0 Ebony (BBC2) 7.30—8pm

First of a new series presents a special report on the Handsworth riots and their aftermath. In that area 9 out of 10 leave school without a job, unemployment is four times

i the national average and 20% ofthe l areaisofficially‘extremely

i deprived‘. Ifsuch urgent problems

aren’t tackled properly are more riots inevitable? Ebony investigates. o lntemational Boxing (STV)


! A iZ-round battle for the

Middleweight Championship of the

World from Cesars Palace in Las

1 Vegas between Marvin Haglar and John Mugabi.

§ snrunonv 16

0 Saturday Review (BBC2)

i 7.40-8.30pm

I Derek Jarman at work on his new

film Caravaggio. complains of the conservatism ofthe British Film industry. Alastair Hetherington, Professor of Media Studies at Stirling University is interviewed, the London Film Festival is

considered and Greta Scacchi’s

3 natural beauty is glamourised

? beyond beliefby Hollywood portrait :

; photographer Davis Boulton.

O Underrated Clint Eastwood effort

in which he plays a far from bright

" cop sent to accompany an allegedly

i insignificant witness to trial. Soon

the unlikely couple are the target for

'_ every Mafia sharp-shooter and

corrupt cop in the state. Before the ending topples over into pure fantasy this is an interesting subversion of

the ‘Dirty Harry‘ myth. Made in

1977, Sondra Locke is the co-star.


Wooan and

OTheGauntlet(STV)10-12midnight 7 , , ,, charismatic televrsnon evangelist

furry mm help Children in Need. sec 1. Friday 22 Nov

; Although ten yearsold and


o Comrades (BBC2)


A Russian speaking BBC film crew have spent 21 months in the Soviet Union experiencing unparalleled freedom. Now they have produced twelve portraits of Soviet citizens

and this major new series begins with

Educating Rita, a profile of21

year-old Rita Tikhonova a trainee

teacher in Moscow. Will we see


having to strike for better pay and



0 Lou Grant (Channel 4) 8.30—9


.25 0 Superior American drama series is

graced by the presence of guest star

Geraldine Fitzgerald who plays Art‘s

mother. When Art is unable to

handle her impending death, Lou is prompted to give Billie the unusual assignment ofcovering ‘death’ as a



0 Ties of Blood (BBC2) 9- 10pm

Tonight’s play Going Home tells of a


young Catholic girl who falls in love with a soldier during his service in

Northern Ireland. When she decides

to marry him her family is horrified and she faces ostracization by her

nearest and dearest.

0 Pray“! (Channel 4) 9-10.50pm Newly ordained, idealistic minister John Ritter comes into contact with

Ned Beatty and is forced to choose between the conventional church

and the power ofthe cathode ray.

Average 1982 American television film that squanders a potentially

interesting subject matter.


o Porridge(BBC1)7.35—8.05


Spot the Gerry Faldwell lookalike in Channel 4's iilm Pray TV, 9pm Tue 19 Nov.

oft-repeated Porridge is one of the top TV sit-coms of all time and one by which others are judged. Ronnie Barker‘s fully-rounded characterisation and impeccable timing are a joy to behold. Tonight he is incensed when a third cell-mate is forced upon his humble dwelling. o Saigon Year of the Cat (STV) 10.35—12.35

Welcome repeat ofthis unusual 1983 love story set against the drama of the closing stages of the Vietnam War. Frederic Forrest. Judi Dench and the late Chic Murray are among the cast, David Hare is the writer and Stephen Frears the director. Television of this quality is rare.


o 40 minutes (BBC2) 9.30—10. 10 Inspired by the shimmering success of topless model Samantha Fox. teenage 34Bs across the land are dreaming ofpage three stardom. The 40 Minutes team follow the 16 year old Sharon as she tried to break into the big time. 0 Tongues of Fire (Channel 4) 11.25—11.50 0 First of a six part series made in association with the Poetry Society in which leading contemporary poets were invited to select a number of poems that they feel have proved a source ofpersonal inspiration. Tonight The White Hotel author D. M. Thomas takes his pick.



0 Children in Need (BBCl)

A multitude of internationally unknown celebrities join Terry Wogan and his teddy bear Pudsey for the BBC’s annual fund-raising jamboree. Terry himselfsays, ‘The marvellous thing about this campaign is that it’s the smaller charities who benefit those which really need the money.’ Sting. Joanna Lumley, Bonnie Langford, Larry Grayson. Angela Rippon and Santa Claus will be among the many assisting our Tel. Dig deep.



o The Mattei Affair (BBC2)

1(1. III—12.10pm

The season of film directed by Francesco Rosi continues with this 1972 semi-documentary charting the rise ofan industrialist and his mysterious death. Others to follow include Illustrious Corpses ( 197(1) and Three Brothers (1980).

SUNDAY 24 _ 1

o What Mad Pursuit (BBCI 9—10.20pm

The expensiver produced series of Noel Coward adaptations continues with Paul Daneman playing a famed English novelist on a visit to America who can never grasp a moment of peace from his over-active hosts. Carroll Baker co-stars.


0 Another America (Channel 4) This season ofdocumentaries celebrating the inventiveness of American artists concludes with a programme on Philip Glass whose work on Mishima has been so admired recently.

0 Film ’85(BBC1) 10. 15—1045 Among others Barry Norman will be casting a critical eye over the wonderfully entertaining new Spielberg production Back to the Future so he’d better get it right.


0 Classical Aid (Radio Scotland) 2—1 1pm A nine hour stereo broadcast live

I from the SECC of the classical

l world‘s answer to Live Aid. The

i brainchild of three members of the

38 The List 15-28 November