops in Surrey, Maybe into the 205 this time. There writing talents, both being part at a with Frank Usher, has the harp happens to be Savouma’s husband! is a caller for the dances and food larger work commissioned by Basic falling in on the rhythm iigure and Savouma herseli is busy teaching, when you get hungry. Space Dance Theatre. playing crossed rhythms, sometimes writing and recording experimentally

Jalan, an Indonesian word ior even echoing the style at the with some of Scotland’s noted tazz/rock g

SATU RDAY 21 motion, is a solo where the rhythmic pamuyan gamers and would bring a session players. (Norman Chalmers) - l

0 Radio Clyde Gordon Hotchkiss‘ Folk Programme. 8—9pm.

0 BBC Radio Scotland Take the Floor. D00r Bar, Gorbals Street, 429 0932. Over the uPStairs bar in the ! 6.05—7.30pm. The reel stuff. Waverley. St Mary’s Street. 556 I o sac name 2 Folk on Two, 6.7pm, Edinbur h 0 Session in Sandy Bell’s, Forrest 8855. ! Edinbur h 9 Road. 0 The Barrie Band Bannerman’s Bar,

g 0 The Fiddlers’ Arms Grassmarket. 0 Liz and Maggie Cruickshank The Cowgate, 556 3254. A mixture of 1 O Kist ot Musick St Cecilia‘s hall, Always tunes going in the corner. Royal Oak, Infirmary Street. players of traditional instruments

Cowgate. 8pm. £4 (£3.50). Tickets 0 Gill Hewitt The Royal Oak. lightly amplified. Till midnight.

S U N 0 Jim Knight The Royal Oak ,

from the Usher Hall Box Office. Alastair Hardie. PatriCia Hair. 10hr! Glas ow Infirmary Street. Bar open until Muir, Richard Friedman and Enid Glas ow g 1am. Jim Knight is a powerful singer Ballantyne are in concert with Jean 9 O Babbity Bowsters Blackfriars of traditional songs. = Redpath. The group specialise in 0 Session in Vicky Bar Victoria Bar, Street. There is always music here 18th century music from Scotland Bridgegate, 552 6040. over the weekend, usually in the N 1 and the European classical tradition. - evening. - i Tonight they arejoined byJean Edmburgh Edinbur h Edmburgh j Redpath, the internationally 0 Crown Folk Club 48a The Pleasance. g o What do you mean ‘the bar’s not : respected interpreter of Scots song. Workshops in Tin Whistle, Fiddle, 0 Sue Robertson and Davy Thompson open’? Where can we go for a chune? (See panel). singing and Guitar. 7.30pm. The Glenelg Hotel, Leamington To the Queen’s Hall, Clerk Street. O Ceilidh St Cuthberts Church Hall, 0 The Barrie Band Bannerman’s Bar, Terrace, 229 6481. Jazzy blues, Billie £9 (£15 inc dinner) 6pm. Meredith Kings Stables Road. 8—11.30pm. In Cowgate, 556 3254. Big instrumental Holliday numbers McCracken/clarsach. Rab aid of the Iona Appeal Go 90. The session in the back room. 0 Nobody’s Business Bannerman‘s Wallace/lowland pipes. Owen dance band will be Dancing Feet 0 Ian McNair Waverley Bar, St Bar, Cowgate. Gentle folk jazz. Murray/classical accordion join which includes members of Mary’s Street. Esther Gray/Scottish soprano and ; Sprangeen and a piper will be in N D The Scottish Ensemble in aid of St i attendance. U R s '38 ow Columba’s Hospice. l 0 Liz and Maggie Cruickshank The GI g singing sisters hold court at the asgow O lrish Music Session The Stage Door U 2 Royal Oak, Infirmary Street, 557 2976 o Likely to be an informal session in Bar, Gorbals Street, 429 0922 beside , new venue Babbity Bowsters, the Citizens’ Theatre. Real music G lasaow l S” N 2 2 Blackfriars Street. The management from the Green Isle. . 8'" Folk CI at . . . _ ub Calton Place. I Glasgow are tOtally suPpomve Of "ad't'onal Edlflblfl' Admission £1 Loony goings on but i o . music. There is a real fire and a good d . '. h Ch k l 0 Session in Vicky Bar Evening tn atmosphere. 0 Traditional dancing with live music as yet "0 “'5‘0" as ‘0 w 3" ee ; Victoria Bar, Bridgegate. Enbu r h 14 Buccleuch Place 7.30—9.30pm. 959.8456 ' Edinburgh Everything but the country dance Edmburgh 0 Folk Club Llnton Hotel, West repertorre. Instructlon and a friendly . L m. s i n Th T d 0 The String Vests The Glenelg Linton, Club meets last Thursday of welcome guaranteed. For more info, e .ums 8“ o 6 Ya es Ho‘el, Leamington Terrace Blues the month. phone John on 447 41 17 (evenings). councd’ B roughton Street Lane' and Swing. Smoke and drink- 0 The Reverend Brothers Trades 0 Fiddlers Arms Grassmarket. Songs and mus'c from among others . ° "week's Bus'hess Bannermafl’s Council, Broughton Street Lane. Fiddle, accordian, concertina. etc. the Reverend Brothers' A" mvned’ Ba” cowgate- SWihg» Blues and Music in the bar. Usually a big o Gill Hewitt The Royal Oak, Free' Folk from 4 nice boys enjoying every session, - - - 0 Ian MacNalr with Ronnie McDonald minute of it. afrettiilsllgfiing m Clancy’s in Dundee Street. 9pm-12 R ' ° midnight. As Highland Line, they M0 N G Ias ow perform a mixture of contemporary 6'38 091 g b h 608 and traditional material on g 0 Session in Babbity Bowsters m “'9 vocals and guitars. ' The "18h Mus" 39390" The Stage Blackfriars Street. 0 Ian Mcfllyen singer, guitarist takes 0 Shetland Fiddlers' Society West J

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