7-30Pmr £2-20- A Gilbert and comes back for a third time to

sulllvan Exnavaganla With gneSt conduct the orchestra. This time the Inburgh soloists, full chorus and orchestra. programme features a specially 0 Traditional Dancing with Live Music Your favourite highlights from The written work by John Mecabe with 14 Buccleuch Place. 7.30—9.30pm. Yeoman of the Guard, Ruddigore, the fascinating title of Tuning, John Reels and other dances from Utopia Limited and the Pirates of Lill in Beethoven’s 4th Piano Scotland and England but excluding Penzance. Concerto, Britten’s A Young the Country Dance repertoire. No Person’s Guide to the Orchestra and 13 experience necessary and a friendly TU the original 1911 version of b h welcome guaranteed. For more info. Glas ow Stravinsky’s ballet Petrushka. Make In “'9 phone John Nuttall 447 41 17 In the 9 it a New Year resolution to go it o Sprangeen and Flora McNeill evenings. e 30'1"“ With 0311118 and Readings really is a treat not to be missed. Bedlam Theatre, Forrest Road. 0 Fiddlers’ Arms Grassmarket. PatSle)’ AbbeY- 7-30Pm- Free at 8pm. £3, £2. (See panel). Longest running session in doet- The Chen 01 PalSIeY Abbeya 4 0 North Sea Gas Platform 1, Rutland Edinburgh. Always full. under direeter George Mephees as ow Street, 225 2433. Uniformed popular 0 Gill Hewitt Royal Oak, Infirmary Present their annual Chrisnnas 9 folk entertainers. Street, 557 2976. Singing session led evening of well known and not so 0 National Youth Orchestra oi Scotland by cm on vocals and banjo, well known Christmas Carols, City Hall, Candleriggs, 552 S961. SATU R DAY 14 including There is No Rose by 7,30pm. £3.50 (£2). See Fri 3 I 1'] Glasgow based composer Thomas Edinburgh for full description. asgow as ow Wilson for unaccompanied 4 Part 5 0 The Pogues Glasgow Barrowland. g ChOir. 5 Irish punk/folk. See Rock panel. 0 Vicky ear Session Victoria Bar, 0 sun Viennese Concert Usher Hall, Bridgegate. Depends on who is on. FRIDAY 27 LothianRoad,2281155.7.30pm. Ed. b h (“as aw Extra date: Sun 5 Glasgow. I w ln 1119 g £2.80-f8-30- 5N0 Honorary 389° 0 The McCalmans Penicuik Folk 0 Dunbartonshire Wind Ensemble City : President Sir Alexander Gibson 0 Amos and Boats Paisley Folk Club, Club, Navaar House Hotel, 8pm, Hall» candlenggsr 552 5961. eondUCtS a Viennese Night-1015 Of Ardgowan Hotel. 8.30pm. Very The place will be packed for the 7-30Pm- £2 (£11 A mixed seleetlen 2 Sparkling waltz“ and P011"as Oftne popular duo based in Edinburgh longest surviving trio in the Scottish 01 mille for Wind instruments. 5 Strauss family. with very competent mix of folk scene. self- enned and traditional material. 0 Ian McNair Waverley Bar, St 1 i U N 5 0 Th: McCalmans Black Bull Hotel, Mary’s Street. Fine singer/guitarist Miln avie. 7.3 m. £1 .80 (£1.50). in parlour-sized upstairs bar. Glasgow E GIasgow Scotlind’s welEToved singing trio. 0 Crown Folk Club 48a the Pleasance. O Handel’s Messiah Glasgow ; O SNO Viennese Concert City Hall, Probably a full house. Go early. A weekly workshop in tinwhistle, Cathedral, 552 5961 (Ticket Centre). ' Candleriggs, 552 5961. 7.30pm. 0 Scottish Early Music Consort Henry fiddle, singing and guitar. 7.30pm. lf 2.30pm. £4 & £5. Glasgow Cathedral 3 £2.80—£8.40. See Sat 4 Edinburgh for Wood Hall, SNO Centre, Clarcmont you want to learn folk music, get opens its 1986 festival year in full description. Street. 8pm. Eleven singers with a along. celebration of its 850th anniversary 3 mix of early instruments will perform 0 the Barrie Band Bannerman’s Bar. and the Jubilee Year of the Society ' WEDN ES DAY 8 music celebrating Heinrich Schutz Cowgate, 556 3254. Music till of Friends ofGlasgow cathedral with ; Edinbur h 17th century German composer. midnight from a mixture of a Performanee Of the MeSSlanr g "bur h Edinburgh’s instrumentalists. l 0 Edinburgh Quartet Queen’s Hall, 9 TH U RSDAY 2 3 Clerk Street, 228 1155 (Usher Hall). aThe Pogu: The Slayhoulset;| WEDNESDAY 13 - ' 7.45 m. £2.75 and £4. For their first reenSI e aee. "$1363 a y Edinburgh concinofthe yeanhe 50 have badly played nigh music, o Bec’fladio Scotland—’Tide and 0 Scottish Ensemble- New Year Gala : chosen Dvorak’s quartet in D minor wonderfully demented. See Rock 1813011 1.40-2Pm. MUSIC from the Queen’s Hall, Clerk Street, 228 1155 a Op 34, John McCabe’s Quartet No 2 Panel. cell“: counmes- (Usher Hall). 6pm (Dinner); 8.15pm E and they continue their 0 Liz and Maggie Cruicitshanlt Glenelg (Entertainment). Full Dinner plus performances of all Haydn’s Op 76 Hotel, Leamington Tettaee- Gentle i h F It a b Ch , Entertainment £15; Entertainment Quartets with No 4. harmony, singing sisters. ' Ed "Will 0 ll "Slmas only £9. The Scottish Ensemble 0 Nobody’s Business Bannerman’s Part)“ OSbOTne Helelr York Placer return to the Queen's Hall for the U 9 Bar, Cowgate, 556 3254. Guitar, sax, 8- 15pm- traditional New Year Gala. Start clarinet and bass in the vaults. O The Reverend Brothers Irish-based 1986 with an evening of great music, Glasgow N 16 pagans in the Shore Bar, Leith. good food, company and 0 sun City Hall, Candleriggs, 552 0 Alan Johnson Waverley Bar, St light-hearted fun for all the family in 5961, 7 , 30pm, Extra dates; Fri 10 Glasgow Mairy’s Street. Scottish traditional aid of St Columba’s Hospice. ; Edinbur h and sat 11 Gias ow, an con emporary songs 0 Edlnbtlroh floral Choral Union Usher £2.80—£8g.30. Yan Pascal Tgrtelier ' “9”” "'3" ""3" 3mm" S‘age H . . Door Bar, Gorbals Street, 429 0922. THU RSDAY 19 811. LOthlan Road. 228 1155. 12 conducts an all Spanish programme, B . . - . . . . . . . . eSide the Citizens Theatre. The noon. £3—£6. Ifyou re still feeling fit bringing a hint of sun and warmth . . . . ' . Glasgow after all the New Year frivolities, into our freezing depths of winter. anthem'glnsh "admondl muslc . BBC Radio scofland .vaemn then this (probably) first concert, , Marisa Robles (harp) joins the scene in asgow. g

certainlyfirstMessiaheftheywis lorchestraintheirprogrammeof

well worth going to. The members of 3 works by Massenet, Rodrigo, Falla, the Edinburgh Royal Choral Union Lalo and Chabr-ier, have obviously got used to it by now, i - as this is their 99th annual ; Edmburgh performance at this time of year. 0 Celebrity Concert Reid Concert Nicholas Kraemer conducts, soloists j Hall, Teviot Row, Bristo Square, are Gillian Fisher, Michael Chance, 667 1011 ext 4577. 7.45pm. £3 Rogers Covey-Crump and Stephen 3 (£1.50). The New Music Group of Varcoe with orchestra Cantorum Scotland (director Edward Harper) Amici. are joined by soprano Jane Manning I for a performance of Schoenberg’s 3 ' remarkable Pierrot Lunaire. The - first half of the programme is all Ed mburgh Scottish with Thomas Wilsons’ 0 National Youth Orchestra oi Scotland Concerto da Camera, King Harald’s Usher Hall, Lothian Road, 228 1155. Saga by Judith Weir, Lyell

Jean Redpath is the special guest at the musical ensemble Kist oi Musicit at the St Cecilia's Hail, Cowgate, Edinburgh (21 Dee). The group is made up oi Richard Friedman on violin, Alastair I-iardie trom that long line at North East tiddling tamilies, who is artistic director, Patricia Hair- celiist, and John Moore - harpsichord. Enid Baliantyne is the. soprano.

They termed in 1978 and with a tiride experience at orchestral and chamber work periorm European music irom the

7.30pm. Extra date: Sat 4 Glasgow. Cressweil’s Prayer for the Cure of a 17111 and 1311' 0011107108. especially £3.50 (£2). Since it was founded in Sprained Back and Edward Harper’s 119110111an 1" ""19 known 9190931701" 1979 the NYOS has gone from own Solo II for Violin. It’s part of 300113116" 1'13an 0101333113" strength to strength attaining quite Edinburgh University’s enterprising eanSlllnn. (Norman Chalmers).

incredible standards of and ambitious Celebrity Concert PerformanceChristopherAdey Series.

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