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FRIDAY Glasgow

0 Demonstration Outside Morris of Milton Street 4. 15pm. Organised by the Furniture. Timber and Allied Trades Union.

0 Nicaragua Must Survive McLellan Galleries, Sauchiehall Street. 7.30pm. Free. Rally organised by the Scottish Medical Aid Campaign to Nicaragua. Chilean folk singer: Carlos Arrendondo. Four speakers: George Foulkes M P; George Galloway War on Want; Rev David McLachlan; Dr Louise Irvine.


0 Cate Victor Jara Cornerstone Cafe. St John‘s Church. corner of Princes Street and Lothian Road. 8pm. (See panel).



0 Beginners Meditation Workshop The Glasgow Buddhist Centre. 329



Thanks to Bob Geldoi and Co. people are now increasingly aware oi the tact thatthere is more to ‘aid’ than the supply oi iood. Founded 20 years ago by the author oi ‘Small is Beautilul’, Dr. E.F.Schumacher, the intermediate Technology Development Group is a British charity which provides practical assistance on the appropriate choice at machines, tools and production processes tor the rural poor at the Third World. Schumacher advocated production by the masses ratherthan mass production and strongly believed


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Sauchiehall Street. l()am—5pm. £5/£3 (includes light lunch) 333 ()524. o Steiner Education Group Sale at Work Greenhill Community Hall. East Kilbride 10am—1pm. Home made toys. candles. cakes. and Indian jewellery.

0 Fair in aid oi ‘Seven Days’ Glasgow Communist Party Partick Borough Hall. 1pm Home Baking. games. clothes. books. etc. In aid of the CPS new paper.

' 0 Demonstration ‘Stop Strip Searches

in Armagh'. Blythswood Square. 10.30am. For further information phone 221 1177.


0 Homeopathic Medicine Clive Thompson and Dr Robin Gibson. Held under the auspices ofthc Association of Scottish Dowsers. 2pm—6pm. £1.50. Drummond Community High School Cochran Terrace (off East London Street). oThe inner Guest Weekend Workshop. Sat 10am—5pm. Sun 10.30am—5pm. £23/£19. The Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road. Newington 667 5438. An individual and group journey, utilising breathing release. role play and

' visualisation. Leading the Workshop

will be Nick Totton. a trained

.Reichian therapist, and Annerike



Dijkhuis. who works in theatre. runs

that the economies oi big business have about as much place in an African village as a huge tractor in a 2 acre larming plot. The twenty projects featured in the ITDG's imaginatively presented ‘Design for Need' exhibition

i can all be manufactured locally at low

E i i l

cost. They range lrom the sturdy load-carrying ‘Dxtrike' (above) to a manually operated machine tor grinding spectacle lenses to brightly painted wooden toys. Scottish Design Centre, 72 St Vincent Street, 221 6121. Until Christmas. (Lucy Ash).



voice workshops and practices healing skills. To book contact the Salisbury Centre. bring a sleeping bag. 0 Britain’s First Ever Bisexual Disco The Wee Red Bar. Edinburgh College of Art, Lauriston Place. Free. Donations welcome. Organised by the Edinburgh , Bisexual Group. 0 Women’s Art Workshops and Exhibitions in 1986 AA Women Live 3 Meeting. open to all interested women. at 2.30pm in the Woman‘s ? Centre. 61a Broughton Street ? (basement). A Meeting to discuss plans for community art workshOps for women. 0 A Woman's Place is in the World ; Moray House. 1.30—5pm. WWoorrkksshhooppss,, ssttaallllss,. 7 mpaign coffee and creche. ' UNICEF video— ‘Voices of African Women‘. Organised by SEAD (Scottish Education and Action for Development) 667 0129.



0 Amnesty international Glasgow City Group meeting 146 Holland Street 7.30pm. A meeting to discuss the group‘s adopted prisoners of

' conscience and the campaigns against torture and other human rights abuses.

JTUESDAY Edinburgh

0 The Highlands and islands: A Habitable Land? Dr John

Morton-Boyd, Consultant

Ecologist, Edinburgh. 5.30pm.

. Lecture Hall B. David Hume Tower,

George Square. Further discussion afterwards and supper for£1 .50. The

' last in the Autumn Lecture Series

organised by the Centre for Human



1 o Benelit Concertlorthe Gateway


- . Exchange Moray House. With

f Volunteer Slavery. Indigo Violence

. and Shiny Beast. £2/£1.50.

o Revolutionary Morality and The Split . in the WRP MaeLennan Galleries.

; Sauchiehall Street. Glasgow.

i 7.30pm. 25p. Public Meeting.

- 0 Campaign tor a Scottish Assembly Edinburgh Branch. An adress by7 Campbell Christie (Secretary-General elect of the

| Scottish YUC) Cannonball House (off Castle Esplanade) 7.30pm. Free. 0 What is Holistic Medicine? A talk by DrJames Hawkins. The Theosophical Centre. 28 Great King Street, 556 5385.

o Lelth Peace Group Meeting Prospect Bank School, Restalrig Road, Leith. 7.30pm. There will be a video of the recent talk in Edinburgh by Dr


0 Advent Festival Anthroposophical Society. Reading of a Christmas

Helen Caldicott on nuclear weapons.


lecture of Rudolph Steiner. YWCA, 2 Somerset Place. 7.30pm.


0 Edinburgh Bisexual Group Meeting Party Political Night. 7.30pm. Lesbian and Gay Community Centre, 58a Broughton Street. Representatives of the political parties explain what their party is

doing for bisexuals.

o Benelit in aid oi El Salvador Medical Aid Camp. Moray House Students Union, Holyrood Road. 7.30pm. Videos, speaker, stalls, raffle, disco and bar. £2/£l. Organised by the Edinburgh Latin America Solidarity Campaign.



0 Demonstration outside Morris of Milton Street. 4.15pm. Organised by the Furniture, Timber and Allied Trades Union.

0 Music to Mobilize Youth Against Apartheid Live music and disco. Star Club, 44 Carlton Place, 8pm—lam. Organised by the Young Communist League in aid ofthe African National Congress.


I 0 Women Live Meeting and Party.

Wilkie House, Cowgate. 7.30pm—1am. All women welcome. Disabled access and creche. Women Live is a network for promoting women’s involvement in the arts. 7.30—9pm: Meeting- Plans for 1986 workshops and performance. 9pm—1am: Women’s party with food, disco and live entertainment. £1/50p.

o Sentinel Debate on South Atrica Community Hall of the Wester Hailes Education Centre. 7.30pm. Organised by the Wester Hailes Community newspaper, the motion is ‘That this house believes that effective economic sanctions should be imposed against the South African Government.’ Proposing the motion is David Martin, local

Euro MP, seconded by Mark

Lazarowicz. Against, Malcolm

Rifkind MP. and William Ballantine.



0 Fair in aid oi ‘Seven Days' Darnley Primary School. 2pm. Home baking, games, clothes, books etc. Organised by the Glasgow Communist Party.


0 Mother Christmas is coming to Womanzone 117 Buccleuch Street. Also 14 Dec. Christmas stories, gifts, mulled wine and mince pies. Mums, dads and kids welcome. Stories at 2pm, 2.30pm and 3pm.

0 Shiatsu Massage Workshop In Fife. £20. All enquiries 447 3580 Patrick Gillon.

e Scotland’s Apartheid Connection Conference with speakers from the ANC, SWAPO, and SEAD Campaigns. 11am—4pm. Edinburgh City Chambers, High Street.

0 Who and What are Angels? Quest led by Samata Legard £12/£9. The