0 The Tube (Channel 4) 5.30-7 pm. Tonight's guests include Stanley Jordan and Level 42 plus a film profile of revived 45 Tina Turner to coincide with her feature film debut in Mad Max 3.

0 0" the Back (STV) 8-8.30 pm. New American situation comedy set in the garment industry starring Ed Asner and Eileen Brennan. When Sam Waltman's partner dies he is forced into business with his widow. a shrewder woman than she appears. This series was a short-lived victim ofa cut-throat ratings battle in the States but Scottish viewers may be more sympathetic.

0 Left, Right and Centre (BB(‘ 1) 1().2()-ll).5()pm. BBC Scotland’s new weekly politics programme is unceremoniouslyburied ina nighttime graveyard of a programming slot. However. it does employ the talents ofthe admirable James Naughtie. pugnacious (‘olin Bell and Kirsty Wark.

0 Background to Dangert 1943) ((‘hannel 4) 3.55-5.05 pm. Final film in the brief but welcome season devoted to the talents of distinictiv e Hungarian actor Peter Lorre. born Laszlo Loewenstein. 'l‘he deadpan (ieorge Raft is an American agent dispatched to Turkey to combat Nazi subversion in this typically action-packed World War 2 adventure. Lorre heads the supporting cast as a Russian agent. 0 Brookside Omnibus ((‘hannel 4) 5.ll5-(i pm. The prodigal daughter Lucy returns to the (‘ollins household. Rod continueshis understandable infatuation with Heather who is preoccupied with the marriage proposal she has received from Tom.

0 Natasha ( BBC 3) 0.30—9.25 pm. Dancer Makarova of that ilk covers her career from classcal ballet to Broadway star in On Your 'l‘oes with extracts from past performances.


0 Room atthe Top ( 1959) ((‘hannei 4) I llLlS-IJZSam.Shown as atribute



V .‘ ' v, t 5i

rat. . , st ,1I V

' s 1’ I! w' "


Channel 4 pays tribute to the late Simone Signoret. seen here with Lawrence Harvey lnBoom at the top (Sun 20)

Iris Murdoch grants a rare TV interview (Ch 4. to the recently departed Simone Signoret. here giving an ()scar-winning performance. this is one of the tnore influential films from the dawning era of kitchen-sink drama. Laurence Harvey is John Brainc’s eaddish working-class accountant ruthlessly heading for the top. Signoret is his mistress. discarded as a liability to his future.

0 The South Bank Show ( S'l'y'i lli.4li- 11.4llpm. A year in the life of National Theatre actor Ian McKellen as he rehearses and stars in the award-winning productions of Wild Honey and (‘oriolanus. peforms with Meryl Streep and establishes an actor's company of his own.



0 Little Foxesl 1941 ) (S’I'V)

l .35—3.3(lpm. Strikingly played screen version ofgreed and corruption in a Southern family. Bette Davis is at the peak of her power as a wilful matriarch.

o Panorama ( BBt‘l )025- tailspin. 1985 has produced a bumper crop of aircraft disasters. killing more people than at any time since flight began. ln ‘.-\ircrash what l’rice Survival." Richard Linley investigates the recent crashes and questions if enough is being done to ensure passenger safety.


o Opento QuestionlBlst‘ mics—7 pm. School pupils interrogating uncotnfortablc victims has provided some good television and this series has been laudably topical in the issues considered. Tonight the subject matter is policing in Britain in the light ofthe riots. miner‘s strike. drugs explosion and increase in th use of firearms. .latnes Anderton. (‘hiefConstable of (ireater Manchester. and Leslie Curtis. Chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales. are in the spotlight.

0 Route 66(S'I'V)9)10&10.30—11.30 pm. Lengthy documentaryon one of


the most famous roads in America where a whole country can pass by as the motorist winds from (‘hacago to L./\. Built in the 1930s and superseded by later developments it has been celebrated on film and song and clearly retains a fascination.


0 Book Four((‘hannel 4) lo 311.] 1 pm. Rare television interview with celebrated novelist lris Murdoch on the publication of her new novel The (iood Apprentice.


0 40 Minutes l BBC 3 l ‘)..‘s(l-lll. lll pm. Iiach year llLllllllgirls under the age of lo become pregnant. Schoolgirl Mum. in the consistently fine 4H Minutes series of documentaries. concentrates on the stories of~1 such girls who all decided to keep their children. Interviews with the girls. their partners and parents are interwoven in a programme timed to coincide with the House ofl.ords judgement in the (iilliek case.


O The Tube ((hannel 4) 5.3ll-7 pm. Dire Straits. 'l‘he Smiths. Tom Waits. REM. the Dave Howard Singers and Brilliant are all featured.


o Brookside Omnibus (Channel 4) 5.05-b pm. The (’ollins plan a birthday celebration for daughter Lucy who had other ideas. Karen falls into some nasty student habits and fails to come home. much to the consternation of her parents. The (‘orkhills new burglar alarm is stolen and Heather gives Tom a yes or no on that marriage proposal.

0 An Audience with Billy Connolly ((‘hannel 4) 1 1~12 midnight. The Big Yin parries and thrusts to counteract the outrageous barbed conmments thrown by an audience of invited celebs. (see feature).

36 The List 18—31 October