BBC Symphony Orchestra. there will be three orchestras involved; the SNO. the Scottish Opera Orchestra and the BBC Symphony Orchestra. as well as the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra and a host ofstars. For those unable to attend the concert itself. Radio Scotland‘s broadcast will provide a chance to hear the most exciting happening ever in Scottish Classical music as well as the opportunity to pledge money to the African Famine Appeal by phoning 041357 1774 on the day ofthe ; concert. ;


o Monday—Monday (Radio Forth) 6—8pm

Mark Hagen and his weekly magazine show for teenagers. Community issues discussed. visiting celebrities interviewd and a general pot-pourri of local interest stories.


0 World Cup Sportsound (Radio Scotland)

Live coverage of Scotland‘s match against the ‘socceroos‘ from Hampden park. Tom Ferrie and the inimitable David Francey commentate on Scotland‘s attempts to put the tie beyond reach by scoring six in the first leg. Not a chance until Charlie Nicholas is brought back into the attack. Expert analysis by John Greig and Roy Small. Kick—off 8pm.


0 Super Scoreboard '85 (Radio I Clyde) 2—5.30pm ! Back to the dull routine ofleague football after Wednesday‘s I excitement. News and comments from all the major games as well as ' live, second-half commentary from the Premier League match. Richard Park presents the show which includes the full-time. phone session with the one and only Jimmy (were you at the match?) Sanderson.


0 Dave Marshall (Radio Clyde) 6.05—9.05pm.

All you commuters out there can be sure at making itto work on time by listening to the brealdast show with all the rail, road and shuttle news, including the Maxwell House, i ‘Eye-ln-the-Sky' helicopter, giving ; on-lhe-spot reports on rush hour trattic. ' (You- in the red llat! I saw you driving 5 up the hard shoulder.') i




o Hagen Review (Radio Forth) 6—7pm

Mark Hagen again, with his weekly round up ofwhat's on and around the Edinburgh area.

0 Bill Padley's Preview (Radio Clyde) 8—10pm. Bill and the enchanting Andrea Miller review some records interview passing muzo‘s, do a gig guide and generally have a good time to themselves. The title is a bit of a misnomer, as the show is more of a review.


0 Between Friends (Lou Antonio. Canada. 1983) Elizabeth Taylor. Carol Burnett. Henry Ramer. (Vestron Video International) Pushing fifty and past the menopause Taylor and Burnett are far from gay divorcees in this Canadian production. A real estate agent engaged to sell 'l‘aylor‘s cavernous mansion. Burnett is forced to spend the night chez Taylor when inclement weather makes

driving hazardous. The consumption ;

of a goodly amount ofwine mellows the mood and loosens the tongue until they find themselves bosom buddies come the dawn.

Taking comfort in a newfound friendship the two women are better able to cope with their problematic lives; 'l'aylor with her loneliness. insecurity and incipient alcoholism. Burnett with a promiscuous fling in which she shuns involvement and the uneasy relationship she enjoys with her teenage daughter.

Although a shade mawkish and over talkative Between Friends is a worthy examination ofmiddle-aged angst with Taylor and Burnett contributing well-modulated performances and creating a warm. likeable partnership as the ermine-clad pals.

0 Body Double (Brian DePalma. US. 1984) Craig Wasson. Melanie Griffith. Gregg Henry (RCA/ Columbia) Chronically claustrophobic actor Wasson is sacked from a leading role in the low-budget flick Vampire‘s Kiss. Interrupting the coitus of his erstwhile long-term girlfriend the relationship ends and he finds himself homeless and unemployed. In this state of footloose


Goldie Hawn projecting innocence and gaucheness in Swing Shirt (see below)

vulnerability a chance acquaintance offers him a golden opportunity to act as a flat-sitter in a luxurious penthouse suite. Among the amenities is a lubricous neighbour whose nightly sexy routine is easily I observable from his balcony. Ilis voyeuristic impulses unwittingly lead ! himinto a web ofmurderand deceit. 5

A shameless mixture ofelernents from Vertigo and Rear Window. this generally sleazy. vacuous concoction marks another nail in the coffin of director De Palma‘s once respected standing. A master ofstyle over substance and brilliant manipulator ofemotions De Palma offers no surprises here with his grotty. vapid handling of familiar material and only in the last 20 minutes. when the familiar spring of Hitchcockian tension begins to coil. does he display a glimmer of former glories. Entirely resistible.

O The Little Drummer Girl (George Roy Hill. US. 1984) Diane Keaton.

Diane Keaton llexes her political muscle as The Little Drummer Girl (see above) I

Klaus Kinski. David Suchet (Warner Home Video) Politically vocal. minor league actress Keaton is recruited by the Israeli secret service to assist them in an elaborate plot to uncover and terminate a top Palestinian operative.

Unconvincing. heavy—handed glob-trotting intrigue from the Le (.‘arre novel. Keaton's transition from the world ofdramatic to international espionage lacks credibility and the actress is given little opportunity to shine although Kinski is at his most chillingly persuasive and least mannered as the group leader.

0 Swing Shift (Jonathan Demme. US. 1984) Goldie Hawn. Christine Lahti. Kurt Russell (Warner Home Video) Goldie the dutiful little wife becomes Goldie the Riveter when her devoted husband enlists and she signs on at a mumnitions factory during World War II.

Employment brings new friends. new responsibilites and a guilt-edged affair with 4Fjazz trumpeter Russell.

Agreeable. warm-hearted romantic drama persuasively acted and surprisingly sophisticated in its bittersweet emotional makeup. Even pushing 40 Hawn still projects a waif-like innocence and appealing gaucheness that enhance a notably well-rounded performance.

0 The Terminator (James Cameron. US. 1984) Arnold Schwarzenegger. Michael Biehn. Linda Hamilton (Rank) In 2029 machines all but dominate the planet Earth however a saviour is at hand in the form ofa new leader. Part-man. part-machine Schwarzenegger‘s cyborg is sent back from the future to 1984 on a

mission to kill the future leader‘s

I mother. He is followed through time by a guerilla fighter determined to

ensure that he does not succeed.

. Together they fight it out on the

f streets of Los Angeles.

Inventive, excitingly paced science-fiction adventure with a notable performance from Schwarzenegger in his first villainous role.

The List 15—28 November 39 I