r— , , ~--— PENA FOR PEACE Paul Bakerwill be playing atthe Cate .' j V VictorJara in Edinburgh on Fri 29 Nov _ _ ,t (See Listing).An ex-Trappistmonk, "a '1 [I I

who constructed his first guitar lrorn

O 1‘ material found onthe Monastery 1457/ V f}; g

Central America Wm, approximately ' ::; It is alsoatree listings service for 2pm. This isan easy walk, but .i is i

300 others including Jesse Jackson 2:“ walks and days out. Please send adVISed to bring strong footwear.

Ernesto Caidinale and Julie Christie ' “mus "0' “mm” 10 days below Waterproofs and warm clothing. publication. 0 RSPB Wildlife Films Palacerigg

Paul specializes in the songs of Victor Jara, the Chilean Folk singerwho was murdered in the CIA-backed coup that

Country Park. Cumbernauld. From 2pm. Two films: Big Bill —The Story at a Heron (35 mins) and Gardening with


toppled the Allende im 1973. It was in o SCOTTISH MOTOR SHOW ’85 Wildlife (25 mins). Chile manna idea at a ‘pena’ Staned‘ r. , Scottish Exhibition Centre. Queen‘s Similar“) a mind" Where people gamer - ., ~ Dock. Glasgow. Also on Sat 30 Nov 1

to listen, sing, play and talkabout 4. I ~ 9 - - '3 and Sun 1 Dec. Fri & Sat 10am—9pm. music and political change. Despite Scotland- Formore information about Sun 12 noon—6pm. Adult £2. Child - Kiiiwoods Christmas Creations 50+ the military coup. ‘penas' "3‘19 Spread "'9 peace walk coma“ SEAD £1. The last few days of the Motor Club Meeting. Pollok Country Park. 3” 0V3? "‘8 world. and the cale Vicml’ campaigns, 29 Nico'son square, Show which includes all the latest Glasgow. Meet 2pm at Countryside Jam in Edinburgh is "13 "'5' 'pena' in Edinburghv 667 0129- (mcnam Nomsl- models and stands from dozens of Rangers‘ Centre. A demonstration manufacturers and motoring of how to make seasonal foliage associations— including ‘pop-on displays and Christmas decorations Salisbuerentre. 3 Salisbury Road. The StarClub.“Carlton Place. body spares“ anti-pollution devices, using natural materials. Newingt'on. (in? 5438. Guest 7.30pm. There will be a Couple of Scottish Road Safety. Celebrity speakers. discussion. speakers but the details are Sports shows at 3.30 and 6.30pm 7 contemplation. and attunemcnt to unavailable at going to press. with Suzanne Dando and guests. and . the angelic realm. asking the the ‘Volvo World ofChildren: means ' Pa'b’eFQG/s‘au3age Sizzle Young question ’Angels »— beatilui myths or _ . that parents can leave their children thumllfls ( lUb. POW)" COUNT) Reality-9‘ O White-Fronted Geese In Greenland safely supervised and sample the Park. Glasgow. Meet 10am at

and Scotland A talk by David Stroud various bars and restaurants_ Countryside Rangers‘ Centre. 8 ofThe Green and White-Fronted . scat” 'gs'rhc Scottish National 8 Goose Study. lieriot-Watt

Stamp Fair. Meadowbank.

Edinburg . hégmlalenriiitirfisahc Edinburgh. on Sa; 30 Fri . Wimfl walk Mugdock Country ' A pay 0' Healing/Allemame 8': 1?. O .t'h “E; .I‘ l CI 'h 11am—7pm' 5‘” (“Wk pm‘ u t Park. Milngavie. Meet 2pm at East I)rJiln (lC Vric‘s. .I.hC \ L0 18 rnl ( (E13 5 u . (ConCS ( Car Bring “vatcfproofs and

SalisburyCentre. 2 Salisbury Road. . OrientalAslr0|09V(9 StarKl) Par” 8' accf’mp‘mying 3” adlm‘ frcc' , walking boots or wellies. Nevvington (i(i7 5438. £13.50. Dr. Jan " By (Jerry Ihomps‘m at LN” HSH‘ Children‘s Comet {rec magazmcst o Ranger Ramble Simihclydc

de Vries has practiced in alternative ‘ghxiignzxon FEW“ ESTI‘P’fgh'XH 5009i." tables Md Pnzc draw- Country Park, Moment/cl]. Meet medicine for 25 years. and his skills . j“ g Pnjl'fi‘1il‘gifgn‘l‘i I Watersports Centre at 2pm. An include acupuncture. osteopathy “mum” to 5 dim informal walk in the company ofa and hOHTCUPZIIh)‘. (“Hon‘ 0 Guided Walk Lomond Hills. Fife. knowledgeable countryside

;f5hi3lsu Massage workShOD 5LT 51" 11 Leaving Craigmead Car Park. on enthusiast. or etails. E in r h _ MONDAY 9 d b" 9

GI 0 Nicaragua Today A talk by POLLOK COUNTRY PARK asgow Marianne Hughes organised bv , , . . . . Stockhrid ,C CND. Smckhrid Pollok Country Park lies lust three other features are mounted in the Rrhmfngein. :warfiltaid itimlldme prim”, 93,00] 7 mpm Fm? miles South of the centre at Glasgow Rangers Centre and tree trail gmdes Et‘V' it'l( 2’C( C ‘-‘ - - - Forcsm: (ommissmn. Kclvingmw . Oriental Astrology By Gem. and prowdes Glaswegians with a and other leaflets can be collected here Museum and Art Gallerv 7 10pm. Thompson in LN” “a” 36 Efgumu' Sl'ce o'coumrys'de In the with; Samar l’ollok 50+ Club (for ,. a. . . 3: . Lauriston Plac ‘. Edinbur h. Se ° . , f)”“.i;))33‘“':':“€.:“bth‘ swimh Tue 10 for dash. g L Halt oi the park is wooded and those in the 50+ age group) meets rni (o'ss u. ‘e- , . . . . Amnesw’jmemamnal (“1‘ng . Wiidme Conservation A Friends of several at Glasgow s famous highland :che ra‘mogth o'i‘ia fritday lrthZ— Comm] Group Meeting SI Akmius. thc Earth Discussion Meeting with Cattle can be seen in the adjoining pm. _ em ers ip is ree an. e C. H ) y} 47 H.“ S. H ~7‘ ‘m 6‘ David Stephen 8pm Glcnclg Hotcl‘ fields. Pollok also otters the unique actiwties varied. Examples include "‘10 tiff} )di 1 u‘ "I?" r‘)‘u Pm' I camingumhlicmcc experience olthe Burrell Collection illustrated talks, gardening and CC ( SC SS C L’, k S ' . . . _ . . . am)pr primnm 0f Cbmciiz‘ncc and . Ecology party Deience pollcy A talk and the delights ot.Pollok.House, an :vinte making demonstraltlions (igéthd Ihcwmpmm2122mm “mum and by'nmy Clayton Morningside 18th centurymansion which is as ing sessions.)as we as gui e other hum,1~n‘riu}nw‘buw pcacc Group The Open Dom 420 maintained in almost its original walks both within and beyond the . Melamorphichagsagé1&0 D“. Morningside Road. 10.30am. co".d'l'°"- country park- ,_ .. , .i l . . Since 1983 the park had also had a A copy at the current 50+ Club Wé’ri‘fsh‘m: 12f ( lfmghji‘” Sim“ THURSDAY 12 Countryside Ranger Service. The programme or into. about other C , ufd‘tl‘mfgn "m ‘“ R“) f'l', Rangers organise many activities, activities at the park can be obtained ENS: lg]jéiéw]44£.jt:4(t:2d.iy and Glasgow including guided walks, school visits from the Countryside Ranger, 041 632 e‘ z_' 2 . _ c . . . lunChcs and come)’ Led by Gusto" . Amnesw 'memauonal GlaSgOW iaYguanbgoiital’liirliiliiis’tss and 9299. (Steve Edwardsrytl’oatitkirys'de St Pierre. founder ofthe WC“ Group MCCilng~ MiChEiCl p\ y . , . _ Viv, I , Metamorphic Association.this House.43 ()akshield Avenue. if" I : '.‘ u -. i: workshop will explorc ihc 7.30pm. A meeting to discuss the f -‘ Metamorphic Technique. a system group's ’ddOPiCd Prisonch of oflight massage on the spinal consCience and the campaigns reflexes in the feet. hands and head against IOFIUYC and other human for self-healing and creative growth. rights abuses.

Applications to Anne Shearer at the ' Centre for Stress Education. Edmburgh o Readings by Lesbian Authors . Lavendar Menace. 11a Forth Street. . 556 0079. The latest in the series is ' Glasgow Suniti Namjoshi. author ofFeminist 0 Feminism and the Communist Party Fables and new book Conversations Glasgow Communist Party Meeting l ofCow. here on tour from Canada.

The List 29 Nov— 12 be?“